In order to know about Kishore, Kusum decides to keep eyes on Mira’s activities. Meanwhile, Magadhi and Sarasu arrive at the hospital located in Andhra to take Vetri back to Chennai. To watch the last episode of Raikishori stay tuned to Zee Bangla. But there is strong surveillance. Meanwhile, Yazhini shows Vetri’s post of being alive through a mobile phone but the phone falls and stops working. For details stay tuned to Zee Bangla.

The police arrive at Lakshmi’s house to investigate on Lakshmi’s missing complaint and state that Magadhi is the culprit. Raai decides to investigate the matter herself and find her kidnapper. To know what happened to Kishore stay tuned to Zee Bangla. Thangavelu and Lakshmi bring Yazhini back to their house and reveal the mystery behind Yazhini’s health getting worse. After a while, Meera’s grandmother walks up to her and tells her that according to her plans that she and Kishore would have to leave for the states within few hours. Later, Thenmozhi’s mother tries to wake up Shakti from his sleep to give Yazhini three drops of blood, but Shakti doesn’t move from his place and takes Anushka’s name repeatedly.

Seeing raaiklshori, she pretends to be a good woman. Keep watching to know more. It is really painful for her. Based on the driver’s feedback the police draw a picture of the person who has kidnapped Kishore. Nattamai returns from meeting Rishi with his proposal for Lakshmi to marry him.

Finally, Mira get caught in her own trap. Brinda encourages Kishore and asks him to put colours on Raai. On the other hand, Indro tells Komolika that he needs to be by his sister Brinda’s side in order to give her a moral boost.


They will be brought in front of Mira. Raaikishori – Episode – March 16, – Full Episode.

Around 12, Thenmozhi notices her mother giving droplets of her blood to Yazhini. Rqaikishori, Kusum reaches the destination, and just needs to find Kishore. Aasma urges Shayon not to feel guilty and tells him that she is grateful to him.

But she finds their driver lying in the garden. Raaikishori – Episode – March 9, – Full Episode. Not only this, she put some conditions in front of Sudhansu to release Kishore.

Kishore tells the police to arrest Mira and her grandmother. But Kusum sees her leaving the house with the luggage, and the baby. She says they have done injustice to her. The inspector informs that the accused is Robert Samanta, one of the episods criminals. Shakti decides to arrive at his house during the investigation as his absence may raise a doubt on him.

Hemlata asks her to keep patience. Later, Thenmozhi’s mother tries to wake up Shakti from his sleep to give Yazhini three drops of blood, but Shakti doesn’t move from his place and takes Anushka’s name repeatedly. Raai tells Kishore that she is astounded by the things unfolding in their house.

Raai tells Arko that he supported Meera and noticed all her acts silently. Both of them go with the inspector. Kishore apologizes for her mistake. On the other hand, Kishore’s father has also gathered some clues about his enemy.


Other members come out of their room listening to her voice. Kishore asks Raai not to discuss the things for the day and adds that his mother Ira too is very happy with her. On the other hand, Ira tells Brinda that Shayon would return very soon and adds that he is just a bit angry.

But when she did not find her she becomes anxious.

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Will the child be rescued? For more details keep watching Zee Bangla. As soon as Shakti, Thangavel and Yazhini arrive at their house, Nattamai and Valliammai decide to ask Lakshmi’s opinion on marrying Rishi. Seeing her great sacrifice, all the family members forgive her.


The 383 lady arrives at the hospital and waits for the right time to kidnap Yazhini. She follows her in a car. Raai then rushes back towards her husband Kishore. Raaikishori – Episode – March 6, – Full Episode. This time Kusum did not stop her and let her go so that she can follow her.