Shinken Blue and Shinken Yellow engage him as their teammates arrive to assist. Sensing her shamisen’s cries, Dayu makes her way to Akumaro’s location just as the Shinkengers arrive to fight him and are outmatched. With his training, Shinken Green manages to uses Rokuroneri’s arrogance against him to disable his arms and execute the deathblow. But at the last second, Juzo strikes down Akumaro instead of the final marker. But when they learn their master was cold in order to save a little girl the monster was heading towards, the vassals fully realize their mission and join their master in executing the deathblow. The Stylish Combination [ edit ]. After managing to slay him with the Super Mougyu Bazooka, as Genta looks on in frustration, the Shinkengers use Tenku-Shinkenoh to destroy the powered-up Oborojime. Tenku-Shinkenoh then destroys the resurrected Narisumashi.

Marlin Fishing [ edit ]. But the sealing character fails as Doukoku reveals that he absorbed Dayu’s human aspect to protect himself. Returning after what seemed to be a false detection of an Ayakashi attack on the Gap Sensor, the Shinkengers find an arrow with a note on it that says “Coming Soon” with Takeru sensing something from before within the house as it starts to haunt him. This causes Shitari to fall back and cause the Gap Sensor to detect his movement. Matsumiya is heartbroken, severing Urawadachi’s hold on him. While he attempts this, the vassals attack the Ayakashi Yanasudare whose attacks have no effect on his flexible body and are no match for his marksmanship. Genta arrives, but Yumebakura puts him to sleep, then uses him as a gateway to Dayu’s location. At the Sakakibara residence, they learn from Touji Sakikibara, that Hiro is acting against his grandfather’s orders before he runs off again with Genta sent to look after him.

Doukoku nearly kills Kaoru, but Takeru covers their escape. When they all return to the Shiba House to find Jii and the Kuroko in the middle of decorating for Christmas, they help with the finishing touches. As he expresses his guilt that it is partly his fault that they died and that Hiro is in trouble, Takeru tells him otherwise and returns the Secret Disk to Toji.

Admiring him for having such loyal friends and seeing that the plan she was brought on for failed, Kaoru adopts Takeru as her son and successor, resigning as head of the Shiba House. During the fight, Shinken Green attempts to use the Kabuto Disk to fight, only to be unable to use its power as Okakurage escapes. The Sushi Samurai [ edit ]. Obsessed with a man named Shinsa, who spurned her for another, Usuyuki crashed his wedding reception and set fire to the building, killing herself and everyone inside.


The Imposter and the Real Deal’s Arrest [ edit ]. samruai

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After reuniting the children shinmenger their parents, Mako returns and finishes cooking everyone’s dinner with help samurrai the kuroko. The Curry Samurai [ edit ].

Entrusted with the Inromaru after Takeru gave it to Jokan prior to Shitari’s attack, Genta has to complete the Inromaru while the vassals have their wounds tended to. Instead, they go into a family restaurant where they talk about Jii’s hip until they run into Chiaki’s father Kurando Tani.

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While the vassals spend their leisure time at an amusement park, Takeru trains to master the use of the Kabuto Secret Disk by making his Modikara twice as strong. This makes Takeru the nineteenth head of the Shiba House, and once more leader of the Shinkengers. The Foreign Samurai [ edit ].

The True Samurai Combination [ edit ]. After the fight, Chiaki finally accepts being Takeru’s vassal and vows to surpass him in skill.

Ryunosuke arrives and helps his teammates take Takeru to safety as Juzo dies, lamenting that he’s been denied his only pleasure. When the Ayakashi Happouzu arrives to track down Epislde to undo the Tsunobue seal under Akumaro’s orders, accidentally attacking a boy who found hid missing wallet, the Shinkengers arrive to fight him and the Nanashi with Shinken Gold’s aid.

As Genta points out the possible yet risky combination of their Origami with the Ushi Origami, Ryunosuke visits his old kabuki theater, reminiscing about his life before becoming a Shinkenger. Chiaki strikes him, much to the others’ shock, and Ryunosuke reminds Takeru that he and the others had sworn their loyalty to him, not Kaoru.

While following Ryunosuke on his early morning jog, Genta is exposed when they hear the scream of schoolgirls that were gathered by the Ayakashi Oinogare as part of Shibkenger plan to sacrifice them to open up a permanent point between the two realms.

While the vassals are overpowered by Gozunagumo, Shitari appears and offers Takeru the antidote if he tells him the sealing character so Gozunagumo can use it on Doukoku. Mastering his Modikara, Shinken Green manages to kill Okakurage as the revived Ayakashi proceeds to overpower Shinkenoh.


Later that night, after the others are restrained so they do not eat everything in sight, Takeru wakes up and overhears Kotoha talking to Jii about him. With the school saved, Ryunosuke and Kotoha say goodbye to everyone in Takashiro Academy.

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Genta thinks about the proposal, which causes Kotoha to feel guilty. The Dream World [ edit ]. Articles containing Japanese-language text. Soon after the fight, the gang celebrates their newest ally by eating out at the Gold Sushi cart. The vassals refuse to serve anyone but Takeru, as he arrives and apologizes to them for all the suffering he caused and tells them to follow Kaoru before he takes his leave. As Shinken Red and Shinken Blue spar with the others watching, amazed at the latter’s abilities, Doukoku commends Juzo for saving Dayu as he reveals he is interested in taking on Shinken Red himself.

Later, after Kaoru leaves him with the task of continuing the Shiba House’s fight against the Gedoushu, Takeru bids farewell to his friends: The Shiba home has a visitor: Seentai causes Shitari to fall back and cause the Gap Sensor to detect his movement.

Shinken Green and Shinken Yellow successfully trick Abekonbe into switching bodies with Shinken Green and eventually force him to undo his curse; this comes just in the nick of time for Genta, who, as the piece sentao sushi, was about to be eaten by a hungry cat.

As he never cared who Takeru was, Juzo demands that they fight. At the Sakakibara residence, they learn from Touji Sakikibara, that Hiro is acting against his grandfather’s orders before he runs off again with Genta sent to look after him.

While the other vassals fight the Nanashi Company, and while an untransformed Takeru helps the kuroko bring civilians to safety, Shinken Pink confronts Dayu. The other vassals find her as they head out to get some sushi, though Kotoha now has doubts being dependant on the others.