And pls don’t do an Iris2 and change the main characters, i refuse to love any other characters but the original loyal fangirl i am! A few months later. Life goes on, passion fades, but love can always change and grow. Since he practiced street dance from his school ages, he pulls the group along as the lead dancer. I was pretty confident that they’re gonna end up together, and that I’m gonna cry my heart out for Junhee. You can read the recap of this favorite episode of mine here: Episode 6 by Helcat. Waiting 8weeks for something like is so worth it.

Katalk conversations reveal Seungri provided women for high profile clients. Shiwon’s parents said that in the reunion. I knew it was YJ, he was the one!!!! Do you hear me? The very next morning, Shi-won comes out of the bathroom utterly peeved, and screams at Yoon-jae to wake up, waving a pregnancy test in his face. Shi-won, downing a giant beer with her coworkers.

Can someone tell me.

He has elfed ears, vampire fangs a permanent dental implanta moon tattooed on his right temple and wears yellow contact lenses with slit pupils and various ear rings. And yes I cried and laughed till the end. Now I relish whatever that can be found online.

this was a super good drama

Thank you so much for recapping! She and Gkoddrama bicker the rest of the way, and as Hyung gets out, he tells them not to fight.

He sits around getting no attention while she plans fan events for Tony oppa, and he grumps at her to show him half the love she has for Tony. Jossy September 21, at 6: Action, Comedy, Superpowers, Supernatural.

The finale definitely felt weaker than the previous episodes for a multitude of reasons. Now, hopefully someone compiled all the music that they used in drama so I could listen and reminisce. Talk about feeling alone in a crowd, especially when most people attended with their significant onlinr.


Thats how good they were I felt it was almost as if I watching the show.

Anonymous March 18, at oonline Given us glimpses of their wedding, what life was like after their first child, etc. Sure, he told Shiwon – when he was They work with the other cells in the body to vanish the threats to their home body.

Tony and Steve gauged your reactions as the redhead entered the room. The finale set a new record for cable programs: And those writers really kept their eyes on the ball. Kelinci Biru September 21, at 8: Anonymous May 29, at 7: Also, did they name the Doctor? But still… it goes without saying that if you teply to draw something out of this huge amount of stuff… DO IT!

Reply 1997 Episode 16

Much love and loads more for this wonderful little drama which I kinda wrote off as high school drama What I do love, are the cast members who all have done a superb job transforming themselves through their teens, 20’s, gooddarma 30’s. Disclaimer Just a friendly reminder Now could anyone tell me where to get the show if you live in Southern Africa?

I was so ready to celebrate Yoonjae-Shiwon. I watched the RAW and by now know a bit more hangul to figure out nanpion?

this was a super good drama | Tumblr

Will definitely watch this again He sits down and demands freshly brewed coffee, and she snaps back that he can shove whatever she gives him in his face. He hands Tae-woong his stuff, and Hyung gives him a pat of encouragement before he goes in. Waiting 8weeks for something like is so worth it.


Once a fangirl, always a fangirl. However when he fell in love to Shi Won, I finally got irritated to this perfect guy—but this episode 15 proved me that Tae Woong really is extraordinary. I also really love the family ties here: Bummed about it though. Please enter your username or email address. These people will live in my heart! Peter smiled back, convinced he had changed her mind, when she suddenly pushed him backwards and swooped a leg under his lying him out on his back.

I have lived with only their recaps for 2 years now, they’re that great with their writing. I think Joon Hee’s boyfriend was the roommate that he moved in with, or I hope so. I’m pretty damned pleased with the finale and the series as a whole, I was especially hoping they would do the reveals to the whole husband mystery and they gave me that and I am a happy camper!

There were certainly times we all grew tired of the baby daddy mystery, but it certainly laced the show with enough crack that it scored a new ratings high for cable. I swear wach took the words right out of my mouth. Answer Me Favorite. I don’t think a final episode of a series has made me beam so much, and I loved the closure-but-not closure we got in the end.