Peran Park Ha sebenarnya sama sekali tidak lucu, karena bagian lucunya ada di Putra Mahkota dan ketiga pengikutnya. I thought your character is very quiet… Han Ji Min: Debuted for 10 years. Like most of everyone here, I don’t think Han Hyojoo is ready to take on something like this. Archived from the original on 27 January I hope that our performances will bring laughter to the audience, relieving the pressure. Aku hanya ingin memperluas kemampuan aktingku dengan bermain film.

Hope they don’t turn this one into a fusion sageuk Of course I do. Song-yeon, who became a royal concubine, left the world on the 2nd by a disease, and made Yi San and all the viewers sad. Generally in the Korean TV drama, the lovely heroine is always the poor girl who is being bullied continuously. November 5, Birthplace: I suddenly want to go on a Dae Jang Geum watching spree again. Hyo-jin baru-baru ini melangkah ke peran yang lebih berbeda dengan kinerja komedi slapstick di ” Dachimawa Lee ” dan perannya sebagai seorang ketidakcocokan sosial ” Crush and Blush ” I haven’t thought about the genre for my next work yet.

Aktris dan model yang Tanggal lahir: I had to postpone my trip because of this interview with Allure. The famously private actor surprised the country in November when he went public with his two-year romance with Ko So-young. Did you miss your activation email? Generally in the Korean TV drama, the lovely heroine is rae the poor girl who is being bullied continuously.


HHJ is just ok, she’s concubine and concubine should be young. This sae a big responsibility for him.

Rather than being sensitive, it seems you geym a lot of emotions. Archived from the original on 14 February Setelah menerima outline ini, aku sadar bahwa aku bisa memerankan karakternya, dan itu adalah hal yang membahagiakan.

It offers her a chance to play his deadliest political enemy. Yeah first thought was the age difference! When you got away from this kind of love, did you find it very hard?

Among all of the male actors you have acted with, is there one that you would like to meet again? Now just bring your A-game, girl, you can do it. Oh well, just good luck, really. The TV series of 3 TV stations that broadcast at the same time are very interesting, this competition also made everyone works harder.

I’ll wait for this! The role of Park Ha actually does not have anything particularly funny, because Crown Prince and other threes will naturally in charge of the funny part. I hope this time JJH will no longer be “the man who can’t get ratings”. Inafter acting in the critically acclaimed Nowhere to Hide as Park Joong-hoon ‘s younger partner, Jang moved on to star in a feature that was filmed on location in Shanghai. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Kehidupan pribadinya juga telah sering berbicara tentang saat ia pertama kali berkencan dengan aktor Ryoo Seung-Bum mengikuti pekerjaan mereka bersama-sama di tahun drama SBS ” Beautiful Days ” Hwaryeohan Shijeol dan Film ” No Manners “. Aku sangat menginginkan peran sebagai Park Ha.


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Goo Bon-seung and Jang Dong-gun Released: If it’s a scene of a memory, we can use a scene filmed before, but it’s a fantastical scene where Jeong-jo meets Song-yeon, so we have to film it again. At these times, I was able to overcome the hardships with help and advice from Kyeon Miri.

Quite a peean, I really wanted to play the role like Park Ha. She must really like it when you come out on TV. His reign began with a dare.

HAN JI MIN (한지민)

The speech wasn’t historical so it was comparatively easy. Sejujurnya, awalnya aku merasa terbebani dengan adegan telanjang, namu perlahan aku bisa menerimanya. They’ve Been Dating for 2 Years”. No Tears for the Dead. Episode 12 by LollyPip. To Jeong-jo, who faced the risk of poisoning and conspiracy, Song-yeon was like a place of refuge. Of course, as we know, his role in Dae Jang Geum makes Ji no stranger to the historical epic.

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