His most famous former student: Kim Sook Kwang-hee ZE: There is also a limit on the number of products allowed to be shown note: The scenarios, set ups and mini role playing games as I understand are to bring variety to variety but honestly just the raw interaction with the guests and between the casts is completely adorable and naturally funny. Poor Jihyo and the spicy stuff, I felt so bad for her! Retrieved 21 January Retrieved 14 July A gracious re-roll requires Ji-hyo and Dong-joon to submerge their faces underwater for a total of three minutes instead.

I started watching from the new episodes so that might have been a problem too. Episode 12 by LollyPip. Retrieved from ” https: K, Junho, Nichkhun, Taecyeon, Wooyoung. Gangneung Stadium Gyo-dong , Gangneung-si , Gangwon-do. Retrieved 6 October I’m glad the editing is back to good standard. I understand you stopped recapping midway Season 2 because it was losing it spark, but I wish there were recaps for S the riot is back.

Ha, I totally missed that classic moment when the losers send off the gleeful winners with bittersweet smiles. Jae-suk continues to tempt them anyway and get splashed by Ji-hyo for his effortsbut Ji-hyo and Dong-joon end up failing the task once time is up.

Fidelity April 11, at Episose 17 February Junior Team Wins Junior Team members received a gold ring each.

Episode #192 – Cross Country Race

Rescue the actress [nb 14]. I’m glad the editing is back to good standard. Thanks for the recap hahas.


Find the 4 barcodes to escape and prevent the “Angel Code” from winning while avoiding the “gatekeepers” [nb 19]. Thank you Ryu Seung-soo and water-bottle-cone-scandal. Ji-hyo throw a dice and its a 6 and Our two remaining train teams Ji-hyo, Dong-joon, Jae-suk, and Seung-soo run to the bus terminal to complete yet another randomized mission.

I thought they were going to have a competion with the locals. Has everyone the cast and guests met already behind the scenes?

Running Man Episode Broadcast | KJKINTL

The episodes in the ss have more misses than hits. Mafia Team Wins [nb 24]. Frightening Name Tag Elimination: He’s perfect for variety shows! I laughed a lot because of Ryu Seung-soo especially that sitting on the traffic cone game!!!

Gangneung Stadium Gyo-dongGangneung-siGangwon-do. Capture the Mafia Team members and stop them from finding and delivering 5 briefcases with gold bars to the “Mafia Boss”.

Reply Parent Thread Expand Link. That leaves Jae-suk to balance the flag for at least another two minutes, but he lasts a good nine seconds. Get ready for a cross-country race where seven different teams will travel by bus, train, or plane to the southernmost part of Korea.

Any one knows what is the bag brand they carry? Reminds me of old RM episodes. TV stations are not also allowed to reveal the name of an establishment. So proud of Dong Joon stepping up and fulfilling the mission. Jae-suk calls his teammate to let him know when and where to meet.


Yeo Yoo Man Man Episode Engsub | Kshow

Jae-suk and Seung-soo are tasked to balance a flag on their palms. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. For some reason I had a feeling going by plane was not necessarily going to be that big of a benefit. The dice gets kicked away.

I’d seen the gold medalist on a recent “Infinity Challenge” episode; she seems to be enjoying her variety appearances. I thought they were going to have a competion with the locals Question: Sejong Garden Hannam-dongYongsan-guSeoul. Andy Shinhwa Bobby B. Might be one of my favourite guest ever tbh.

Retrieved 2 April Dongjunie is so cute! As for Haha and Man-seok, we see them make it back to the bus after all.

Yut Name Epieode Game: I was expecting that guy to pull out cardboard from his pants. Go to youtube and watch. Retrieved 8 December Poor Jung-nan didn’t seem to get any air time – I LOVED how JiHyo had the cameras turned off because of the elderly people on the bus – so respectful The end seemed a little rushedso much was edited out.