Had another person done the ear-cutting the edge would have been clean. He runs up to the second floor of Rowan’s house to find a baby girl, he then starts choking Rowan. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! He goes to dinner with Olivia and says he will trade Quinn for his dinosaur bones, but she declines. Olivia inform Mellie of Rashad’s death, and she immediately wants to send troops into Bashran. Want to Make a Cult Classic? She initially denies any involvement in the hijacking but information on the death of president Rashad, forces her to plead the fifth. Rowan informs Fitz that Olivia is command.

Retrieved November 2, As Olivia and Curtis arrive at Olivia’s door to spend the night together they find Fitz waiting. Retrieved February 9, Retrieved November 10, Hollis Doyle goes to Olivia and shows her a video of his daughter being held captive and saying, that if her father wants to see her, to send 20 million dollars. But Hollis says that his daughter has always been a problem child and this could just be an act. Even when a bloody ear shows up in the mail the man is not buying it and starts talking about a DNA test.

Dear god, Hollis Doyle was right! Meanwhile, down in the basement Quinn hallucinates that her colleagues are talking to her. Does she hate their kids that much? Jake still has a cabinet position, and is still with Olivia. Osborne, upon learning that Olivia’s people are following him, goes to Olivia to find episove why.


Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. Olivia visits Maya, and attempts to celebrate her birthday. Snake in the Garden 28 Mar 8.

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Olivia is all set for the date — until she talks to Cyrus and starts thinking about Fitz. Charlie insists that Quinn didn’t get cold feet so QPA starts looking for her. Retrieved October 27, Olivia asks Jake to investigate President Rashad and he finds out that Rashad sent his niece to study at a university in the United States, which sounds completely different from what he advocates in his country filled with anti-American people.

Watch now on “UnMade”. She is worried that Jake is acting based on his hate of Cyrus. Your email address will not be published. This will be a good pattern later down the road.

Alisha, a congressional intern, who found herself on a list of interns that won’t sleep with congressman. At least we know the Olivia Pope instincts are still in there. Season 1 ” Sweet Baby “.

Scandal Episode 2x A Review for, “A Snake in the Garden”

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Marcus tries to convince Mellie to work with Fitz’s foundation on mass incarceration. Mellie demands that Fitz go back to Vermont, but he refuses. List of Scandal characters. Olivia is interviewed by Curtis Pryce and the two end up in an affair. Jake gives Olivia information on what Rowan has been up to.


Meanwhile, Mellie and Jake are trying their best to postpone if not sabotage the case through QPA; leaking the reason Olivia lost her post as Chief of Staff.

CIA agent is being held by terrorists in Bashran.

It’d help to know why I’m doing this. At dinner Rowan reveals to Olivia that he has Quinn, and wants to exchange Quinn’s life for his freedom and dinosaur bones. Rowan has a body in a car which he burns.

I mean, even the devil loves his children, dpisode the really bad has some portion of good.

Snake in the Garden

Olivia is confronted on her role in Quinn and Rashad’s deaths. After getting off the plane David goes to Abby, who thought he was going to propose to her. Cyrus and Jake restructure their alliance. Her DNA was found in a tooth from the car fire, along with a burned piece of her wedding dress. QPA looks into who hijacked the plane, trying to find evidence that Cyrus is responsible.

Meanwhile, The gladiators say goodbye to Quinn as each of them says something about Quinn and then fires episoode of her bullets into the ground. His name’s Jake Ballard.