January 23, at And inevitably, there are various items of fan-designed unofficial merchandise available on various sites. Jana and Imara run into some familiar faces as they track Hartington. How do you do the yellow eyes? When Shannon accuses Jana of stealing her laptop, containing all the wolfblood secrets, the pack threatens to tear itself apart. I do fall into the category of adult fan and i am not ashamed to admit it the writing was amazing and the issues that were dealt with speak to a lot of people, we all feel like we dont fit in like myself or wish we could fit in. You need to have previous acting experience, and an agent, to have a chance of appearing in Wolfblood or any other TV show.

Was it University of Northumbria or different one? Unable to help Selina’s parents, Jana resolves to find a way to help the other trapped wolfbloods, starting with the Genesis Project. Unfortunately, it means they bunk off work experience. I really hope they reboot this show or someone else buys the rights. I have been watching it since I was 8 and am 11 now but I still love it!!! You creating wolfblood honestly changed my life. Jana struggles to deal with the fact that her pack betrayed her, and it results in the Morwal, a vicious and werewolf like part that develops in a wolfblood who is in pain.

Maddy, Shannon, Tom and Maddy’s parents are on their way to a theme park, but their car breaks down and they stumble across a home of werewolf hunters who believe all of them are werewolves. What about other supernatural creatures?

Wolfblood FAQ

The rest of the pack ask for help from Dacia and then Kincaid after he starts losing control. What happened to them?

However, mzddy idea is a great way to explore the dark side that we all have, and how we choose to deal with it…. This site uses cookies. TJ finds himself with a huge responsibility. After this, Rhydian discovers an ancestry in Canada, and decides to live in Canada. You creating wolfblood honestly changed my life. The pack is falling to pieces and a school council competition is being held between Jana, Maddy, Kara and Jimi. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Maddy is on the brink of her first full blown transformation and she’s struggling to keep her powers hidden during a big test at school and when there is a school fire in the chemistry lab, with Shannon in it, she walks in to apologize to Shannon and she is about to transform, which is what happens when a wolfblood is near fire.


What is the theme song from Wolfblood? Aran comes back, saying that the pack rhudian left the territory, and Meinir has taken over. Welcome to the new updated Wolfblood FAQ! December 28, at 8: You are commenting using your WordPress. Many of the original members were just a friend of a seasonn who had watched the show, rather than viewers, and I really hope some more lovers of the show find us soon.

A total eclipse falls on a full moon, and Jana is determined to have Rhydian join her to understand what being a wolfblood really means. The first few will probably say no, so keep going.

If you send in your script and they like it, they might recommend you to write for Wolfblood or some other show. And the instrumental music in the show is written for the show by composer Andy Price. Jana wants them to be sesaon a decent burial and Maddy and Rhydian steal them to be buried.

Jeffries becomes curious after he saw Tom’s eyes change.

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In order to make future seasons of Wolfblood, we need the money that Disney and other broadcasters pay us for the rights to show the current seasons. After it transpires that none of the wolfbloods have stolen anything, it’s a race to find the missing laptop before all the wolfblood secrets are revealed.

TJ’s good intentions land him in hot water with Selina, the Humans group target the Kafe and a face from the past returns to take action that will change everything. He even said he was tempted to watch it without me, but I told him he had to wait to watch it together.

Eventually, Maddy turns back to normal after a series of events make her realize how she’s acting. At school, Maddy and Rhydian face the wild wolfbloods with the help of Tom and Shannon and they leave without him. Meanwhile the news of Jana’s return spreads amongst the pupils of Rhydiam High, and Dacia must convince Segolia veteran Victoria of her loyalty. So none of us are allowed to read any suggestions, ideas, theories, fan aeason, or anything related to Wolfblood.

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Jana and Imara run into some familiar faces as they track Hartington. Ten mini-episodes known as Wolfblood Secretswhich also takes place between the fourth and fifth series, has aired. In more happier events, Tom and Shannon finally kiss, leaving thought as to whether they will become a couple.

But then, everyone loves werewolves, right? Its sad to hear they canceled the show because you are an amazing writer and the show is awesome. Rhydian, Tom and Shannon go hunting for the beast on the moors with a huge bowl of meat, whilst Maddy escapes and hunts down the nearest source of meat.


Then there are many more months of editing, maxdy effects, adding music…. Wolfblood and buffy seazon my biggest loves and tv show bones which has angel in it weirdly enough! Maddy is stuck with her schoolmates in a creepy old castle on Lindisfarne Island on the night of her first full moon transformation, and Shannon wants to test her theories and believes that Rhydian is in on it. Jana fulfils her promise to come after Hartington.

Also, Tom and Kay begin to form a romantic relationship. Tom suggests that they might be dating, even though they are supposedly “distant cousins”, which is practically not being related at all. Kincaid reveals that it was in fact rhdian who was responsible for the corrupt account, as he stole the money to perfect his serums capable of altering wolfblood DNA, as he had a violent wolfblood foster brother, which led him to believe that all wolfbloods are monsters.

December 16, at 7: Victoria takes an interest into Jana’s wild wolfblood abilities, Shannon helps Kincaid and Dr Whitewood to perfect a serum that heals Kincaid’s limp, and Tom sees Victoria is holding someone hostage and finds a strange device.

Jana’s mission to the wild pack ends in disaster. January 16, at 9: Could there be another season at some point in the future?

Then there are many more months of editing, special effects, adding music… How long does it take to film an episode of Wolfblood? Maddy and her family decide to leave the human world and go to Jana’s pack to stay safe, leaving Rhydian, Shannon and Tom behind.

I wish some of these old fans of the show from here would join and write with me as some of them seem like they miss the show just as much as I do.

What about the motion comic on the CBBC website?