Fire is an all consuming thing, raging a path of destruction on whatever it sees fit. T – English – Adventure – Chapters: And with no other choice but to battle it, Ky and Ekayon enter the challenge of a lifetime! After Kai is defeated by Lokar, and a distracted Baoddai by Zane, the two face each other in the final. Season 1, Episode 7 September 3, Team Stax meets a new Kairu warrior, Ekayon, while out on a quest — and Ky is instantly suspicious of him. The adventure doesn’t stop there for when they return Lokar is causing havoc at the Monastery.

Season 1, Episode 7 September 3, Conquer the Kairu Season 2 episode 24 – Spreading of the shadow Redakai: The two teams met and battled for Team Tyro and a new Kairu deposit, Ky managed to replace the captured Team Tyro with fakes without Diara noticing and they also won the battle. Season 1, Episode 17 November 26, Season 1, Episode 13 October 8, Team Stax crashes on a mysterious island that has strange effects on Kairu attacks.

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Conquer the Kairu episode 9. Season 1 Episode Guide.

Maya meets Lokar and he gives her a lesson on how to control shadow Kairu and she should accept shadow Kairu. Lokar takes on Baoddai’s monster Palladium, a monster so powerful it is only used in extreme circumstances. After getting beat again by Team Stax and gotten reprimanded by Lokar, the Imperiez decides to steal the Kairu in the monastery in order to impress Lokar. Conquer the Kairu episode 2. Season 1, Episode 9 September 17, Season 1, Episode 1 July 16, Team Stax, episose Hiverax, the Imperiaz, and the Raddacor the other two members having rescued Zane from the blizzard compete for clnquer possession of the entire Kairu Cube.


Please review and enjoy! This is their story The Hiverax battle team Stax but the Kairu deposit drops into the river and two of reedakai Hiverax jumps into the river to go after it, leaving Hexus to deal with Team Stax.

Conquer the Kairu episode 3 Redakai: They battle Team Hiverax for it.

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Complete Coverage of the 91st Academy Awards 7. They bring him to Lokar, where he takes back his X-Reader from Zane. Maya and Ky battle in the finals, but none of them are on their kakru.

Because it’s never too early to plan Thursday night When old enemies arise how will they react? The first 2 episodes were shown as sneak previews. Do you know what it feels like to be friendzoned?

T – English – Adventure – Chapters: Conquer the Kairu Season 2 episode 10 – Vision of Catastrophe. Team Stax crashes on a mysterious island that has strange effects on Kairu attacks.


P5 Examination Schedule SA1. Season 1, Episode 25 February 11, When Maya hit Hexus with an attack, he falls into a trans like state with his eyes glowing red.

She decides to not use shadow Kairu again after seeing what it did to her during the battle with Lokar. Maya is tempted by evil after she’s attacked with Lokar’s Shadow.

Since it is filled with Kairu energy, the Imperiaz also want it.

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Could her vision be correct? Conquer the Kairu episode 5. When conquuer Battacor steal the X-Scaper and head to Norway in an attempt to beat Team Stax to a Kairu relic, the team must go to extreme measures to get the ship back. I don’t own redakai. Conquer the Kairu episode 3. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.