Ankleshwar Which government transport facility is available in Gujarat for emergency medical help? What is its actual name? King Bhimdev the first Which is the biggest water reserve project in Gujarat? Ivory Which important dam of Saurashtra is situated near Jamnagar? Naulakha Mahel In which city is the tomb of Jasel-Toral situated? Diu In which year did Bardoli Satyagraha take place? Sugar Where in Gujarat is the Jhari industry developed?

Mundra Near which district are the famous Pirotan Islands in Saurashtra? Uparkot Name the mountain for the worship of which pilgrims come from far and wide. Machchhu Dam What was the original name of Pujya Mota? Video was deactivated by our moderator. Ahmedabad The Bhadra fort Which is the first autobiography in Gujarati? Gyanpith In which district is the Arasur Hill Range situated? Report Category Video contains prohibited content. Khadiya Which district takes the maximum of crop of millet?

Mountains in Rajpipla To which district does Nal Sarovar belong?

Mirabai Which island is in the bay of Khambhat? Vrajnabh When was Gujarat University established? Jalaram Bapa Virpur Which was the first book printed in Gujarat after printing startedin the state?

Patan Ravishankar Raval is noted for his contribution for what kind of work?

Anjar Which plateau of Gujarat bears the look of a Tortoise back? Desert of Kachchh In gujaati fair are milking animals sold and purchased in Gujarat?

Bhav ni Bhavai Where in Gujarat is the china clay industry? Svayamvar By which name the traditional religious wall paining of the tribal of Gujarat is known?

Gujaragi What is the type of soil in South Gujarat? Bhuvaneshwari temple Which place near Unjha is visited by Hindu and Muslim worshippers? Zanzarka Where does festival of Palli take place at the ninth night during Navaratri?


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Katyok Where is the Dudhsagar Dairy situated? The Great poet Magh Which mosque in Ahmedabad is known as haking minarets’ mosque? Poet Dalpatram Which poet in Gujarati is known as ‘Kavishwar’? Five Across which states does the river Narmada flow?

Diu In which year did Bardoli Satyagraha take place? Dholera Which famous merchant of Bhadreshwar on the Kachchh coast is known for his gesture of benefactions made when a great famine afflicted the whole country? Kholku When does the New Year begin in Gujarat, as per the traditions?

Ghanshyam Who renovated the Somnath Temple after India got independence? Bharuch Name the suburb in Ahmedabad famous by day for its market of goldsmiths and the fragrances of various food cuisines by night.

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The Protector of Moon Which is the largest irrigation plant in Gujarat? Saputara With how many states is Gujarat connected by road? Vadodara Who is called the father of Akhyan in Gujarati?

Champo Vaniyo Pandit Omkarnath has contributed to which area of work? Vansda Sanctuary What is the average temperature of Gujarat? Mansai na deeva Which genre of Japanese poetry did Sneharashmi use in Stadhar Vikram Sarabhai Name the first Gujarati female to go on a space travel. Narsinh Mehta Where in Gujarat is one of the four spiritual schools set up by Shankaracharya situated? Anartpur Which Mughal king believed Gujarat as the jewel of India? Halol Which studio is situated in Umargam?

Sanand Which place in Gujarat has shown the highest industrial development?


R V Pathak In which book by Gandhiji he talks about insistence of truth against sa by the English? Dakhamu At which lake in Siddhapur the rituals are performed after the death of mother?

Mahi What is Atira known for? Saint Apa Giga Bapu www. Sanskrit Which hills are there between Danta and Palanpur? Kocharab Ashram How many temples are there in the known Jain pilgrimage Palitana?

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Vaav By which other name Dangi safadhar is known? Khambhat Which place in Gujarat is one of the four pilgrimages in India? Kanaiyalal Maneklal Munshi On what did poet Narmad lecture for the first time? Rajkot Where is the Nano car plant in Gujarat located at? Jamnagar Where is Gujarat’s largest cement-manufacturing facility located?

Gokulgram Scheme Which is the biggest fish produce centre in Gujarat? Aat Dalpatbhai Indology Who started the first cotton textile mill in Gujarat?

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Dholaka Which modern city of Gujarat was anciently called ‘Dhavallak’? Unava Where is the unit for oil extracted from paddy? Kheda Where is the Quant Fair organized? Vadodara What was the total length darmatic Dandi March? Mehndi Nawaz Jang Who was the first chief minister of Gujarat? Raiyali Who was the most brave and powerful king of the Solanki dynasty?