With her body still in a coma, spirit form Alex shares an emotional journey with Charlie in the spirit world as he “ghost-doctors” a brain-dead mother-to-be. Charlie Harris begins to confront his feelings about the paternity of Alex’s child, all while juggling an insistent Dr. To make matters worse, she makes a promise to a young girl, whose own birthday is derailed by her father’s sickle cell crisis. Retrieved 7 September He learns that Sandhya has been forced into marriage and has yet to find love in her own way. Archived from the original PDF on 4 November Maggie studies for the board exam and deals with a patient who has a fear of doctors.

Something bad happens to Joel whiles he’s out with Zach. During their discussions, they see Alex’s patient Bea, who has been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Alex risks a dangerous surgery on a seemingly inoperable tumor to save a young boy’s life. Retrieved 16 November Alex and Maggie discover that one of the car crash survivors they’re treating has breast cancer, and is a match for their cancer study. Meanwhile, Dana’s resolve to re-certify in Trauma is tested when Dawn pushes her to treat a mangled motorcyclist, and Charlie is pulled into surgery before his arm is completely healed. Jeremy Bishop help a bereaved father deal with the death of his daughter.

Meanwhile, a spirit who is familiar to many Hope Zion doctors shows up in the morgue when Charlie is about to do a routine procedure.

Joel returns after his brief incarceration. A busy Joel struggles to balance his workload as Chief with his growing commitment to Sonja, and must decide if he’s ready to step up to the plate. When an ice storm strikes the city on Christmas Eve, Alex and Dawn struggle to keep a good Samaritan alive long enough for her family to say goodbye.

A young motocross rider is diagnosed with leukemia, forcing Dr.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Goran’s patient is a paralyzed woman who is discovered not to be paralyzed. And Zach thinks he might have prostate cancer. Alex and Jeremy struggle savlng find the truth when all the symptoms of a chronically ill child point towards his mother as the cause.


Saving Hope 3×03: Alex & Joel

Retrieved July 11, Charlie and Shahir track down Alex’s older brother Doug. Retrieved from ” https: Retrieved 8 July Charlie reinstates Sydney’s privileges at Hope-Zion. He also learns that he witnessed the car accident that killed his parents when he was a boy—he simply blocked it from his memory.

As Alex leaves Hope Zion she becomes a witness to an accident that brings her back to the hospital. Meanwhile, Dana’s resolve to re-certify in Trauma is tested when Dawn pushes her to treat a mangled motorcyclist, and Charlie is pulled into surgery before his arm is completely healed. Alex copes with her mother, diagnosed as terminally ill. The idea works until Randall asks for money from Alex to continue talking to Charlie.

Charlie and Manny go toe-to-toe while treating two star-crossed lovers who are having an affair. However, the patient has an adverse reaction to the anesthesia and slips into a coma.

Charlie encounters savijg MMA patient and her rival. The doctors deduce that the patient has been hypnotized. Retrieved June 26, Charlie faces the consequences of his fight with Joel. Alex must maintain her professionalism when Kristine lands at Hope Zion Hospital after a drunk-driving accident with baby Luke’s blanket.

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Archived from the original PDF on March 15, Meanwhile, the mother’s spirit is savign to get Charlie to do her bidding, which includes stepping out of his comfort zone when console her son. In the ER, Dr. Zach questions his abilities as a father. Alex and Joel discover that the mother needs a transplant, and the son is adamant that he be involved in the operation.

His belongings are searched and a psychic ‘s business card is found. Gavin crosses the line with a patient when he starts to become personally involved, and disaster ensues.

Sydney Katz Stacey Farberwho throws Maggie off her game.

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Alex and Dana try to save a single mother’s life; a hockey player’s mobility is at stake; Charlie gets advice on winning back Alex; Sydney comes clean.


Also, the staff realizes Maggie and Joel hooked up when the two are caught acting strangely, and Gavin fails in asking Maggie on a date. Season 4 episode titles are The Rolling Stones song titles. Archived from the original PDF on 2 February In SeptemberNBC pulled the last two episodes of the first season, and released them online, subsequently canceling their syndication of the series.

Alex’s alarm at home goes off; Alex and Maggie ask Charlie for his opinion on a patient’s treatment.

Back at Hope Zion, Charlie, in his coma state, meets a deceased therapist who learns the real reason Charlie is not waking up. A patient is brought into Hope Zion with rebar protruding from his chest, but yet has no knowledge of how it got there nor exhibits any pain.

Archived from the original PDF on 3 November Enter the email address you used to create the account and your password will be emailed to you. After Kristine suffers a stroke, Alex discovers the nurse’s past may not be as she remembers, so Alex teams up with Charlie to find a way to bring peace to the already troubled spirit.

Alex learns to stand up to Dawn. A car accident brings a ‘she-bear’ mother and her son to the hospital. Charlie walks out of an operation on a man he met earlier on the road. Retrieved March 14, Alex and Maggie deal with a tough lawyer after surgical complications with their patient.

Charles Harris Michael Shanks are involved in a car accident while on the way to their wedding.

When a heat wave hits the city, Alex is appointed Trauma Team Leader as the hospital is faced with an influx of patients during a blackout.

Charlie has a unexpected link seaso a patient. He learns that Sandhya has been forced into marriage and has yet to find love in her own way.