Oluwole, was born on July 13, , in Isara, Nigeria. He tries to escape from his house without Amope seeing him, but he is not successful. Sunma suddenly realizes that if Ifada is back to the house, then Eman has turned himself over to the village men. Rather his indomitable spirit is a nourishing symbol of African perseverance. One wonders how there can be a nation where people could wake up and be rendered homeless in peacetime, for no reason other than greed. When Jero gives him the go-ahead to teach her a lesson, he starts to assert himself like he never has before:

Amope and Chume are quarreling again, and Chume tells his wife it is time to go home. Because you are of the Yoruba culture but very representative of the whole of Nigeria, have you managed to straddle the ethnic contradictions? When Chume gets emotionally excited or involved, his speech lapses into what is called pidgin English. In The Strong Breed, Soyinka writes about the themes of social inclusion and exclusion in another small village in Nigeria. She replies that she is not moving until she gets her money. Want to Read saving…. Jan 05, Ifeoma added it. These churches are known in Nigeria as Aladura , a Yoruba word that means “praying people.

Soyinka’s imagination is thus secondarily and derivatively Christian at best, despite his upbringing and his long-term fascination with Christian doctrine.

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Abrams in A Glossary of Literary Terms”ridicules political policies or philosophical doctrines, or else attacks the disorders of society by making ridiculous the violators of its standards of morals or manners. By the end of the play, Jero has attracted into his orbit the Member of Parliament, a far more influential figure than Chume. Jero is surprised that Chume is not at work, and Chume says he is sick. Back in the present moment, Eman kneels by the grave and watches as Jaguna and Oroge approach.

But he has long had a talent for preaching, which showed up even when he was a child.

Sometimes, yes, there is stasis, a seeming acquiescence. Through this book, and through the shape his career has assumed, Soyinka brings compelling messages to our warring parties. Sunma wonders whether Eman has had some problem with a woman in the past, and immediately asks for forgiveness when she realizes her offense.


What is African about religious intolerance and deadly fanaticism? It is available from the same publisher as one of five plays in Soyinka’s Collected Plays 2. Jero sets the tone. The Girl explains summart she is sick and the effigy will cure her.

One might think that Soyinka is here reminding us that the British came to Africa with technologies and forces that traditional African cultures could not hope to resist; in other words, that he is reminding us of his people’s status as victims.

Eman defends Omae, and promises her that he will go to the city and make a living so that he can support them both. Amope responds by chiding him for his lack of ambition.

These spiritualist, Pentecostal churches flourished in western Nigeria during the s, and they are the main targets of Soyinka’s satire in The Trials of Brother Jero. My brother chiefs know their task and perform it well….

Brother Jero is presented as a tarnished man, cunning and resourceful Sani Abachasoginka head of state. Open Preview See a Problem? In the s, Soyinka emerged as the dominant figure in Nigerian drama, but other playwrights soyina made significant contributions to the emerging literary culture. Indeed, Abraka is close in sound to the cry of the stage magician, “Abracadabra” sometimes spelled Abrakadabra as he sotinka about to perform some piece of entertaining trickery in front of an audience, which is close to what Jero is doing here—putting on a show of piety for the benefit of his witless disciple, who is so caught up in the emotionalism of the situation that he has no rational power to question the appropriateness of the incantation.

As he tells the audience, there is a rivalry amongst the different prophets on the beach. When the two characters reappear, the woman is in possession of the drums, and the Boy Drummer pleads for their return. The military expulsion, the removal of a million people, which actually happened there, horrified me—it made me feel ashamed to be a Nigerian in a time when such things could happen. When she suggests that Elesin “is entitled to whatever protection is available to him”—that is, available from her husband as instrument of the colonial Law—Olunde quickly replies.

The Trials of Brother Jero & The Strong Breed by Wole Soyinka

Or was Nigeria invented in order to cohere all the disparate elements into a single entity, where all have the right to life, liberty, means of education, health, etc. Back in the present moment, the Girl asks Eman if he is thirsty. He is a fraud, but a clever one, and the audience is amused by his antics and his plots. Soyinka celebrated his 60th birthday with a protest march against Abacha’s takeover, an action that led to threats of house arrest and the writer’s movement into exile.


Neighbors gather to watch the scene.

Eman ignores her and instead plays with Ifada, the village idiot. The hopes of the newly independent nation had not been fulfilled and, inthere were several military coups. The scene ends with Amope complaining about Jero, the fish-seller, and the boy, whom she calls a beggar. Just what is African, for a start, about any section of that continent that arrogantly considers any change of faith an apostasy, punishable even by death?

The Strong Breed was first performed there in Sinclair rated it it was amazing Apr 01, Soyinka was therefore not working in a vacuum when he created one of his most popular characters to make his satirical points: For me, this is the reality, this underground reality.

Throughout the play Jero, far from being an emotionless villain, is portrayed as a human with problems of his own, most of which have something to do with his career as prophet.

Wole Soyinka’s “The Trials of Brother Jero”: A review

He is interrupted by the sudden appearance of his Master, Old Prophet, who reprises his yrial curse, accusing Jero of having driven him off his piece of land on the beach. And all day he tries to resist the endless temptation of beautiful women, the play is delightfully picturesque and entertaining. What can you offer him in place of his peace of mind?

Ben rated it really liked it Oct 19, But there is no conflict: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. People may be hobbled by the superior power, the ruthlessness, of a regime like Abacha’s.