Murder In Lift Ep Sep 28, Samundar Mein Hatya – Part – 02 5 years ago. Room No Ka Rahasya: Panekar is found dead on his Birthday. He also warns him that if his death goes unavenged, he will kill everyone. Will Kajal be proven innocent in court? Supersleuth KD Pathak has now delved into the realm of the paranormal. KD takes this case up as wife and everyone around tells him that husband never used to drink.

Roller Coaster Par Murder — Part — 02 – Riya, the only survivor in Rishabh murder case who is critical in the Hospital gives a shocking statement in the court that Rishabh was killed by Vicky who also tried to throw acid on her face. When he leaves the lab for a while , hos assistant is left behind to run a few tests on the plant. Bhootiya Bungalow 5 years ago. The case of aspiring Actress Bindiya Mhatare continues in the court. KD starts to play the cursed guitar. Pathak and also tries to prove in the court that Nandita’s lookalike has killed her neighbour. Pathak solving one of his most breathtaking cases.

He however returns one night, in the form of a zombie, and tells his brother nukber it wasn’t a car accident that killed him, but a well planned murder. Will Shisupal Shanti be found guilty? Part 2 Ep Feb 16, mumber A man has recurring dreams about a killer kite, that strangles him to death. Part 2 of 2 Ep Jan 11, To know more about Ratna Rai murder case, watch this thrilling episode.


Meanwhile, the cops find episde body of a famous Art Dealer in an art gallery. Furniturewala’s antique shop reveals a shocking truth in the court.

Sure enough, the man himself was murdered that night. A strange incident occurs with Sanjay Sahani as he observes Aryan’s murder in his dream but soon Sanjay’s dream turns in to a worst nightmare for him as he gets arrested for killing Aryan Jha outside a nightclub.

Pathak reveals a shocking truth about Babaji. Nurse Sheela Sharma gets arrested for killing Mr. Hemag Trividi meets augst an accident and dies on the spot. Baalam has now found another actress to be mad for, Barkha but there is news that she also is about to get married.

augist Aniket gets murdered in his panic room and Ankush gets arrested. Lehri is a Man Eater who had killed Sunanda but this apparently does not go down too well with K. Andy the base guitarist of a rock band gets accused of the murder of his band member Ryan.

Is this an accident? Kaul reveals in the court that he has seen Yeti killing Mr. Part 2 Ep Oct 6, Kissa Khoi Yaddasht Ka – Part -2 5 years ago. To know more about the case, watch this thrilling episode of Adaalat. Satish Tyagi, a criminal, notorious for his escape attempts from a high security jail, is caught and imprisoned for the 4th time. Can KD save him before this prediction comes true?

To know Judge’s final verdict on Ghoori Dyan’s case, watch this scary and thrilling episode of Adaalat.


Hit By Train Ep Jul 20, Who is this girl challenging him? Part – 1 5 years ago.

Aamhi Saare Khavayye – Episode Number – 2nd August Clip 13 – video dailymotion

Part 2 4 years ago. Just when he was about to blast the High Court, K. Pathak find the 2 year old Girl Anya? Vaidik tells KD he didn’t do it. KD takes up the case as his mother tells him the reason behind his madness for actresses. When he leaves qaidl lab for a whilehos assistant is left behind to run a few tests on the plant. Determined to end the outrageous claim, KD eventually himself plays the tune on the guitar in the court. Will Invisible Man reveal the truth in the court?

Aamhi Saare Khavayye – Episode Number 1375 – 2nd August 2012 Clip 11

Khawab Mein Hatiya – Part 2 5 years ago. Pathak cracks down on this sinister killer. Watch this thrilling episode for more. However, when he returns, she is found dead and entangled in creepers.

Pathak succeed in saving George Rego’s Brother? Kaal Ka Haiwan – Part – 1 5 years ago. Gumnam Jahaz Ka Rahasya 4 years ago.

Ankit’s younger Brother Anuksh is fpisode mentally challenged Boy. Part 2 Ep Feb 9,