Male Bad Scene 1: The UFO is emitting a bright light Switch your opponent’s Pokemon! A few brave souls advanced on the settling dust, but retreated at the sight of the man within it. They vary depending on your performence in the last movie! I can’t be doing this! All the above listed as “Good” will increase the revenue you receive by the end! Could it be Brycen-Man’s return, or was there another force at work, masquerading as him?

The Masked Man of Reality and Phantasm shall leave, for tonight. Then, you will face my dark, secret arts! Brycen Man A place of never-ending smiles! Out of MY way! The closer I look at it, the more authentic it looks. Is this one of those hero skits? Let all your Pokemon get knocked out in 20 turns.

I just want to get back to my own time! With no defenses against such a sudden strike, Lucario collapsed, its wrist spikes beginning to melt in the intense heat.

Brycen-Man Series

The guide contains how to get Strange Endings as they are the hardest to get, and often require custom Pokemon for ensuring you can meet the requirements.

Follow this guide to hear about updates. It meets all the requirements to be our new sturios. You stole a gemstone from a ship in the middle of the oceanlaid low for months designing a mammoth airplaneupon which you mounted a cannon that can house a grown man.


Someone, please help me! Did you give him a send-off so he can find a place to die?

Pokestar Studios – Pokemon White 2

The cone of light emitted by the cannon obliterated the rest of the Gym as it spread through the atmosphere. A brief guide on how to get the various endings. Brycen-Man Strikes Back 4. The Lucario Kid gulped as Brycen-Man began to laugh again.

Pokestar Studios Productions Chapter 4: Brycen-Man Strikes Back 2, a pokémon fanfic | FanFiction

Combate contra Riolu boy Combate contra Riolu girl. Occassionally you get the choice to say a line. What in the world are you? I have not yet gotten to this series; and have used outside sources which are from the male perspective.

The UFO did not retreat I also have the help of Black Belt! I would assume the female perspective brycdn different Is it tonight’s hero skit? Sunny Day -Turn 2: Brycen-Man merely grinned, leaning against the body of his jet. I can’t believe I made it through This place of worthless, idle dreams has stood for too long!

You can view the opponent’s moves, type, and ability as many times as serise want. Screams and hopelessness fill the amusement park at night!

What happens to the betrayed inventior and the out-of-control robots? Looks like a Human Ball. I’m very particular about my glasses!


That could be the only reason they were attacking this city, rather than populous Castelia or Black City, where all stufios technological poksstar economical work of the region occurred. A note on item usage, if it’s a one time use item, it will not be gone after used in the movie! Nate grinned to himself. Your weakness is my chance to gain control of your heart with my psychic energy! All the better, I suppose.

What have you done! Bad Rosa was on a trip through Opelucid City’s historic district. Brycen-Man’s glare was contemptuous.

Pokemon Black Version 2 – PokeStar Studios FAQ

You may have only two arms, but you’re pretty good Mecha Cop Heracross Male Lv. Prepare for my dark, secret arts, Riolu Kid!

I’ll block it here! The closer I look at it, the more authentic it looks. Posts Discussion 34 I’m stuck on pokemon white 2 40 Need melloetta and keldeo for any legendary 17 Shauntal!?