Thankfully the ending of the episode was quite good. It stops you every time, the arrogance, the need to swagger, to show everyone who you are. I have to say when I listened to Papa Pope’s monologue I just thought: I get extremely angry I see people bullying poor Abby. Jake Ballard Darby Stanchfield To show everyone who you are. What the hell was this reaction?

So she ran off to take a shower and get her ass back in gear because she’s getting ready to knock him down a peg or two. Watch now on “UnMade”. Edit Storyline Olivia is summoned by a convicted assassin who claims he was wrongly accused, and Mellie becomes intrigued by a former first lady whose stories seem to be strikingly similar to her own. I think the Liv-Fitz storyline is an essential core of the show. Good God, I pretty much hate everyone on this show. Nad Rating A Share this:

There was a time I hated her guts.

What a freaking relief it will be to us all. Good God, I pretty much hate everyone on this show.

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Shonda Rhimes created byZahir McGhee. Watch now on “UnMade”. Published by Nadim Safieddine. Nad Rating A Share this: Not only was this subplot wonderfully comedic, it served an even greater character focus as it reminded Mellie of the power and influence she could wield in her position.


I played this President like a fiddle to get you back knnocent my possession.

Leonard Carnehan Matthew Del Negro I get extremely angry I see people bullying poor Abby. Seen List Shows, Episodes.

An Innocent Man

Facebook Twitter WhatsApp Email. Bitsy telling Mellie Not So Smelly about her philandering husband: Sunset Gower Studios – N. David Rosen makes me laugh.

These two characters just make the show for me. Mellie Grant Tony Goldwyn The need to swagger. I found it odd that out of all the characters this season, I find myself sympathizing with Mellie the most. She got drunk in the morning and Fitz asked her why she was still around and she’s like “Because my son is here dumbass” then she rolled around for their appointment to epksode Jerry’s grave and he wasn’t there he was off trying to bore Jake into confessing he killed Jerry and she harassed Lauren a little and then when Fitz came back she accused him of sleeping with Olivia.

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Mellie conveniently forgetting that every time she makes a political scanval, she makes a mess. It’s very much built around that because almost all the storyline in this show has one way or the other has a link to that main characters’ storyline.


I loved that she spent the night at her apartment to keep an eye on her. I danced for him. So what else is new?

Telling idiots not to litter.

Scandal 4×06 – An Innocent Man

Unfortunately, this renders Fitz quite pathetic as a character, as he seems to have lost all agency and common sense. And what will I be remembered for?

I was his daddy, his priest, his valet, his concubine, his best friend. Six episodes in, and I am officially loving this season.

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Olivia, girl that is NOT the way you ask for a favor She’s becoming one of my least favorite characters on this show. Bitsy gives me Verna Thornton vibes. An Innocent Man, Episode 4x The discovery that Huck was playing video games with his son, Javi. Related News ‘Scandal’ Recap: