But I like him. Hot Piece of Evidence — Jake shows up at the Stanner house outside, surprising her with the yellow envelope she gave him. Love the recaps and the comments! Apolitical Love Pocket — Cyrus finds out Olivia is representing Sarah and he calls her to say he wants her to deny the relationship because he is really important to the President and cannot afford this scandal. The twists and turns give me a headache. But why is everyone blaming Jake for that. Lawd, two goons facing off. Then he calls her.

But, all I can say is that I am SO happy that the wait is over!!! He is smelling to good these days. She did everything to build him up and believe in himself then rigs the election. I love Huckleberry Quinn! Hmmmm……or maybe he was just smirking so he could watch the playback at home. He basically broke the fourth wall with a sledgehammer.

Betrayal and Blackmail — Abby and Harrison are talking about the Stanners and the topic of betrayal comes up. Huck, stand by your girl!

Top of the Hour Almost Ruined Me: Scandal Episode 216 Recap

But, all I can say is that I am SO happy that the wait is over!!! Sure hate that she got the door face plant. The whole phone call thing was B. I see Mellie as sitting on the curb just shaking her head. Another great recap from you luvvie!!! He needs to pull up his panties and epieode it moving. I think he let her do it to try and draw him away from his men so that they could get him alone with the added benefit of training Quinn to think for herself And as for Jake!

Showing up twice at her home uninvited and referencing stuff he should have no clue about. Abby, Harrison broke you and David up for the greater good. All of the drinking and the disrespect to olivia is not acceptable. An Occasion for Wine — Liv is with Sarah, who is miserable about her failing marriage. Is there a link eepisode Defiance? Joi Rx Fitness Lady.


Fitz get a life and stop abusing all the women around you. Olivia assures her that no matter eepisode, he will always be her father. Your graphics floor me. I cannot stand down.

He walks into the Stanner house with news that the morality clause is off the table. Awesomely Luvvie — Epixode 22, Epislde has got it made. You just gotta love the whole Quinn and huck dynamic. However maybe I missed something but was he suppose to give fitz that information and did he pass it off as his own? My News Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows – Start Now.

She will be ready to say some mess to you to get you all up in your feelings, then come to your house at three in the morning, crying about the ninja that jacked her love and life.

People stay not knowing Oliva Pope! Take it to the head, Liv! A lower level United States Cabinet member is suddenly appointed president after a catastrophic attack kills everyone above him in the line of succession.

I think he let her do it to try and draw him away from his men so that they could get him alone with the added benefit of training Quinn to think for herself. What on earth scsndal Shonda going to do to make us not like him?

I too have gone to some other scandal blogs and it annoys me with people who are trying to make money off of the sdandal commentary. We may be the only two LOL.

There were some good scenes tonight but my favourite was Harrison and Abby. Cyrus and Mellie cracked me up. Let Huckleberry Quinn be a thing. As always, thank you for your recap! Someone shows rexap and the masked man who I thought might have been Huck fights him and gets punched a couple of times, but ends up beating him up and taking his camera.


Scandal Season 2 Finale Recap — Olivia Revealed as Mistress, Rowan Is Dad | TVLine

And sometimes you need to mainline shiraz or a good saeson like a wino which made that scene my second favourite. I do not trust him one bit! She deserves better but he is slightly creepy. The biggest one for me: Then he calls her. New episode just dropped! He has a black eye and says he was just doing his job. I think Jake really does like Olivia.

The twists and turns give me a headache. Because your integrity is not as in tact as you believe it to be, sir.

Make that 3 of us. Jake is looking good to me right now and they are suppose to kiss on the next episode so that should surely spark something. But I like him.

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Fits is the one who has been having the government stalk this women. Pick your balls up and take care of business. Paulo Costanzo Lyor Boone. I like creepy Jake in his uniform. My husband thinks I am SO crazy because he watches me scream, yell and cry at scwndal TV and than rush to my Kindle Fire to check your twitter feed during the commercial break.