At the end of its 50 days from release, it had collected more than 9 Cr in Karnataka alone. The best part of the whole movie is the Cinematography which was the plus point and makes you not move your eyes away from screen. Camera work is true in capturing the natural beauty of the ghats and accentuating it in places. Their lives take a wild turn as they move in to Indu’s native village and spirals out of control. Through this diary, Gautham discovers that the woman who he believed to be his wife Indu, was actually Harini, a yoga instructor from Bangalore, and that he himself is not Gautham. Under a thick blanket of fog, Siddharth and his friend on a motorbike collide with the car carrying Indu, Gautham and Harini, near the Kamarottu junction. Too many songs in the second half. He, however, felt that it lacked pace with the songs and these few scenes dragging the film through.

I let out a gasp when I saw the yellow figure peering from the rear-view mirror of the car stuck in the rain, and I knew I was all set for an amazing movie experience. RangiTaranga is set in Kamarottu, a fictional village in the Tulunadu region of Karnataka , as Indu’s Radhika Chetan ancestral village. There are horror movies which offer mainly jumpscares and there are some which will be haunting even after the movie. This is were the scripts weakness is openly visible. I would say please go watch this movie in theater itself to get that thrilling experience and encourage them. Right from the first scene, the movie starts to cast its spell on the audience. Bahubali releases and most of the screens are taken to screen it.

Any one who has not watched it yet, book the ticket right away. The pure Kannada lyrics for all the songs by Anup Bhandari is one more plus point to this movie. At the end of its 50 days from release, it had collected more than 9 Cr in Karnataka alone. Not many movies can do that. Slick editing and mixing, the dairy script as the border of the flashback scenes are a hlrror touch.


Even then he assumes a skinny guy like Angara who is nowhere built like the person who escaped is the guy his wife is having an affair. There is a problem when you place two scenes side by sidea scene in the night time followed scennes a shot during the day and again night.

Harini, in an impulsive action fueled by fear, killed a man who got abusive and threatening after she spurned his physical advances. Upon their arrival in Kamarottu, Gautam befriends the post master, Kalinga Rangitarangaaand the elderly school head master, Shankar Ananth Velu.

Should have brought Pandu with the journalist to Kamarottu. Some of the characters really do not have much to do with the main plot could have easily be chopped off to shorten the runtime. Under a thick blanket of fog, Siddharth and his friend on a motorbike collide with the car carrying Indu, Gautham and Harini, near xcenes Kamarottu junction. I have watched this movie in Stockport UK, its an amazing movie.

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Actors have complimented the director with mind blowing performances. Those who would want to see a movie which doesn’t has crap love story which other movies focus on so much that they go out of the story line. The girls are not just scenfs and acting scared, but adding value to every scene.

The main plot is about the haunted house ‘Kamaruttu’ and the theories and mysteries surrounding it!

By the end of the first weekend of the three-day run, it managed rangitaeanga break the lifetime records set by all previous Kannada films in the United States and became the highest grosser. The film made me to believe Kannada film has the capacity to go in the right direction. Meanwhile, Sandhya’s trail leads her to Kamarottu.


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Pregnant Indu finds herself in trouble when she repetitively gets nightmares. However there is a drop as the second half begins, as the narrative gets into a catch up mode going onto flashbacks with back to rangitxranga songs.

Indu and her husband Gautham were in reality Harini’s friends. The investigative part is good and keeps you guessing between super-natural things guddada bhoota, angaraka, bramha rakshasa and someone doing it for a reason.

New twists and turns keeps the viewers glued to their seat. Overacting by the policemen. Abhay JodhpurkarGokul Abhishek, Monisha.

During their stay in the village, Indu experiences strange occurrences in the house including an incident where Indu is almost pulled ramgitaranga a well while she is fetching a bucket of water. Climax is thrilling and any description about it would ruin the suspense.

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This is must watch for all Mangalorians and I am certain others will enjoy as well. Climax scene Saikumar’s forehead looked void on the big screen. Though there are considerably some significant amount of continuity issues in terms of shots which come over there are many things to catch on that these nuances tend to get forgotten.

Retrieved 29 September Radhika ChetanAvantika and Nirup. It performed strongly in the United States upon release on 14 August in 36 screens.

Debutant Nirup Bhandari main character has done excellent job as Gautam,his voice suits his personality. Gautam’s latest novel is titled RangiTaranga, a word which might hold the key to his past.