In order to save himself, represented by a doppelganger of Walter trapped in a car accident, Walter is forced to bring together the team. Scorpion is back in business after new Homeland Security director Adriana Molina tasks them with a case when the nuclear-powered Russian K satellite is knocked out of orbit by space debris. At the end of the episode, Sly helps Toby and Florence deal with charges of their own relating to helping him save Cabe and Cabe gives each member of the team a memento with personal value to show their importance to him. Later, Walter comes to his senses about Paige, realizing he loves her. So does anyone know where I can get the series on demand from the start? However, he has more important matters to attend to when he has to help rescue Walter and Paige when they’re stranded in the middle of the Pacific Ocean after their boat explodes from an electrical problem. Retrieved 14 July Undeterred, he partners with Ralph to find out that the Chinese consulate and their ambassador are behind the vote hack as a means to gain control of international shipping lanes.

The team must figure out how to save Walter before his oxygen runs out in less than 30 minutes, all while dealing with the uncomfortable situation. Walter sees a heist about to happen, but he is accused of masterminding the robbery and is sent to jail. But this is just a ruse in order for Cabe and his Homeland Security trainee, Tim Armstrong Scott Porter , to run a top secret op across the border in Makuria , gathering intel on a businessman who raids antiquities from Middle Eastern museums and sells them on the black market to fund training, fake visas, and advanced explosives for terrorists. However, the lab is so deep underground that spending over four hours causes the pressure to damage the team’s IQ. Use mdy dates from April Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention from December All Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention from February Also, Sly’s prize-winning days are over when he receives rejection letters from multiple game shows after winning big on The Price Is Right. Lots of tshirt designs for all the family, from movies, tv shows and gaming! However, Walter and Paige are unsuccessful at hacking the hackers’ signal and are almost killed trying.


Later, Paige goes with Tim to the Veterans’ Ball and has to meet his parents. Also, Paige helps Walter navigate his feelings about Cabe’s possible future in prison. January 22, at 9: On Christmas Eve, when Walter chooses work over spending quality time with his friends, he falls down the stairs and hits his head, and as he lays unconscious, he enters a dream world where Team Scorpion never existed. Retrieved December 29, On the way ivt2 Tahiti, the team’s plane crashes on a deserted island after a battery in one of the wave-powered generators explodes, causing shrapnel to cut the plane’s hydraulic lines.

‘Scorpion’ Canceled By CBS After 4 Seasons

Second Screen The ideal environment to create an active conversation and engagement between brand and viewers. They said not before 20 January.

They travel to the Amazon rainforest to locate an endangered monkey species called the Homboldt Capuchin that may have the antibody for the cure. Scorpion takes a private job revamping a winery’s viticulture technology with selective harvesters and optical sorters. Retrieved October 1, Meanwhile, Megan undergoes a xeries brain stimulation procedure and asks Sylvester not to tell Walter, causing Sly to work from the garage and have to sit out from partaking in his favorite comic book characters during the mission.

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Walter expresses his feelings for Paige, stating the reason he fired her is because he’s in love with her. Due to a malfunction, one such xeries ends up a disastrous collision course with a refinery and the team’s attempts to stop it make the situation worse.

Due to several malfunctions, seris low oxygen, he starts to hallucinate that Paige is with him in the rocket capsule. Season 4 Episode Guide. Department of Homeland Security to form Scorpion, said to be the last line of defense against complex, high-tech threats around the globe.


From Paige, Florence learns of Walter’s dream and assures her she has no romantic interest in him. Retrieved 14 July Enter your email address ltv2 subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. In order to save the lives of three judges being targeted by a Japanese gang, Sylvester goes undercover in a federal prison to decipher the gang boss’ codes.

Also, Sylvester’s feelings for Florence grow. Meanwhile, Cabe becomes interested in Allie Jones Reiko Aylesworththe competition’s campaign manager. The doctor is needed by a critically-injured patient who will soon die if the doctor can’t reach him.

Meanwhile, Paige confronts Happy about constantly tagging along with her and Walter. Walter and Paige, after experiencing doubts about their relationship, reconcile and Happy, revealing she recovered his old wedding ring earlier, makes Sly a wedding ring of bandage fragments within a plastic mold. Retrieved October 5, Instead, Walter and Florence spend the night in the lab using their complimentary geniuses to solve a problem.

ITV2 Sets UK Premiere Date For ‘Scorpion’ Season 2

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. For other uses, see Scorpion disambiguation. Season 4, Episode 7 November 6, Retrieved March 16, Also, during the crisis, Walter must look after a group of Ralph’s classmates, and Cabe tries to tell Allie finally that he loves her. However, Toby notices a patient with symptoms of the Nibori virus, a lethal disease found only in the Far Eastand discovers the blood supply at Los Angeles’ blood bank has been hacked, resulting in all the bags being mislabeled.

I had to call ITV and find out.