That was shit, Probably. WinerCast May 18, at 1: Just like this summery did. When they make mistakes, it always seems to be the same kinds of mistakes. So i guess that was for the better. He would have also been famous for beating the elf game as well. In my opinion I believe there will be 2 season… why?

I personally would like to think they do. D My number 1 for today also. Loltdr February 8, at Nanami was liking kanda since starting of story. She needs to be given a proper conclusion. If you are still unsatisfied, here is an alternate ending I thought of: I just finished the anime and started to look for season 2 of it and I saw this spoiler thanks and no thanks i guess.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! And then all of the sudden Nanami renounces her feelings for n just because of mashiro, and i really think they Nanami and Mashiro should confront each salurasou from whom deserved sorata the most… Sorry for any errors you may find as i am actually portuguese. BTW I was wondering about the whole autism thing and I asked my sister about it without telling her it was regarding a character in an anime. What does it mean?

His voice actor is great at the comedic scenes but tends to overact, making Sorata sound less sympathetic in the key moments than he should. The timing was now.

Hahaha I seriously like the way you worded the questions. Then I arrive at this website to read light novel.

Simply because it provides more closure than what was written by the author. I disagree with nq in that I wanted Mashiro to end up with Sorata rather than Nanami you can read my post further down for a little more of my view if you want: Or even a link to a novel translation.

Sorata was no longer the ignorant boy he had once been. Sure but you have to think of the cross-over of genre here too. Any general comments about the light novel? She needs to be given a proper conclusion. I think in general the light novel is an inferior product to the anime. In kannojo anime we see that all of the character take a part in the story. Mashiro is a professional but on the other hand, Sorata is a new beginner of gaming world and has to work over and over to succeed.


I still waiting for a season 2… Have someone a idee if we can make this possible, i would do everything! Do you agree with this guys? Here bro come with me where instead he could just go by his own to help her but no he actually helped their relationship because SORATA was the one NANAMI called in the time of her need not him so he understood that and helped them even more and despite all of this how the hell you brush of Nanami like that how?

Do they have a sketch or a picture of the grown up Mashiro and the others? Does that sakugasou better with you? Thanks for all the time and effort you put into this: I would prefer the alternate ending that you wrote way more than what occurred with the anime and the LN ending. Eventually, she comes to a conclusion that Sorata would never have treated him the way that she sakugasou or needed.

I have just finished watching the anime and it is a good and unique anime. Has Sorata really turned into such a pervert?

For how many years or months they been together but still sorata not in love with her or blushing because of something but I saw it one. Agustin John Lacson December 2, at 1: I have to say, after being such a major contender in the first half of the series, it is really disappointing seeing Nanami drop off the face of the planet like that.

But i find aoyama, as a promising and ideal girl for me. He wanted to hold those emotions to heart. If they ever did make a second season for Sakurasou, they would animate this ending. However, it will not become that type of relationship. This part, THIS part is what bothers me the most out of the whole thing.

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Nanami would be in despair, but that is the point at which her classmate supports her and keeps her from hitting absolute rock bottom. An one more think to throw on your plate. I looked through the Japanese LN and found the part I believe you are referring to. Something tells me that the anime was ,anojo to be good so I watched it and then there was no regret. Frog-kun May 10, at 8: Whoever you are, thank you for putting this up and informing me of the ending of this wonderful anime.


Could anyone tell me if this has any particular reason or the author just wanted to put as part of the story? She is a strong character in the anime and needs some level of closure.

I thought the anime was all pinoyy, and the ending you summarize is about what I would expect from the novels. This could be due to the fact that the author has control over the story as In not able to continue the theme of the first half. You were the only reason I endured the second half of the anime…. Jin x Misaki, Ryuunosuke x Rita, etc.

And manga, anime and light novels do it so often, too. Nanami and Sorata on the other hand is newbies and probably new to the whole of concept of reality. Either way thanks for reviewing naa ending. BischIhasNoName August 19, at Kyle Duncan October 10, at 7: Serious and justified criticism of my ranting deserves a serious response.

The Ending of Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Sucked [Light Novel Spoilers] | Fantastic Memes

He introduced more romantic subplots and conflicts to keep the story interesting, but with the final volume, not many of these things were resolved. I do agree with you some extent as I just power watched the series haha. This is a very long comment, but I think your genuine love and understanding of Sakurasou came through it.