Contesting, Internet and logging The Internet is very complementary to amateur radio in many of the facets of the hobby and this certainly applies to contesting. These are permitted each operating period on phone and cw, but no consecutive contacts with the same station. This helps keep the level of interest and activity up on the bands. Nice to see you. Two-Tone Totes are back! The frequencies at each end of the band block are the band limit frequencies; 3. Alan Cuthbert Noonan Bequest For: Head each page with the call, Branch or HS for home station and the page number Log sheet layout order:

Old Address New Station Address: Other than for the purposes of, and subject to the conditions More information. Annual grants to Council. AS A 1 Sov. Non-Oceania receiving stations SWL to hear as many contest stations as possible inside the Oceania region. Contacts made April 1, , and after, count as Canada VE. Each station may be worked once only for each separate application for the Award.

MED permitted operation only MHz. Have you considered entering the QRP section?

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The Award will run for two weeks about the beginning of November each year. Nowa Zelandia Processing plants. Certificates will be issued to the winners of each section plus place getters as warranted by entry numbers.

Contacts may be any mode, any band, and each member claimed must be a financial member of NZWARO at the time of the contact and may be counted once only. Some of the Announced DXpedition web pages list the DXpedition stations that have announced activity in a particular worldwide contest. In general, the inputs have horizontal polarisation. One hundred different sub-squares are required for the Century Award.


The idea is to generate a report that can be verified by the receiving station and therefore complete the QSO. This year s contest will be in three sections, catering for the varied interests within the old equipment ranks. The prefixes that are eligible are: National System repeaters are listed on another page.

Other than for the purposes of, and subject to the conditions More information. Contact points claimed on each band. To publish information in Break-In, training materials and aids, educational and publicity material. Airmail is preferred if you are submitting a log from outside VK or ZL. All calls without numbers will be assigned a zero 0 after the first two letters to form the prefix. The Callsign list has been reproduced from the MED database but formatted for hopefully easier reading.

We have established a set of.


Some of the many websites related to contesting are: Contacts made July 16,and after, count as Tonga A3. Branches have stated that the following stations are operational, or are expected to become operational, during the currency of this Call Book. Send full log details with callsigns of both stations.

This contest, like many others, results from Jock s initiatives. Public contact details Please note the details you provide here will be publicly available. The major event of the year was.

Sangster inthe Sangster Shield is for annual competition to be won by the most efficient station. Any Hybrid transceiver must have valve finals i.

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It is now reissued in a slightly revised form. KiwiSaver in the State Sector Advice and instructions to State sector employers on reimbursement of compulsory employer contributions from Vote State Services Introduction and background 1 In December.


Neither of these weekends is Labour Weekend. The availability of a third-party traffic agreement and a QSL Bureau applies to the country under whose auspices the particular station is operating. Refer rule Restrictions applying to the use of linear amplifiers are given in rule 7. For information about unclaimed. A repeat broadcast is made at hours. Council, in future, will have to ensure that repeater trustees are Association members, not only because this is a Constitutional requirement, but also to ensure that the persons responsible for the operation of repeaters have adequate insurance cover to meet the requirements of our contracts with the public corporations.

Contacts must date January 1, or later. All instructions will be given by ZL6A.

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What is an enduring power of attorney EPA? Single operator stations on the 80 metre band. Head each page with the call, Branch or HS for home station and the page number Log sheet layout order: Who can be Hams? Any clene for the Break-In page should be sent to: Power limit is Watts. Only one entry is to be included in each submission.