To do so, click on the green button of a hanger with a plus in the lower-right corner of the Costumizer window. Poptropica Guru Poptropica Cheats. Then jump off of the second floor on the left side. Go left and click the triangle. Use your special ability cards early in the game to get an advantage. Check out our Island Help page! Jump off the clothesline to reach the top, then jump up the water tower.

The next guy in line will relinquish his spot if you remind him the name of an actor from a movie. First,you go through Goldface. Click to get past the instructions. Then go up and enter the Exhibit Room through the vent. I just missed an important part! Jump over the yellow barrel, and now you’re directly underneath Omegon’s throne. Can you ask your fellow PHB authors if they any inputs on this?

The employees will come back and haul you into the showcase room. We need to get to the other side of this room to find a shield which will help us get past these lasers and save the archer trapped in the cage. Inside the vending machine in the Lobby behind the Hallways.

He will give you his shield. Jump off episkde clothesline to reach the top, then jump up the water tower. Go to the bottom floor and stand in the path of the horizontal laser. Get a limited-time follower on the Escape From Pel Go straight across the hall,avoiding all the lasers. After you take a picture of it, you can return to the Expo Floor.

Go to your energy drinks. Return to the girl and tell her the contest time. If you enter the Exhibits area, you’ll realize that you’re going to have to dress up like Elf Archer in order to get in.


Poptropicon Island Episode 3 Cheats – Reign of Omegon Walkthrough

Free him, and talk to him back in HQ. Go left, to the next area. Go left past the Boiler Room, and collect the energy drink from the table. And now for the million dollar question: He will give you a comic paper. Some of them stay- including the one right underneath Elf Archer- and some of them turn on and off. To defeat Omegon, we will need to deflect the laser beams onto the bottom of the hand platforms.

Then, use the gauntlets to make it go up.

Anyway,head back to HQ and take the path to the theater- Oh shoot,wait! Go right until you see a laser, then use the shield to deflect the beam to the right, shorting out that power station.

Facing right, shoot another arrow!

Poptropicon Reign of Omegon Cheats – Episode 3 Walkthrough

In classic Poptroppica style, we’re going to master this game and use it to get the second clue. He gives up and goes home. Follow her to Hallways.

You will see there are a few people that we will need to save in this room! When you reach the crystal, shoot it. As the hundreds of thousands of calories erupt inside the power station, the four lasers will become activated one-by-one.

Return to the line and put on the amulet.

Official Poptropica Walkthrough: Poptropicon Episode 3, Reign of Omegon

Now, we finally have the authentic Mighty Action Force weapons we need to summon Alphaon! You guessed it,the bow begins to shine blue. Free prizes all over Poptropica! Notify me of new comments via email. I will call you Alphaon from this point onward. So anyway, head to the Theater, where Omegon has taken up shop. Here, you can talk to a girl at the Mighty Action Force card game table.


Quickly change to the bow and shoot the arrow at the green target which will destroy the forcefield blocking the way. Jump on it a couple more times until it locks into place.

How to defeat Omegon in Poptropicon Island Reign of Omegon To defeat Omegon, we will need to deflect the laser beams onto the bottom of the hand platforms. To figure it out, go back through to the convention center, and right once ppoptropicon to the alley. Has anyone else experienced this difficulty?

PoptropiCon Island Guide – Poptropica Help Blog

He says he will ppptropicon move if Thor were to tell him to do so. Escape from Pelican Ro She does have an extra ticket, but she’s holding it for a friend, who’s in heavy disguise as a wizard. Now charge up each of the three power triangles on the right with your electron gauntlets. Jump over to the lowest laser with shield equipped.