The Battle According to Lenora! If the problem persists, please contact Customer Support. But Minccino proves to be a tough opponent, which makes Bianca want to catch it! Triple Leaders, Team Threats! Pignite uses Heat Crash and pins down Pikachu. Pignite begins with a Tackle but Minccino swiftly dodges.

A young girl is telling them to hold on. Pignite uses Flame Charge and collides with Minccino but Minccino climbs up a tree. Login to your account Remember Me Register a new account Lost your password? Saving Darmanitan from the Bell! Triple Leaders, Team Threats! Pikachu uses Iron Tail but Minccino dodges.

Credits Animation Team Kato. All Season 14 Episodes.

Scare at the Litwick Mansion! Report Inappropriate Screen Name Pokemon. Personal tools Create account Log in.

Minccino—Neat and Tidy!

Here Comes the Trubbish Squad! A Night in the Nacrene City Museum! Click Continue to visit PokemonCenter. Bianca then asks Ash for battle, which he agrees to. JavaScript and Adobe Flash 9 or above are required to view this video. The two land and Minccino uses Hyper Voice, followed by Tickle. Bianca cannot hold her excitement and she heads out to capture it. Bianca gidy off her Xtransceiver and officially introduces herself.

Minccino takes the Blavk case and leaves. Bianca walks up to Ash and says she will get stronger the next time they meet. Retrieved from ” https: Baka and Test – Summon the Beasts.

Bianca excitedly tells Oshawott to use Hydro Pumpwhich confuses Oshawott. Using a device, they attempt to locate the museum. The Lost World of Gothitelle! The Battle According to Lenora! In a burst of jubilant enthusiasm, Bianca exclaims for Pikachu to use Zap Cannon ; however, Ash informs her that Pikachu whitte use that move, much to Bianca’s annoyance. Mincccino-neat Account Return to Login.


S14 Episode 11 A Home for Dwebble! Facing Fear with Eyes Wide Open! Minccino takes the bait and she pulls the rope, which drops the pan on Minccino. Ash is about to decide on who to use but Bianca interrupts, saying she wants to battle Pikachu. Ash pokekon to help Bianca get Minccino. Ash takes the Badge case and puts his Trio Badge inside. The Club Battle Finale: Um Minccino, Limpo e Aprumado!

After Ash reclaims his Badge case, Bianca challenges him to a battle, which Ash and Pikachu win handily. Battling for the Love of Bug-Types! In the Shadow of Zekrom! She goes through her purse, looking for the Badge case.

Ash and Trip’s Third Battle!

Login to your account Remember Me Register a new account Lost your password? Options Mirror 1 Mirror tiyd report. As Ash and friends continue their journey toward Nacrene City and his next Gym battle, they meet up with Bianca, who was sent by Professor Juniper with a gift for Ash: A young girl is telling them to hold on.

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Her father did not allow her to become a Trainer, so she trained at home and she just started her journey, having two Badges. Picochilla – ein niedlicher Putzteufel! And so, vowing to improve by the time they meet next, Bianca says goodbye to our heroes, and wishes Ash good luck for his upcoming Nacrene City Gym Battle!


Add to My Shows. Ash realizes he will need to defeat it.

Minccino—Neat and Tidy! | Watch Pokémon TV

Pignite begins with a Tackle but Minccino swiftly dodges. Seeking shelter from a raging rain storm, our heroes enter what appears to be an empty mansion, but what turns out to be anything BUT empty! Ash tells her that he cannot use Hydro Pump and tells it to use Razor Shell.

Pikachu withstands the attacks and Minccino-neay is tired out. Iris and Excadrill Against the Dragon Buster! Minccino puts down the Badge case and uses Hyper Voicestopping Pignite.

Snivy Plays Hard to Catch! Rematch at the Nacrene Gym! The winner is Ash.