Gayatri was just so outraged at her behavior that she just looks at her husband in total shock. Inside thr room, a shy nikhat is waiting when she finds something moving under the sheets, and screams for people. Welcome, Login to your account. Gayatri was there too… Yash addresses his father telling him that it is enough now. She says that she isnt just a lover but a mother too, and hence even if she wants she cant wait for him. She asks the girls, as their wish would be taken. Nuzhat nods and leaves! Humaira and ayan get into an arguement by that, and zoya breaks it by saying that humaira is right.

Trust him he will bring back your Ansh. I just love this show!!!! Both Farhan-Nikhat sign Nikah-nama! Ayan says sorry couldnt talk inside but havent forgotten my promise.. Finally distracting themselves from thinking about the other,they fall off to sleep. Yash very politely says that babuji I am not disobeying nor disrespecting you. And finally comes back to his senses. He says that his priority is asad and his promise to him, and asks zoya to trust him.

Seeing his attitude, zoya wishes that he falls for a girl who is carefree and above his restrictions and rules and is open minded and liberal,he wishes that she gets a man,who will size her down,teach her some manners and impose the necessary restrictions on her.

Badi bi asks her to have edsitvbox. She asks nikhat to start packing, and she complies. All are surprised, while zoya turns around shocked.

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She also tells them that she will be like a servant in their house and would not utter a word all her life but please save her son. Ayan comes and watches her.!


AsYa look at each other longingly.! Humera smiles as well.!

He says did what qublol had to do. The Dubeys and Vidhi running after her… Pa Dubey asks her what happens and Aarti tells angrily that she will tell those people who should know it.

Ayan says since Nikahnama has been signed. Like 0 Dislike 0. I am doing this for myself so that tomorrow my conscious will not questioned me. The screen freezes on his tensed face.

She asks quhool girls, as their wish would be taken. Naveenchandra gives his written speech to Buddhidhan.

Meanwhile, Asad tells tanveer that he has told her a thousand times that he wont be marrying her, episde he only has a heart for zoya. His parents looks at him and do not like his statement. Outside the dargah Dilshad leaves her aunt at the dargah, and then asks for leave, as she has to go home where asad would be waiting for her.

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So Pa Dubey tells her that he is calling Prashant to let him know about Ansh and see if he can help with ransom… Shobha tells him there is no need as Yash will manage but Pa Dubey still has a hope that his son will feel. Desitvbo asks Humera to try.! Zoya keeps glancing at Asad. They are excited about Paris.

He closes in on Humera and blows air on her eyes. The precap is the result of her behavior as now Pa Scindhia does not want Ansh or both Aarti and Ansh if Aarti does not agree…. Yash says he had to take this decision cause if he did not take something might have happen to Ansh but Pa Scindhia just stops him there with loud shout… saying enough Yash.


A password will be e-mailed to you. She says that the descision is his, and tries to get him to have sweets but he denies. He says that it means a lot that she has said this. But his father did not listen to his appeal and walked away and so did his mom.

She is overwhelmed as he caresses her face with his fingers. Did not I tell you that he is a good man?

Gayatri was there too… Yash addresses his father telling him that it is enough now. Asad is overwhelmed to see zoya, finally having come back quvool him. Anamika 26th july full episode part 1. Pa Scindhia tells her that he also cares what happens to Ansh but he has taken this decision after lots of thoughts.

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In her room, humaira is distraught thinking about her past with ayan, and his present with zoya and their moments together. Nuzhat leaves and Humera says all the luggage stuff of Nikhat. He thinks that it wont serve his purpose then.