Now, jump off the mantel and head towards the Trophy Room door. After that, you will need to click the red lamp below the poster on the wall, shining a red light on the poster and revealing a secret message: Below is and image of the rocks you will have to jump on to get to the branches to your left! Climb it again, and stand on top of the weak point in one of the branches. Never mind it for now though Line Forms Here Cheats and Walkthroug

The hyena head will break off. Wait for Van Buren to turn his back on the tunnel, then jump out and head inside the sawmill. But as this happens, you feel a sudden chill that has naught to do with the weather. You must find a way to start a fire in order to survive. Climb up the ladder then use your screwdriver to loosen both ends of the metal bar like you did before. Jump out of the log and jump right, to the closest tree. Another scene will be shown, with multiple camera views being shown on a big screen.

Avoid touching the woodpecker or the piles of twigs!

Survival Island Episode 5: Escape! Walkthrough Guide Available

Poptropica is a registered trademark of Sandbox Networks, Inc. Click the icons below to jump to each part, or click here for the full playlist on YouTube. If this happens, try logging out and back in, then trying to assemble it on a different scene. Click the gear on the top to open the door and free the beaver. Go to the very left of the area, and jump onto the highest branch of the tree that has a shoe stuck inside it. Now exit the room.


Keep walking until you see the opening in the ground with the mushrooms. Jump over to the next tree to the right and stand on the furthest branch to the right above the tent.

Go to the right side of the plane to go inside of it. Check out our Island Help page! Click on the backpack and an object will fall out onto the snowy ground. Now place your dry kindling on the fire.

Now keep walking to the left until you drop down. You need to go to move a boulder, and it will open a cave. To find the security code, turn off both lights then turn on the red and blue lights. But then, out of nowhere comes Max McGullicutty Go right, to the next area. Click on it to knock it over. Go into the cave, but watch where the water drops.

Climb up this tree and then make your way to the left. Walk left and pick up the page from the snow, then run left until you get to the dry tree stump. Now, go back to the scene next to the base. Drop down and blow the whistle.

Poptropica Survival Island Cheats & Walkthrough

Wait for Van Buren to turn his back on the tunnel, then jump out and head inside the sawmill. Once you land on the tiger rug, use the spear to snatch the Armory Key from the hook on the bed.


What goes up must come down. Go left and drop onto the plane fuselage. Go left and out. Stand beside the tree with the weakened trunk and use the cutting blade on it, making it fall into the river.

Poptropica Survival Island Cheats & Walkthrough |

When Van Buren passes to the right, jump up on the wood pile and jump left, into the sawmill. Don’t miss your Escape from Pelican Rock freebies! Did anyone notice that when you completed episode 4 you can see everything without your night vision goggles. Jump on the branch sticking out of it to the right, and you’ll fly up.

Jump left to the next branch. Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Go to the far right of the branch of this tree and equip your fishing pole. Go left, collect the pitcher off the table, then go right and click the sink to turn it on. Click on the bag attached to the tree and sort through the coins inside until you find a Copper Penny from They will then explain that the quarry for the hunt is going to be you!

So walmthrough fashion a rope and climb down the cliff, and fall onto a tree branch