Whilst others sat down. The final watergun mission dragged and was quite boring too. Monster hyun-Jin ball is so powerful that i fear the RM members will get hurt!! You will receive a link to create a new password via email. Ryu Hyun-jin , whose appearance is met with chaotic greetings. Hahaha, I find his panicky expressions far too entertaining.

Well the boys were cute , not even gonna deny it, and that part of the episode was actually dynamic and interesting. Meanwhile, Jae-suk can only laugh at how the Betrayal Trio is hogging all the stoves, to which they tell Jae-suk that he can use the bonfire instead. We skip ahead to the last minutes of the third and final round as Hyun-jin eliminates the Betrayal Trio with an impressive pitch, giving his team the win. Please enter your username or email address. To that, Jae-suk argues that a MT is a time of leisure and snacks—nobody actually wants to work while travelling. HA, his WTF expression is awesome. On the contary to some I felt there was not enough cast interactions but more focus on how the guest tried to shoot them with the watergun.

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Probably says something about the problem a lot of people have with Ji Hyo’s acting. They have had blander personalities on the show before who don’t even speak unless they are prompted to speak.

Ah I don’t like that. A few other EXO members join them, and tags Kwang-soo out soon enough, even taking a picture as proof of their achievement. Siwon and Sooyoung but their idol groups are some of the best in Korea, in my opinion. When they did the whole picking doors thing the momentum of the whole show just came to a standstill and I love Suzy but she’s just not silly or assertive enough for variety shows, there’s only so many times they can zoom in on her face before it gets dull.


Meanwhile, Hyun-jin tries to remain focus on his mission in the car though his hungry stomach makes it pretty hard. Hyun Jin is the most underwhelming yoomes bond ever. What is it for? Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: And only Go Ara among the angels had the energy and brains to be competitive. If the episode is funny maybe its the way to redeem themselves from the TOP episode.

Buh, their food ideas is making my stomach grumble. Quiet Thought November 23, at 6: I died with Runmancclub and Jaesuk’s couple. Whilst others sat down. Meanwhile, Jae-suk can only laugh at how the Betrayal Trio is hogging all runnijg stoves, to which they tell Jae-suk that he can use the bonfire instead. Yes, but then the PD decided to make the couple dodgeball.

Open Thread Open Thread by mary. Stop hating on SM, people, please! But his wall height is a dead giveaway, and gets promptly caught by Luhan.

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Episodes by LollyPip. They are simply awesome!! The group gets the fire crackling while a few including Hyun-jin are off grocery shopping.

He still looks confused afterward, to which Kwang-soo comments: Just ruhmanclub she usually doesn’t wear glamor make-up on Running Man. So when Hyun-jin gets confused about the rules, they let Suzy explain. They invited Suzy because they needed someone for a loveline, maybe? This was sorta funny, and then not so much. Hyun-Jin face was the point and the Jae-Suk – Kwang – Ja couple was totally hilarious at the dodgeball game.


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It got a litttle tiny bit boring during the last watering gun part, but the interaction between the running man made up for it Our baseball star finally comes to play with our cast, giving us a taste of his major league pitching skills. I guess his fame in korea as big as he is to get not one not two not even three episodes build around him but really it going to by three and a half! This episode was so funny!

Personally, I thought this episode was pretty entertaining. He mentions one pitch in the playoffs that clocked a record-hitting speed.

His face is a good combo of nervous and joy when he got each of the member’s nametag with the water gun.