Kumud tells Ramchandra that she saw Urmi and Aditi going towards Pannt’s room. Nandini calls Vidhyadhar and tells him that she wishes to meet him. She tells Mai that Urmi is in Vasu’s room. Vasu is unhappy with Urmi’s change in attitude. Priyadarshini Deshpande Title Song: They suggest Vasu to not come along with them. Pasant Ahe Mulgi Season 1.

How will these two families with opposite thoughts come together? History and is in the 2nd year. Nandini calls Vidhyadhar and tells him that she wishes to meet him. Leave this field empty. Nandini goes to Pannts room. Urmi advices Vasu to reveal the truth of their astrological chart. Aditi tells Pannt that she was tortured by her husband faced and domestic violence. Urmi tells Vasu that Nandini had mentioned his name frequently.

He is studying M.

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Urmi has only one close friend, she does not believe in a large group of friends. Pannt secretly listens to Ramachandra and Kumud’s argument. Kumud and Aditi have a small argument regarding Urmi’s Grandmother. Later at night, Vasu helps Urmi in househld works.

Vasu gets surprised to see Ramachandra helping Kumud in kitchen. Nandini’s aunt secretly listens to their conversation. Nandini tells Pannt that she likes Sunil and wants to marry him.

She falls in love with Vasu, a completely opposite personality. Why is the name of the actress playing the role of Nandini being declared, though she is given the important role of the Main Villain of the serial, and is the the third party in the Love Triangle, multi Vasu and Urmi?


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Urmi tells Vasu that Kumud and Ramachandra are not happy with their relation. Leave a reply Paasnt reply Your email address will not be published. Urmi notices that Kumud is dejected.

Aditi’s husband calls Ramachandra and tells him that he wants a divorce from Aditi. Your email address will not be nulgi. Vidhyadhar calls Urmi and tells her that he feels proud of her. Vasu tries explaining the sityuation to Mai.

Mai suggests Pannt that he should talk to Urmi’s grandmother about their plans to get them married according to the vedas. Nandini’s aunt is afraid that Urmi may take control over the household works.

Usha Padiyar Jul 7, at 2: Vasu decides to talk to Pannt regardin his decision of not becoming the chairperson of their ashram. Nandini’s aunt tells Nandini that Aakka has learnet about the fake letter sent by sedial. Vasu tells Mai that he will conform the news from Sunil.

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She further tells Aditi that she had asked for Urmi and Vasu’s marriage certificate and photographs from her grandmother. Pannt tells Mai that he failed in upbringing of his childrens.


Pasant Ahe Mulgi will show us how a match made in heaven will sfrial turmoil on earth when their families come face to face. Subtitles Audio Languages Available On. Mai’s Joy knew no bound on learning that Kumud is pregnant. Pasant Ahe Mulgi – Episodes Related Article You May Like. Urmi tells Nandini to stay away from her, and not interfere in her personal issues.

According to Pant, nothing is bigger than the traditional values. Pannt gets Disheartened, and tells Mai that he is responsible for wretched condition of Aditi and Ramchandran’s marriage.

She further tells him that Aditi is innocent and they are mhlgi actual culprits.

Aajji replies to Vidhyadhar that Urmi has decided to follow Pannt’s traditions to oasant a change in their village. Pant is father of Vasu who is in total control of his father.