An oppressed Mexican peasant village hires seven gunfighters to help defend their homes. Blinded with the authority, he goes to far in his avenge against the whole village. A story between a mole in the police department and an undercover cop. Not Rated 1 hr 41 min Drama, Mystery. Clumsy but deft Londre confronts a corrupt priest and a Mayor of the town to help youngsters in love. TV-MA 30 min Comedy.

R 1 hr 46 min Sci-Fi, Thriller. Despite the poverty and lack of sport equipment they defeat numerous foreign and domestic teams until they face famous English club. Tengiz Abuladze , Rezo Chkheidze Stars: Pil-sung Yim , Jee-woon Kim Stars: Mannus Franken , Joris Ivens. PG 1 hr 35 min Comedy, Drama. He doesn’t loose hope that one day he will return to his homeland, his “roots”. PG 1 hr 50 min Crime, Drama.

R 2 hr 12 min Western. The day after the funeral of Varlam Aravidze, the mayor of a small Georgian town, his corpse turns up in his son’s garden and is secretly reburied. But the corpse keeps returning, and the Not Rated 1 hr 30 min Crime, Drama. Payara BurduliTeimuraz BichiashviliL.

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Rachvelians, notables with their slowness tell awkward, partly unbelievable and very funny anecdotes they have gone through, while their countryman participates in long-distance race. Not Rated 1 hr 28 min Comedy, Horror. Friends Tim and Daisy, something North Londoners with uncertain futures, must pretend to be a couple to live in the only apartment they can afford.

The Chapter 2, The Heavenly Creature, a A bearded kendo champion has difficulties in life because of his conservative ways and his unusual beard.

TV 25 min Action, Comedy. This film tells the story fighters who are fighting against the feudal order in Georgia. Zurikela, young orphan boy, helps Khatia to have a normal life.

An vasi middle-aged banker agrees to a procedure that will fake his death and give him a completely new look and identity – one that comes with its own price.


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Tengiz AbuladzeRezo Chkheidze Stars: Platon finds two times widowed and childless bride for Bekina, but a fate makes fun of him. PG 1 hr 50 min Crime, Drama. Mannus FrankenJoris Ivens.

When the children find a donkey lying by the road and nurse it to health, it seems the family’s troubles are over. Her memories are bitter sweet mix of childhood nostalgia and real life anecdotes. Old Luka dreams to plant rare vxso saplings in his orchard, so that after years his beloved grandson Kakha will enjoy its fruits. PG 1 hr 35 min Comedy, Drama.

A schoolgirl and six of her classmates travel to her aunt’s country home, which tries to devour the girls in bizarre ways. Despite the poverty and lack of sport equipment they defeat numerous foreign and domestic teams until they face famous English club.

Bullied Jotia throws heavy stone to an incredibly long distance and attracts the interest of the world records committee. A woman attempts to reunite her family by helping her husband escape prison and together kidnapping their son. TV-MA 30 min Comedy. R 1 hr 41 min Crime, Drama, Mystery. During World War II, Georgy Makharashvili, an old peasant wine-grower, leaves his Georgian village and goes off to the front lines to find his son, a wounded soldier. Khatia, a blind girl, sees only sunlight.

Not Rated 1 hr 41 min Drama, Mystery. Small Georgian village ca. Their objectives are the same: The wife of a physician who diligently cares for the poor, grows weary of their dull South France factory town and pressures her older husband to move to glorious Nice, on the Mediterranean He dreams of piloting large international airlines aircrafts, so he goes to Moscow for Co-villagers lead secretly into scrooge-type Elibo’s wine-cellar, but good wine makes them to sing loudly and awaken Elibo joins to thieves feast.


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Top Rated Most Recent. Pilot Mimino works at small local airlines in Georgia, flying helicopters between small villages. Giorgi leaves his country in search of a job and settles down in France.

Cpmedy things don’t go as planned when they are forced to take a police hostage on the road.

An oppressed Mexican peasant village hires seven gunfighters to help defend their homes. The show centers on Warwick Davis in his day-to-day life, complete with the frustrations he faces.

Abel Davis is a criminal, hunted in Italy. The Sun of the Sleepless. But before the father This film is about psychology of people, about lonesome persons, about terrible mentality and about fantastic dreams Their struggle for life is being relieved by support of their kind neighbors, Iliko and Ilarion, whose merit is the exceptional sense of humor. Kvarkvare is wrongly accused of activities against the Tsar and is imprisoned, but the Socialist Revolution makes him an imposter “hero”. She meets Griff, the Gia PeradzeGuram ChelidzeT.

Gifted and enthusiastic sportsman Jason creates first ever Georgian football club in seaport Poti. Bent on winning a Pulitzer Prize, a journalist commits himself to a mental institution to solve a strange and unclear murder. PG 2 hr 33 min Comedy, Drama. Grown up granddaughter recalls summer days spent in the village together with her grandmother Mariam and other children. AimbarashviliAmiran Amiranashvili.

Approved 2 hr 8 min Action, Adventure, Western. Neli NenovaGeno Tsulaia Stars: