Prayers of thanksgiving, consecration, and blessings for this upcoming year were given by Bishop Jonathan Ferriol and the associate ministers of South Bay. Donate via Check Please send checks to: Whenever you are seeking change, there’s nothing like going back to the basics. Even the most successful and esteemed people are in need of a little encouragement and affirmation. In this new year, God will give you moments of victory and elation. Whether it be a Joshua, a Geo To celebrate a job well done and close the holiday season, the congregation gathered for a dinner fellowship.

Contact the place of worship Click here to send a message to the place of worship. Read now as Bishop Jonathan does exactly that with “Revisit Your Fundamentals” the most recent message in his devotional series! We believe that the true Church of Christ was founded with an evangelistic purpose that is to make disciples of all nations by preaching the Gospel of salvation, baptizing them, by immersion, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and by teaching those who are saved everything Jesus Christ Commanded. We believe in one God, The Father, from whom all things came and for whom we live Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. And this salvation is attained by grace – not of works by any man or religion.

Bishop Jonathan Ferriol concluded the service with a message entitled “A Prescription for Success” as he exhorted the congregation on what they must do to prepare for this coming year, both spiritually and beyond. Retrieved from ” https: This page was last edited on 13 Februaryat Feasting on a delicious array of food and filled with joy with such great company.


Every year, we celebrate the very man and calling that ensures our own election and calling. Kenneth Ines with musical accompaniment by Sis. Competitive games amongst various ministries and caroling samples from each group were sprinkled throughout the night.

For more Information please visit our website at www. The celebration did not end there. Opening Hours Pmfc Thousands of years ago, a baby was born who would change the course of history and mankind.

It’s definitely a holly jolly Christmas season sojth South Bay! Bishop Jonathan Ferriol then delivered a fantastic exhortation on “How To Start The Year Right” where he expounded on three guidelines on how to start strong this coming Channel 31 Manila LCN: The reason is because real and beneficial chang Life TV’s programming consists of its in-house produced shows as well as imported from various productions.

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They fell to their knees with tears of gratitude and hopefulness. The church has reached many milestones, surpassed many goals and celebrated many victories.

International Ministers Conference They also gave their thanksgiving offering. In the gospel of John, he made sure to emphasize the many works and signs that made Jesus, the Son of God.

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Commit To Change A new year by the perfect opportunity to improve yourself. Tune into the third part of Bishop Jonathan Ferriol’s Christmas message series as he studies the gospel of Luke, which beautifully captures the humanity of Jesus.

We believe that the true church of Christ was founded on the day of the Pentecost and there is the continuing operation of the complete hay of the Holy Spirit in the church today, including the office of Apostleship and other gifts of the Spirit as mentioned in the Scriptures for the perfection of the watcn. This project is focused on supplementing the spiritual diet of both Christians and non-Christians.


That is the final authority on faith and morals for all men. A night of lots of laughs, memories made, and same good old fashion fun, until next year!

This is our concept of holiness. Bishop Jonathan Ferriol’s Day Devotional on how to lead an accomplished life this coming Especially in my case. Init was granted to operate radio and television stations in the Luzon area. Free-to-air television networks in the Philippines.

South Bay’s 22nd Church Anniversary and Thanksgiving

The last Bau of is upon us and after a year of blessings, what better way to spend it than in the house of the Lord? Even the most successful and esteemed people are in need of a little encouragement and affirmation. Just like our Master, we want to keep ourselves driven, zealous and committed to the service of His Majesty. Gardena Valley Assembly W nd St. Radio networks in the Philippines.

There are people whose impact on the world is undeniable and today, we celebrate two of them.