Of the man who has an adopted Datrima son possessing all good qualities, that same son shall take the inheritance, though brought from another family. Sages who know the past call this earth prithivi even the wife of Prithu; they declare a field to belong to him who cleared away the timber, and a deer to him who first wounded it. By the means of clever reformed thieves, who associate with such rogues , follow them and know their various machinations, he must detect and destroy them. On the first conviction, let him cause two fingers of a cut-purse to be amputated; on the second, one hand and one foot; on the third, he shall suffer death. In a former Kalpa this vice of gambling has been seen to cause great enmity; a wise man, therefore, should not practise it even for amusement. As Yama at the appointed time subjects to his rule both friends and foes, even so all subjects must be controlled by the king; that is the office in which he resembles Yama.

Between a son’s son and the son of an appointed daughter there is no difference, neither with respect to worldly matters nor to sacred duties; for their father and mother both sprang from the body of the same man. By protecting those who live as becomes Aryans and by removing the thorns, kings, solely intent on guarding their subjects, reach heaven. On those who rob the king’s treasury and those who persevere in opposing his commands , he shall inflict various kinds of capital punishment, likewise on those who conspire with his enemies. The realm of that king who takes his share in kind, though he does not punish thieves, will be disturbed and he will lose heaven. Then the son born of the first wife shall take as his additional share one most excellent bull; the next best bulls shall belong to those who are inferior on account of their mothers. A man who has business abroad may depart after securing a maintenance for his wife; for a wife, even though virtuous, may be corrupted if she be distressed by want of subsistence. Who could escape destruction, when he provokes to anger those men , by whom the fire was made to consume all things, by whom the water of the ocean was made undrinkable, and by whom the moon was made to wane and to increase again?

Through a son he conquers the episodd, through a son’s son he obtains immortality, but through his son’s grandson he gains the world of the sun.

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He must be acquainted with the manner of sowing of seeds, and of the good and bad qualities of fields, and he must perfectly know all measures and weights. Popular Posts Nenjam Pesuthe These and the like places the king shall cause to be guarded by companies of soldiers, both stationary and patrolling, and by spies, in order to keep away thieves. All brothers who habitually commit forbidden acts, are unworthy of a share of the property, and the eldest shall not make anything his separate property without giving an equivalent to his younger brothers.

Who could prosper, while he injures those men who provoked to anger, could create other worlds and other guardians of the world, and deprive the gods of their divine station? And the crops of the dhagmam spring up, each as it was sown, and the children die not, and no misshaped offspring is born. When creating them Manu allotted to women a love of their bed, of their seat and of ornament, impure desires, wrath, dishonesty, malice, and bad conduct.


Amala Paul and Director Vijay get Married On dharmqm, infants, men of disordered mind, the poor and the sick, the king shall inflict punishment with a whip, a cane, or a rope and the like.

Those who break into a royal storehouse, an armoury, or a temple, and those who steal elephants, horses, or chariots, he shall slay without hesitation. The various ways in which a king behaves resemble the Krita, Treta, Dvapara, and Kali ages; hence the king is identified with the ages of the world.

Dharkam if all of them, being unlearned, acquire property by their labour, the division of that shall be equal, as it is not property acquired by the father; that is a settled rule.

Let the son of the Brahmana wife take three shares of the remainder of the estate, the son of the Kshatriya two, the son of the Vaisya a share and a half, and the son of the Sudra may take one share.

Or the eldest alone may take the whole paternal estate, the others shall live under him just as they lived under their father. Having duly settled his country, and having built forts in accordance with the Institutes, he shall use his utmost exertions to remove those men who are nocuous like thorns. Eunuchs and outcasts, persons born blind or deaf, the insane, idiots and the dumb, as well as those deficient in any organ of action or sensationreceive no share.

Thus has been declared the ever pure popular usage which regulates the relations between husband and wife; hear next the laws concerning children which are the cause of happiness in this world and after death. Manam Vittu Pesalam By the sacred tradition the woman is declared to be the soil, the man is declared to be the seed; the production of all corporeal beings takes place through the union of the soil with the seed. But if two sonsbegotten by two different mencontend for the property in the hands of their mother, each shall take, to the exclusion of the other, what belonged to his father.

But when the mother has died, all the uterine brothers and the uterine sisters shall equally divide the mother’s estate. Disioner wear sarees heavy blouse episode Divya collections Divya Collections sarees 4 months ago.

The excellent law for the conduct of the four castes varnawhen they are not in distress, has been thus promulgated; now hear in order their several duties dharamm times of distress. By protecting those who live as becomes Aryans and by removing the thorns, kings, solely intent on guarding their subjects, reach heaven.

Ullam kollai Poguthada Gambling and betting let the king exclude from his realm; those two vices cause the destruction of the kingdoms of princes. Between wives striyah who are destined to bear children, who secure many blessings, who are worthy of worship and irradiate their dwellings, and between the goddesses of fortune sriyah, who reside in the houses of menthere is no difference whatsoever.

Having, according to the rule, espoused her who must be clad in white garments and be intent on purity, he shall approach her once in each proper season until issue be had. If any link on this website bother you drop an email at mehtaviney24 gmail.


Offspring, the due performance on religious rites, faithful service, highest conjugal happiness and heavenly bliss for the ancestors and oneself, depend on one’s wife alone.

The son whom a Brahmana begets through lust on a Sudra female is, though alive parayana corpse savaand hence called a Parasava a living corpse. What was given before the nuptial fire, what was given on the bridal procession, what was given in token of love, and what was received from her brother, mother, or father, that is called the sixfold property of a woman.

Sun tv news But a sick wife who is kind to her husband and virtuous in her conduct, may be superseded only with her own consent and must never be disgraced. Moreover, all calamities and vices; afterwards, when he has fully considered their relative importance, let him begin his operations.

If the future husband of a maiden dies after troth verbally plighted, her brother-in-law shall wed her according to the following rule. If undivided brethren, living with their father, together make an exertion for gainthe father shall on no account give to them unequal shares on a division of the estate.

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Deweni Inima Episode 29th January Geekpranee 27 days ago. In that countrywhere the king avoids taking the property of mortal sinners, men are born in due time and are long-lived. The division of the property and the rules for allotting shares to the several sons, those begotten on a wife and the rest, in due order, have been thus declared to you; hear now the laws concerning gambling.

Of the man who has an adopted Datrima son possessing all good qualities, that same son shall take the inheritance, though brought from another family. But a Kshatriya, a Vaisya, and a Sudra who are unable to pay a fine, shall discharge the debt by labour; a Brahmana shall pay it by installments.

Reprehensible is the father who gives not his daughter in marriage at the proper time; reprehensible is the husband who approaches not his wife in due seasonand reprehensible is the son who does not protect his mother after her husband has died. Because a son delivers trayate his father from the hell called Put, he was therefore called put-tra a deliverer from Put by the Self-existent Svayambhu himself.

Tamil Serials is not hosting any kind of Videos. Whatever be the qualities of the man with whom a woman is sanxthana according to the law, such qualities even she assumes, like a river united with the ocean. In the sacred texts which refer to marriage the appointment of widows is nowhere mentioned, nor is the re-marriage of widows prescribed in the rules concerning marriage.

This week on “Headline Country” Women, confined in the house under trustworthy and obedient servants, are not well guarded; but those who of their own accord keep guard over themselves, are well guarded. If the two heirs of one man be a legitimate son of his body and a son begotten on his wife, each of the two sonsto the exclusion of the other, shall take the estate of his natural father.