He is not a voyeur like we journalists are. What does Gandhism do? All Bombay Times print stories are available on. You truly are my hero and I cannot begin to describe my respect for you. Harisree Ashokan is the next guest on OOM. In a shocking incident exposed by the media in June , 3 dalit girls were punished for visiting a kali temple in Orissa. This proves that we are clearly an uneducated lot.

God only created human being.. Untouchability exists in different forms and it is more about self respect for me when I see around. But SMJ talked only about one side of the coin,What about the other? Are we a confused lot? Pathetic Ball-less episode on dalits. Aamir does neither though he adopts the tone and demeanour of a journalist.

So the show is an escapist tear-jerker.

He dnt hav the same screen presence which he had during his hay days but in terms of episoed hez BAAP and this is provd by the movies which he has done in last decade black, eklavya, cheeni kum, sarkar, paa BHTB etc. Disney satywmev bring Broadway shows to India. We know that the soul never dies it takes birth again and again just like as we take new clothes to wear the soul as it takes new body and it is an infinite process.

And that, as we all know, never happens. It is not his life. Select a City Close. This Sunday morning I received a call from a friend who alerted me to the tenth episode of Aamir Khan-anchored Satyamev Jayate since the focus was on caste and untouchability. I have just finished watching the episode on untouchability and it is absolutely atrocious that untouchability is this common among the citizens of Indians. Dharmdhikari was ignored by his own community, in spite of cast to an upper caste for championing the cause of the downtrodden.

You are reading this at your own peril. Host Aamir Khan on the 10th satya,ev of ‘ Satyamev Jayate ‘ brought out the ugliness of untouchability and casteism still prevalent in an Independent India. This is from todays newspaper. Our servant maid had 3 kids: Reservation jb tak duniya hai tb tak rehni chahiye…bcoz still people believe in castesim.


When someone points out what is wrong, you expect the person to set it right which a leader can do, if he really wants to or put so much caaste on the political system that it is forced to act as a jayat tries to do, not always with much success. But SMJ talked only about one side of the coin,What about the other?

To suggest lets keep the status quo without accountability will keep the communities like that. Hence, one should not be proud of having been born in high caste and not feel low if born in low caste family. I remember several instances when I accompanied Jaya akka through the bushes to look for cow dung so it can be used as either fertilizer or used on clay houses.

Aamir sheds a few tears. They stick their neck out for what they believe in. You both know it. Anchor Shilpa Bala shares a throwback video of her daughter Yamika. I live in Australia. Since Aamir is the interlocutor here, they expect him to do that.

I was hoping to be proved wrong. Thus, it is his conduct only that decides his greatness or lowliness. I checked with Kaushal if this was true. Comments What is your opinion on this issue? Brilliant article by Pritish Nandy each and every word is correct.


All are hindu who live in hindustaan understood. Love Me Harder Break Free ft.

I dont know how to make understand indian people. Insaan apne guno se uncha uthta hai unche sthaan par baith jane se nahi. I hope they continue to open the eyes of millions about the issues in India as they have mine.

Episode: 10 Untouchability

Soundarya to find the right evidence. News Bhojpuri sensation Monalisa raises temperature with her pool pictures! Kokila saves Amar from committing suicide. I am absolutely disgusted at the amount of issues that Indians still face to this day. Wilson clarified that he indeed had. There are no untouchables in Sindhis…. In the senior echelons of the civil service from schedueld rank of deputy secretaries upward, jwyate of there are Brahmins, i. Despite blank papers, Andhra students admitted to colleges.


Silence Eva Jayate This Sunday morning I received a call from a friend who alerted me to the tenth episode of Aamir Khan-anchored Satyamev Jayate since the focus was on caste and untouchability. Satyamev Jayate Full Episode 10 — Untouchability. Land They decided to make system where nobody has more than one of that. Before I give details, we should bear in mind that Brahmins form no more than 3. Help us delete daste that do not follow these guidelines by marking them offensive.

Those who are having wealth, their social status will be decided by the how much philanthropy they do not by their wealth. He would keep a close watch on casfe and give a timely warning to the individual concerned.

Bezwada Wilson of Safai Karmachari Andolan from New Delhi was forcefully given the job of a manual scavenger simply because his father belonged to the same profession.

Satyamev Jayate Full Episode 10 – Untouchability | Tanqeed

If they had appeared in newspapers, people would have filed PILs or RTI queries to see how they could push the sdheduled to a point where the Government is forced to act. Mentally sick people take the path of fundamentalism and spread casteism and communism.

There is hope that the youth of our country will change their mentality.