Low Budget Vittles” Transcription: August 2, [18]. August 13, [22]. Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors. July 9, [22]. Episode 3 – The Interrogation Room” Transcription: The Ramen Stand [19] ” Transcription: April 22, [19].

A ninety-minute special featuring the back-to-back broadcasts of episodes and , with sneak peeks at the third Yo-kai Watch movie, to celebrate the release of the Yo-kai Watch 3 video games. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Dai-Ichi-Wa “Hitojichi” ” Japanese: Nate tries to stay up all night with help from the Yo-kai Wydeawake. In February , it was announced that a revival of the series, now known as Yo-kai Watch! While in class, the Yo-kai Cuttincheez makes the smell from a milk cloth unbearable for the classroom. When Katie rudely impersonates the teacher, Nate and his Yo-kai companions discover she is possessed by the Yo-kai Mimikin.

The Great Dog Escape: At home, the Yo-kai Master Oden keeps Nate from having dinner until he hears a truly stinging story. After hearing how making pottery is a popular hobby, Komasan decides to try it out for himself.

Views View Edit Edit source History. The three main characters try to enjoy a spring break Golden Week trip with Nate’s parents, but they become possessed by the Yo-kai Peppillon before they even get out the rocckabelly door, and later encounter the Yo-kai Drizzle and Mirapo during the trip.


Lists of anime episodes Yo-kai Watch. February 18, [19].


Nate meets the Yo-kai Infour, who can sense a person’s name, birthday, favorite food, and wahch partner. May 6, [19]. The country bumpkin Yo-kai Komasan has just moved into the city, so Nate and Whsiper try to show him the ropes.

The Food Yo-kai Mystery” Transcription: Hot-Blooded Flame Academy” Transcription: Venoct tells Jibanyan a description of Rubeus J’s base which sounds like Nate’s house and Nate’s parents. With Nate, Whisper, and the former’s parents out shopping, Jibanyan finally has the entire house to himself, but in the style of The Twilight Zonehe is always freaking out over the slightest sound. While in class, Nate and Whisper discover the farting Yo-kai Cheeksqueek rockagelly up to no good.

Makes a foe dance with its belly out, which lowers its DEF. After his fiery mane gets stolen, Hailey and Usapyon must restore Blazion’s passion.

Glossy Skin

Venoct defeats Rubeus J only to hear about a new villain, Mighty Dog, whose description sounds like Komasan. May 27, [19]. The Health Spa” Transcription: When Rockabelly moves on to possess Fumi, Keita tries to save her by summoning Dismarelda.

Katie keeps chuckling at cold jokes, and Nate discovers rocakbelly is because of the Yo-kai Pupsicle. While dealing with Snottle, the fellas and Robonyan meet the latter’s upgraded form: Nate and Whisper discover that Bear and Eddie are possessed by the Yo-kai Chatalie, who makes them brag and boast about themselves.


The cheapskate Yo-kai Greesel makes Nate’s mother cut back on everything.

Retrieved August 18, Nate, Whisper, and Jibanyan meet Necolumbus. When visiting Bear at the hospital, Eddie cannot stop laughing and Nate discovers it is because he is wwtch by the laughter inducing Yo-kai Heheheel. Gurerurin’s Death at Sunset!!

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My Cool Brother” Transcription: Dai-Ichi-Wa “Hitojichi” ” Japanese: Komasan’s younger brother Komajiro comes to the city. Whisper and Jibanyan are sent back in time by Kin and Gin to the Sengoku periodwhere Whisper helps Shogun Waitingtona man Whisper had helped in the past but that he cannot remember why he regrets his actions. Mimikin is now able to look like anyone he meets, including Nate.

List of episodes Yo-kai Watch Shadowside. At school, Nate discovers that all his friends have sore shoulders because of the Yo-kai duo Yooukai and Payn. July 30, A [22] TBA. January 21, [19].