The romantic angle gives way for some poignant conversations concerning mortality and death and then all-out war ensues after Brooke hires a private army to finally destroy Sandokan and his followers. As a kid I watched it and was totally fascinated by our main character the pirate Sandokan. Emilio Salgari wrote several novels chronicling the adventures of Sandokan and Yanez, two of his most legendary creations. If you ask someone from South-East Asia about Sandokan, be it Malaysian or Thai or else, and he had hardly heard of that cult hero. Kirby 3 episodes, When I found it, all the stores on the internet could not deliver this item. When I was growing up in Spain, this was a must see for kids. The role of the main antagonist James Brooke was performed by Adolfo Celi.

James Brooke 6 episodes, Which version did you end up with, how’s the transfer, any extras etc Although having to escape, Sandokan manages to meet Marianna again and they marry eventually. April Learn how and when to remove this template message. My favorite TV series. Yes No Report this. Sandokan To The Rescue!

Dante Alighieri was number 2. The “Tigre de Bengala” must have been our first collective crush, as we always commented on how handsome and valiant he was.

Thank’s for your assistance once again. Sort of an abridged version. The settings are authentic because they WERE, the costumes are all fine and the seafaring action is never less than convincing.

As I stated awhile ago in one of my very early posts regarding this movie This article is about a fictional novel. PS I have looked everywhere on the States and no one even knows anything about this movie.

Not so many special effects but looks so nice even now. I have read those books in confused order but you aandokan make a hubris for oneself.


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He is the protagonist of eleven adventure novels and is known throughout the South China Sea sadokan “The Tiger of Malaysia “. I have first seen this series when I was a kid about 10 years old. Use the HTML below. Do you know if they are available somewhere in Europe? Edit Did You Know? Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. Giro Batol 5 episodes, I used to be proud of the British Empire and all its exploits, but over the years it is clear that their methods and their goals were not that noble; and of course, one only has to watch the television and read the newspapers – sometimes between the lines – to realize the problems still exist.

Kabir Bedi’s Sandokan Collectors Double Boxset DVD

YES, that is indeed what I am getting April Learn how and when to remove this template message. Some people get killed pretty nasty. Sandokan is the son of Kaigadan, the last of a dynasty of rulers of Borneowhose parents were massacred by the British to take the throne. The Actors are great – Carole Andre was my first “love” as a child, Kabir Bedi is a very cool pirate and many others are very good although they are only amateur actors from south east asia – the story has suspense and action.

SANDOKAN…the movie…Please help if you’re from Europe!!!!

Well, the acting and special effects are sometimes a bit of a poor quality, it could have been so much better. This page was last edited on 23 Januaryat Subhitles went to an all girl school, and we would recreate the episodes during our recess.

Messua has a secret. It is sad that the Salgari books have never been translated to English and that, indirectly because of this, this great mini-series has probably not been shown in American television nor transferred to video.


The English Queen Victoria owns the domain of the eastern lands of Borneo, commanded by Lord James Guillonk, fierce and ruthless conqueror, father of the beautiful Marianna Guillon, nicknamed “the Pearl of Labuan”. Regardless, the movie has a lot of value to me so I like it.

You can check in various sources for synopsis of Sandokan novels. Now I know this subtitlee confussing but are any of the versions offered in french language? And you’ve gotta love the irrepressibly catchy theme tune that bookends the adventure. Sign in to vote. The best series I ever saw.

Kabir Bedi’s Sandokan Collectors Double Boxset DVD

Sandokan aandokan depicted by Salgari as a gallant pirate. Sandokan the Great Kabir Bedi will forever equal Sandokan in my mind; other actors later cast for this role could not evoke the sabdokan charisma, strength, honor and tenderness as Bedi does.

Sandokan is a formidable fighter, brave, ruthless with his enemies, but kind, generous and faithful to his friends. The years I’ve called ‘of fervency’ were between 7 and 16 i. Unfortunately the lack of real conclusion to the story is a little disappointing, but not too big a flaw.

Giro Batol 5 episodes, Malik Selamat This Italian mini-series, which I watched twice dubbed in Spanish, captures the entire scope and flavour of the first and best books of the Sandokan saga. I do not need the mini-series Sorry to keep beating the bush, sibtitles if the version u got has dutch subtitles,what language is in?