Among his contemporaries and close predecessors, he quite rightly held the Italians in the highest esteem. In his interest in Italy and the classics, he foreshadows the Renaissance. Southern and eastern Spain were subdued by b. The second of its four parts is by men, at least the most enjoyed. John, at Banos, still bears the dedicatdry in- scription of King Recceswinth mid-seventh century. One was the invasion of Spain by Charlemagne, who finally pene- trated as far as Saragossa. Some of the dishes he describes must have been amazing concoctions, and perhaps helped to bring about his early death.

The latter gentleman , of royal ancestry on both sides, displayed a strange mixture of learning and superstition. Roman, Moorish and Spanish construction, Gramstorf Bros. The kings were elected by the nobles, and many elections were attended by sanguinary contests. However, the Visigothic monarchy was growing weaker. This functional quality of Roman structures is constantly evident in Spain as elsewhere, and it is paralleled by the efficiency of the institutions which Rome bequeathed to all the peoples which she conquered. He did a great deal to increase the prestige of the crown, and managed to curb the power of the nobility without incurring too great enmity. The stern hills of Castile are picturesquely lovely in a violet sunset, but the whole arid region gives one an impression of solemn desolation.

Effeminate garments such as nightgowns, male or female, were practically unknown, for people slept in all or part of their clothes or none. At least Spam still produces more than 20 million gallons of wine per year.

Hola Andrea, Muchas gracias por tu aporte! It was also most fortunate for the power of the Church in affairs temporal and spiritual. Where is the mazy dance of old, The flowing robes, inwrought with gold, The dancers wore? A desert made szntander order for the pilgrimage of ascetic and idealistic Don Quixotes? Dominic, founder of the celebrated order which bears his name. Some have thought that he was not a heretic, only exaggeratedly ascetic.

The French troubadours, some of whom came to the Peninsula, exerted a very large influence on the poets of Catalonia, whose language was nearly the same as that santanrer Provence, upon those of Galicia and Portugal, and later and more indirectly upon Castilian rhymesters. He put them down with an iron hand — at one time, for example, executing no less than four thousand partisans of his nephew.


This Celtiberian mixture made a sturdy fighting stock whose valor is emphasized by the Roman and Greek historians from whom we derive most of our knowledge of them. R odrigoRuy Diaz de Bivar, banished by Alfonso VI, gathers his retainers and fights his way eastward, winning signal victories over the Moors.

Finally they went to the aid of the Duke of Athens, and when he became recalcitrant, they deposed him. He is genuinely concerned about the state of the world, and embittered because he cannot do much to improve it.

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Were they fond of music? Roderic and his Goths were over- whelmed, and Roderic himself was never heard of again. Among his contemporaries and close predecessors, he quite rightly held the Italians in the highest esteem. The Visigoths, alas, were Arians, and were by Spanish Catholics regarded as heretics, and the Span- ish church has never been tolerant of heresy.

Portuguese and its dialect Galician are spoken in the west; Castilian in the center, and Catalan and its dialect Valencian in the east.

The romances of chivalry came to Spain by way of France, where large numbers of poems had been written with three general sub- jects: Barcelona and Madrid have over a million inhab- itants each, LisbonIs that centrifugal tendency a racial characteristic?

The robust Archpriest of Hita makes his serranillas highly realistic or even grotesque, for aristocratic delicacy was not his forte. Almost contemporary with Amadis is a work of more than iioo chapters, which traces the history of the Crusades up tothe Gran conquista de Ultramar, based on various French sources, or perhaps on a translation of a French original now lost.

He did a great deal to increase the prestige of the crown, and managed to curb the power of the nobility without incurring too great enmity. Both silks and woollens were often decorated with raised embroidery recamado of gold. The rich might hire tutors. Its light shall linger round us yet, Bright, radiant, blest. His legend, so often repeated, is much more picturesque than his surviving poems.


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His qualities were those needed in a rough age: Dona Urraca, who is a highly skilled professional at her trade, and who is able to bring great aid and consolation to dis- tressed lovers. The Coplas de Mtngo Revulgo form an allegorical political satire of the same reign. The material artistic accomplishments of the Spanish Moors can still be refuncicion and appreciated.

The Roman-built aqueduct of Segovia, still in use. Many of them were translated into Spanish, directly from French, or by way of Portuguese or Italian, and the fourteenth century saw them spread vigorously in the Peninsula. She came into the possession of this minister after eantander death of Al-Mansur. The Visigoths made their first entry into Spain incapturing Barcelona.

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No one can say with absolute precision just when Latin became Spanish. The preceding works display the Marquis as a poet of culture and dignity, but his charm and grace are far more evident m his Canciones y decires and his ten serrantllas. The power of the sov- ereign was challenged, and might upon occasion yield to opposition, but the general tendency was decidedly toward an increase in the royal authority, a preparation for the highly centralized political system of Charles V and Philip II.

The scientific interests of the restless-minded king displayed themselves mainly in the study of astronomy.