Despite all the effort of both players, the point is decided by a centimeter. The ruthlessness of Mizuki is revealed as he is shown to be the one who taught Yuuta the Twist Spin shot, despite knowing that it can cause major damage to the user’s arm. Meanwhile Inoue checks on Seigaku’s next opponent, Rikkaidai. When they go to Kawamura’s sushi place to celebrate, coach Ryuzaki comes with news that Rikkaidai’s captain Yukimura Seiichi’s surgery is successful. It’s true that he genuinely loves the game, but will he always? The Hyotei Academy tennis team shows up for an intensive session with Seigaku.

During the game, it is shown how hard Kikumaru had trained to raise his stamina. In a try for a short match against Inui and Kaido, Mukahi and Hiyoshi play with all they’ve got from the beginning. While this is happening, Akutsu and Kevin are having a battle. During this time, Kaido makes a comeback by debuting his Boomerang Snake. Still about the US Open. Inui reveals a new move at the start. Tezuka’s arm begins to feel the effects as well as Sanada’s legs from constantly hitting the Lightning.

In order to help, Ryoma defeats the entire team, not knowing that they are one of Seigaku’s next opponents, Ginka. He wants to reach them, and will do whatever he feels is right to do so.

This article needs additional citations for verification. It’s Momoshiro Vs Kaidoh episoxes the highlight of the afternoon match.

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You see Ryoma easily attract people, mostly sakino senpai-tachi, and rivals from other schools. Ryoma and the other first-years of Seigaku Tennis Club join Momoshiro and Kaidou in a scary story telling session.

I could’t “see” the yaoiness The girls in the show stand out to me because it’s a show full of boys, LOL. Kikumaru plays Singles 2 against Kai from Higa.


In the absence of Tezuka, a tense Oishi puts the team through its paces. With everyone watching, Sanada screamed for it to fall on Tezuka’s side, which it did, resulting in Rikkaidai’s win. She asked if she could see Ryoma clad sakino the jersey, but he refused, saying she was going to see him wear it the next day anyway. He wants to challenge Ryoma to aim higher, beyond just wanting to beat his father.

Ah, this rykma does not get enough love. And did I say that Tomoka was an awesome kickass character? Eepisodes from ” https: This is where Samurai Jr. The little brat loves picking on people. The Black Jerseys then challenge court 2 at U It’s perfectly fine — until they learn the street court is used for doubles only.

The team members are separated based on their style of play and rally against each other Echizen came to watch the match halfway through. Oni wins the match.

Gyoma anime is an adaptation of Konomi’s Prince of Tennis Japanese manga series.

Ryoma takes his place and continues playing from the current score. The Prince Of Tennis.

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We see a bit of story behind why he retires abruptly from tennis. Tezuka wins by using Zero-Shiki Drop Shot with his right hand while in mid-air, surprising Fuji and everyone else. The first stringers let the point count allowing the second stringers the set. Does Ryoma love Zakuno Retrieved March 17, Pro Tennis was Echizen Nanjiroh’s dream, and Ryoma inherited those skills. It’s mixed club day at Seigaku! They take the final set and their rep pins.

Hey, to each his own. Episode 1 — not really much of a RyoSaku, but if you put into account their ryomz established relationship, then I guess it’s enough to pass it up as RyoSaku.

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Now Otori must figure out how to become stronger and keep his promise, but will his teammates have any suggestions that could help him? I thought I was a bigger typo queen than that. They’re in middle school, Ryoma eppisodes care much for anything that’s not tennis, and it’s an ongoing, longrunning, sports not romance series.


Oishi and Eiji use a new formation that makes use of their exceptional teamwork, but when Eiji runs out of energy, he resorts to regaining his stamina by standing still on the court.

I’ll check out of the artwork and other fics out there.

The Prince of Tennis episode lists. Momoshiro chases the thief and steals a bicycle from Fudomine’s Kamio unknowingly. Ryoma is ordered to leave the camp for breaking the rules.

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He proclaimes that he will be the best player in Japan. I still really enjoyed reading this anyway, Freya! Kintarou and Tokugawa vs. Episode 10 — Dense Ryoma episode. Momoshiro treated Ryoma for lunch, but something happened that he must pay 10, yen before the time limit ends!

Doubles team Shiraishi and Akaya are tasked with playing the second round. Tanegashima rejoins his partner and Sanada attempts to counter using Double Clutch. After the Nationals, Seigaku goes on a trip to Osaka for the purpose of training with Shitenhouji where they bump into the Higa club members.

An Tachibana calls Momoshiro for a date, and the flustered Momoshiro brings Ryoma along with him. Someone she idolizes and supports.

And plenty of girls ignore each other for boys.