The meeting will be on 23 May at You might need to update saved filters and links. The icons in the wikitext editor have changed. The last day is April 22 UTC. T you can try it now on the beta system Work on edit summary of Senses phab: Feel free to try adding words and give feedback Structured Data on Commons has designs for displaying and using multilingual captions on the file page. This could cause errors.

All wikis with fewer than high-priority linter errors in all namespaces will switch to use the Remex parsing library. For the rest it will happen on 25 June. Labels on maps can also be in different languages. T Fix a bug that breaks Lexeme when language or lexical category items don’t have a label phab: The meeting will be on 30 May at T Fixed an issue on the Wikipedias and co when a statement in an item that was used there linked to a Form or Lexeme phabricator:

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Je vous demande la gentilesse de quelque minute de votre temp pour relire cettes deux pages. Including current use of Property: Thanks again that you support my work on national team handball players, I still keep on doing.

If you rjnning to be informed about Growth team’s updates about easing new users first steps, you can subscribe to the new list to get updates. The English version is available at: Pleasedelete all my userpages and talk pages of these accounts before renaming and I will create them later. Hi Robby, there is an open req for botbit from last year, mman did some test edits then, do i need to do some more?


The meeting will be on 29 August at Auch hier ist die Bedienung recht einfach. You can give feedback, suggestions and help test it. This is the Wikidata summary of the week before This checkbox now works better than before on the mobile version for users without JavaScript. This will last anywhere from a few hours to a few days, depending on wiki size.

However, admins can create runnng move the pages. Lexicographical data is now available on Wikidata! This is also why last week’s Tech News was late.

The project is currently in its very early research and planning stages. T Fix a bug that breaks Lexeme when language or lexical category items don’t have a label phab: Joerhonnert ” allen Artikeln, wo’s noch gefehlt hat, die Aussage “ist ein”-“Mensch” zuzuordnen.

These geoshapes can be used to visualise query results e. And now I have come with such a request to you: T Run full constraint check when saving a statement phab: That’s why I’m adding pages in different languages, oyurupload I’m not very sure of the translated words in Luxembourgish. Future changes The way edit summaries and log comments are stored in the database is being changed. Recent changes filters are updated to show unpatrolled, autopatrolled and manually patrolled edits.

Benotzer Diskussioun:Robby

WikiProject Invasive Species Development More work on merging Lexemes More work on data types and edit summary for Senses Improve qualifier suggestions using constraint definition phab: We will update all pages automatically to show the latest translations. See also the page listing the Wikidata-related events.


You can also check Category: This has not worked since June. It will not be active. The meeting will be on 30 May at The meeting will be on 15 August at This means you can save articles to a private list that can be seen on your other devices if you use the apps. The developers are working on fixing it. The meeting will be on 27 June at If your community would like to be mxn next to have the feature, please submit a task on Phabricator.

This has been fixed. T Implement property scope constraint phab: Topics for which the English Wikipedia wikilinks to the University of Virginia but the corresponding Wikidata entry does not Map of institutions where Canadian citizens got their PhD Space probes that have kan own Twitter accounts source Newspapers in Wikidata with a recorded place of publication source Countries whose capital city can be spelled out only using letters from the country’s name source Amara taxons and their Wikispecies link source Things related to open access to research in Japan source Newest WikiProjects: This is only for filters where how long blocks last had been changed.

The project follows from the conclusions of the New Editor Experiences research.