The exploration of the creative force, mingled with the desire to see deep into reality is amazing Coleridge tried to do it with opium, and both succeeded and kind of destroyed himself in the process. This film is an embarrassment to history, to screenwriting, and to literature. Here it was that they collaborated to produce Lyrical Ballads. Julian Temple’s film blends spectacular cinematography and imagery with a compelling and dramatic story. The script is a portrait of a haunted, drug dependant genius and is totally compelling and absolutely authentic. Their friendship and the later disagreement in ideals is quite historical fact, I know.

None of it ever happened. Pandaemonium has been produced for the BBC with a generous subvention from the Lottery fund. But, at this point, who cares? This beautifully filmed treasure was a special treat to watch, as it transported me into a different world and captured the feelings I had as a student of English literature studying Coleridge and Wordsworth. Title word was coined as the capital of hell in a line recited in the film from Milton’s Paradise Lost. Through its artistic interpretation of the inner landscape of Coleridge’s mind, it reawakened the emotions that Coleridge’s poetry itself evoked. This page has been archived and is no longer updated. The consensus was that he had got it wrong.

Visually beautiful, well acted, but a tad theatrical with some annoying interjections, Pandaemonium” is probably too esoteric for the film-going pandemonoum at large.

From the very start the film interested me with its strange visuals and interesting characters.

These people were the original free thinkers before the word hippie was invented they were Libertines just like the film it’s self is liberal. A drama first and biopic second, “Pandaemonium” tells of the midlife of renown classical wordsmith and critic Samuel Taylor Coleridge who’s life was not terribly interesting though he was on the cutting edge of kovie century neoromantic poetry.


Poetry Samuel Taylor Coleridge features.


The exposition is thick, the characterization choppy, the wigs terrible. The creators of Pandaemonium have, perversely I think, swallowed The Hidden Wordsworth hook, line and sinker. Linus Roache, as brilliant as ever, was stunning as the Opium-addicted, idealistic yet simple-souled Coleridge. Leo Temple as Herbert Southey. But whose will be the name in the envelope? We’re given graphic images of his creative process, the imagination of both the poet and film-maker, much credit to Julien Temple made visual with some interesting references to our contemporary world.

The score is understated and emotional. The movie is based on real history but I think it took some liberties to make it a more powerful story. This film was a very enjoyable and wonderfully acted experience from which I learned, as well as laughed and sighed.

A pandenonium look at the lives of two of the English language’s greatest poets, Pandaemonium is one of those rare films that communicates the passions that drive great writers and intellects. When Coleridge flees the city with his wife and baby to set up a self-sustaining Utopia of their own, William and his sister join them.

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Historically and dramatically dubious. Seek this film out by hook or by crook and sit back and let it wash through you, over you and into you. Kubla Khan is saved for literature! As other reviewers have said a movie about dead poets is not going to be everyone’s cup of tea but Pandaemonium succeeds on every level by being truly accessible, dramatic, funny, sad and beautifully shot.


Sign in to vote. More Top Movies Trailers. Uninspired Wordsworth goes walking with his sister, Dorothy: All those of you who know the true story of these two giants of english poetry who complain about the inaccuracies, go to the soon to be opened Wordsworth museum at Grasmere. The music was dreadful because of the contrast with the earlier context.

Wordsworth helps him whereupon Coleridge stumbles again and finds himself back in time years earlier when he first met and collaborated with Wordsworth.

Rhyme and treason

Inept acting and stupefying camera tricks add to the general mess. They’ve spent the weekend you suspect popping ecstasy and watching MTV. It pandemonim impossible not to sympathise with the character. But will those susceptible viewers, boning up the Romantics for their A levels, know it?

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And they go well beyond Pandemnium. The exploration of the creative force, mingled with the desire to see deep into reality is amazing Coleridge tried to do it with opium, and both succeeded and kind of destroyed himself in the process.

I saw the movie on DVD and really enjoyed it. Julian TempleJulien Temple.

Johnston’s revisionary thesis provoked furious controversy in the scholarly world. Watch and enjoy – you will not be disappointed!