Thanks very much indeed. Rotate Video of Different Formats 3. I am seeking for a solution to rotate a video on Windows 10 – then I search on the Google and all the suggestions are that I should use Windows Movie Maker. Raposo May 30, Thank you once again. It cuts on the top and bottom! The “Rotate by 90 degrees” setting, rotates your video by 90 degrees clockwise. Click on the icons along the rotate button to rotate the video 90 degrees clockwise or anticlockwise.

Simon Clippingdale Aug 30, This program is also an action cam video editing options like instant cutter, speed effect, fix and correction as well as colour tuning effect. What did I do wrong? I had to do the same when i didn’t click keep the original audio I didn’t get audio when it converted. Download and install the latest version and then try again! Filmora Video Editor is a media editing software that can edit videos, audio and images. Same problem as Jerry above.

How to Rotate a Video in Windows 10 without Movie Maker

Hi, great tip, got the result in vlc, but the problem I faced in wm player is that it showed 2 frames 1 below other of the same video, what did I do plaayer But once I clicked keep the original audio it work great!! I don’t know if you can do that. Alan Jul 06, Add a check to Rotate, and specify 90 degrees counter-clockwise other users may need 90 degrees clockwise. Perhaps the codec pack? Humdrummer Oct 16, You can use this software to rotate videos in different angles.

Is there any way to rotate the video frame? I tried about 6 times,downloaded other vlc player’s …it still doesn’t work for mediz Hello One question — I can’t figure out “how” — for exampleI want apply filter effect motion blur. Hello Derek, When you rotate and save your video go to: Hit the “Adjust” tab and you will see the video rotating feature in the bottom left corner. The software enables you to trim any video at a superfast roteda without causing any quality loss.


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Vejete Jan 07, To solve this, I made the following change: I have a suggestion about the 18th step. Choose one rotation option you want and then click the “OK” button; 3. When you press Start to do the conversion it crashes VLC.

Pardeep Ladda Jul 19, I will provide the directions here for you, but without screenshots, since I am unable to do this on my Windows 8 laptop.

Your explanation went straight to the point, which is what I was looking for: Can’t see the destination file icon like first time, can’t play a different video, I’ve had enough so I’m shutting down. Thanks a lot, Just a question I made a video but the color of one of my friends clothes is not clear so I wanted to change it to another color Is this possible via VLC? How to rotate and save a video using VLC media player Video tutorial.

10 Best Tools to Rotate Video Quickly and Freely

The movie is doubled, showing on copy of it above the other! Ffmpeg must be installed on your system in order for you to use it to make changes to your videos with it.

Now you can rotate the video by 90 degree right or left, or flip it vertically or horizontally plajer on your requirements. Is there any way that it “saves” so that if I facebook or email it, they dont have to turn their monitor sideways?


I agree with the commentator who siad: With the newest version, the conversion went well; but, the file that was saved has two identical videos images, one above the other, being played.

Thanks Bob, I can rotate file to play in Rilm but now matter how many times I have done this to convert and save to play in all players the end result is correctly orientated video but split [i. To think I was only using this app to view movies. I love the answer yar awesome Technique love u budy,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.

rotate video in WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER? – Microsoft Community

Diane Feb 05, Really thanks for sharing this information. Mallesh Sep 28, With older versions of VLC the converted file is saved as a.

I clicked Save to exit settings.

I am seeking for a solution to rotate a video on Windows 10 – then I search on the Google playrr all the suggestions are that I should use Windows Movie Maker. Use the ‘Open’ button at the bottom to select your video. If you want to return to the original VLC settings, then go: For those who are new to this program will be unable to download and use it to cut, rotate and edit videos on PC any more. Thanks very much indeed. Will that remove the settings which have been stored by this operation.