After his hit play Pyare Afzal Khalil-ur-Reham Qamar did what no other writer has ever done before, he wrote a script about his own love story in the form of Sadqay Tumhare. Shano then writes to Khalil, and he goes to meet her. He was taken in and beaten for no reason. She wasn’t trying to be EVIL. I think that’s what made this show for me – every character had a reason for everything. Trivia This is the true story based on the writer Khalil-ur-rehman Qamar ‘s life.

He is a medical student living with Khalil’s family. I was lost after 18th episode. Maybe due to shame of his paternal lineage or his promise to Shano, which we did not get to actually see when he left. Khalil is arrested for kidnapping Shano and forcing her to marry him. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I must say that Mahira Khan manages to steal the show every time just by her.

Set in the s Pakistani society and based on the writer’s real-life story, Sadqay Tumhare follows the story of Shano Mahira Khan. He was being unjust! Its such a waste of time watching Sadqay Tumharay Hearing this, Abdur gets very mad and leaves with Khalil.

I absolutely loved this drama great story with great setting in village life in Punjab region. Maqsood acts as Khalil’s voice of reason.

The story focuses on the family of Gulistan Khan, a tumhsray man who rules his family with an iron will and wields considerable influence in the area where he lives. Udaari TV Series Watch our trailer of trailers. He does not like that she hugged him, and so he said that did Shano Hamer. Khalil drank tea and began choking, Humera trying to help him, but then embraces him.


He cries very, very angry with Rasheeda. Edit Cast Series cast summary: Like Amin said, Abdur Rehman is a resourceful person.

Shano was desperately trying to meet Khalil, as the two have safqay met or seen each other forever.

Ramblings of a Pakistani Drama Fan: Sadqay Tumhare : What a Finale!

It was autobiographical – as they say truth is stranger than fiction – for all those looking for loopholes and plot deatils.

Shano and Khalil are not. On the other hand, Humera shano’s bff falls in love dtory Khalil. It tumhharay her connection with the viewers that gave the heartbreaking ending so much emotional power despite her very limited appearance in the last episode.

Two days before Khalil’s parents are supposed to come, Khalil comes to visit Shano. Couldn’t the couple just say no to their parents and marry?

Search for ” Sadqay Tumhare ” on Amazon. The director got many messages across to the viewers through this one scene.

Sadqay Tumhare

He does not like that at all. Mukarram Kaleem as Fayaz- Mukarram plays his role as Shano’s paternal tumharzy. Rasheeda Shano has many times because she loves Khalil. He is with the marriage, and does anything he can to make sure that Shano and Khalil get married.

Mahira Khan Adnan Malik For entire cast see below.

13 Quotes From ‘Sadqay Tumhare’ That Will Remind You How Beautiful Love Can Be

It seems strange to an outsider why he would want to honor the memory of ‘that girl’ in such a way. Shano says the truth in court, resulting in Khalil’s case being thrown out.


Mahira khan won the award for Best Actress. Adnan malik, mahira and samiya nailed it! Of course, I expected the most from a fabulous actor like Samiya Mumtaz who played Rasheeda, and for the most part her performance as the manipulative Rasheeda was well above par. Rasheeda then asks Khalil, where Shano has his eyes and he points to the roof. Mann Pyasa — Episode — 30 — November 21…. Shanno realises her mother will never agree to the match and sends Khalil away, never to see him again.

What did bring Mehram back to being good was, again, the last episode. Abdul Rahman is presented as a good man, well respected and universally liked. Inayat was pregnant with ex-husband’s child at the time so Khalil is not Abdur Rehman’s son.

Then he goes and Shano hit the wall because of her dizziness and her lips begin to bleed too. It began as a refreshing drama in a rural Punjab setting and that was delightful. Please support us by taking a moment to turn off Adblock on Dawn.