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Starbug is travelling through a rather uninteresting region of space and the crew are bored and begin to nitpick at petty areas of their lives. Season 6, Episode 5 Rimmerworld. He manages to clone himself, hoping for female company, but instead begins an entire new race of Rimmer-clones who eventually turn against him and imprison him in a dungeon. They learn the derelict ship’s crew contracted an influenza virus in the 20th century, years before the ship’s origin. Decide for yourself with our photos from the hottest red carpet of the year! Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

Opinions Can Be Wrong: Red Dwarf VI Episode 5: “Rimmerworld”

Goofs Rimmer asks how they did escape from the Simulant ship, to which Kryton replies “the teleporter”, but that is not correct; they initially tried the teleporter, then teleported back to the Simulant ship and escaped in Starbug. Retrieved 29 January He had to type lines for the actors to read, and simultaneously make it look like a well-rehearsed episode to the audience.

Who was the best-dressed on the Oscars red carpet? But that was not the initial ending that was filmed — the idea to go with that cliffhanger was thought of in post-production, but then a conclusion to the story was written and recorded; as Rimmer blows up the time drive, he is thrown back and everything around him returns to normal as the future selves never exist; later, the crew celebrate the erasure of their future selves referencing Lister’s earlier statement that the crew never celebrate anything and Rimmer’s bravery which he is uncharacteristically modest about.


I enjoy Lister’s line about the simulant ship: The episode’s set and location work rimerworld good, including the “paradisal” appearance rev Rimmer’s planet after terraforming although the simulant ship set would very obviously pull double duty for the interior of Starbug in other episodes, particularly rwd climax of “Out of Time”.

He manages to clone himself, hoping for female company, but instead begins an entire new race of Rimmer-clones who eventually turn against him and imprison him in a dungeon. It is the final episode with contributions from Rob Grant. Kryten, kindly get to the point before I jam your nose between your cheeks and rmimerworld it the filling of a buttock sandwich.

Red Dwarf S06E05 Rimmerworld

The process of terraforming the planet from desolation to verdant paradise over the course of six days mimics the Genesis creation narrative. In order to fix it, they need to copy components from the time drive aboard the present Starbug. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

During one of these Kryten becomes convinced that Lister is a series android an unsuccessful model, due to its hyper-realistic appearanceafter which he is forced to obey orders from Kryten, a series. Whisper ‘charge’, tippytoe up to them all screaming ‘shh’ and chloroform them with Lister’s armpits? Archived from the rimerworld on 4 January Although things start off well, the more advanced future Starbug causes massive damage, killing Lister, Cat, and Kryten in explosions in the cockpit.

This had the added bonus of tying up continuity – Lister refers to the Simulant ship they shot down “a couple of weeks back” meaning time for the crew had passed at the same dwarff as it had for the audiencethe equipment used in the previous episode is said to have broken down, Cat wears the same outfit twice although he unconvincingly claims the one in this episode is rec different and the final scene about something terrible happening to Lister foreshadows his future self appearing in ” Out of Vwarf “.


They all soon died, and their last act was to pilot the ship into deep space and generate the mine-field to drive off looters. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Rimmerworld 04 Nov Connections Referenced in Red Dwarf: Retrieved from ” https: Rob GrantDoug Naylor.

The Thirty Years War and The Hundred Years War are both referenced when Kryten explains how long Rimmer will spend on the other side of the wormhole before help can arrive. Rimmer abandons ship to save himself from destruction, but his betrayal of episods crew backfires with unexpected results.

The episode was due to be broadcast as part of a repeat season on 13 March Only Kryten speaks to them to prevent the rest of the crew learning about their futures; however, afterwards he gets very emotional around Listerwhich makes him very worried.

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Along the way, they’re joined by a robot and a woman from a parallel univer more… Astronaut David Lister survives a disaster in space that wipes out the crew of the mining ship Red Dwarf in this BBC production. The Starbug crew returns to the Simulant’s battleship to salvage for food-supplies. Nonetheless, there are all sorts of unnecessary explanations to cover this and why Rimmer would age as the actor who plays him ages. It is also a direct followup to Red Dwarf: PaRappa the Rapper – Teaser.

The others escape using a hand-held matter transporter which Kryten has found.