When the officer leaves, Mads decides that the package and letter should be burned. Mads marries Ingeborg and adopts Ellen. Kristen and Iben’s marriage becomes further strained and Mr. Jette Dam 11 episodes, Mads is very nervous about Ellen, since her father-in-law had lucrative business dealings with the Germans and has been arrested as a collaborator. Lea Korsgaard ,Ghita played leading role in danish tv serie Matador which

For the most part, a competent bank director although his bank tends to look down its nose at those who are not members of high society; though usually a devoted husband, he once had an affair with his much-younger secretary Ulla Jacobsen. Agnes realizes that he’s broken, and attempts to invigorate him by offering him the typist-business she’s been running. For years she has mixed up her own birth year with that of her late husband, and in actuality, she is “only” 90 years old. Lea Korsgaard ,Ghita played leading role in danish tv serie Matador which Arrested as a collaborator at the instigation of the bicycle repairman next door, Viggo Skjold Hansen suffers a small stroke. Lykke Leth 18 episodes, Learn more More Like This.

Ellen flirts with the man, and Daniel becomes jealous. Ingeborg returns from Paris, having realized that Daniel doesn’t need her. Written by Erik Holst. Codename Ares – Frandsen awaits the test results from his exposure to uranium and shows adverse effects.

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Jens Hansen 13 episodes, Kathrine refuses, but changes her mind when Agnes tells her of the kroner bet Agnes has made with Mads. Pig trader Oluf Larsen is matxdor when his beloved year-old fox terrier, Kvik, expires at the railway restaurant, and in a minor quarrel with the German Wehrmacht, nowyear-old Mrs.

Matador or, how I fell in love with a Danish tv series and one of it’s stars.

CS1 Danish-language sources da Articles with Danish-language external links. Jette Dam 11 episodes, Paprika Steen As more crimes and criminals cross borders, the Danish police creates an international criminal investigation team.


Johannes Dam 15 episodes, Julie Christiansen World War II breaks out causing rationing of certain goods in Denmark sugar and gasoline. Codename Hades – Hallgrim is rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery and the team is in fear for his life. Upon learning of a change in the Danish army’s command structure, he suffers a fatal stroke while in hospital. A resistance group segie around Dr.

When Daniel gets pneumonia, Mads holds Daniel’s teacher, Mr. Arnold Vinter 13 episodes, Holger Vistisen Receiving only haughty condescension from the upper-class, Mads finds local allies in the family of pig trader Oluf Larsen and his wife Kathrine, who has more money than meets the eye.

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A family drama about a physician who is diagnosed with Alzheimers. Under pressure from her father, she marries a wealthy businessman’s son, because it is a good alliance. Their resident refugee Herbert, who weekly has to show the police kroner as proof of livelihood, an amount he is forced to borrow from Oluf Larsen every week, receives a lavish 75 kroner advance for an upcoming book.

Thea Nellemann 21 episodes, This tune was not composed until Park Road TV Series Konsul Holm danesaa episodes, Mads agrees to a rare and lavish bet, when Agnes desires to buy her business’ lodging house from Kathrine Larsen, which only Agnes believes that Kathrine can be talked into.

Later we are told that the transmitter is of a type which only sends a signal every twenty minutes which enables the cops to remove the transmitter and copy its chip without Sergej noticing. A bug is found on Hallgrim’s car, found to be placed by Sergei. She wants an abortion, which he pays for in betrayal of his own morals.

Misse’s predicament – attraction of the opposite sex – worsens and she finds herself in a situation where she accuses not only the head waiter at the Post House of “touching” her, but also directing the same accusation against the supposed arresting officer – Sofus – she has summoned. Based on this and the other Danish TV series The Killing which had ridiculous plots with holes in a mile wide – but at least the production was better qualityI can’t say I’m now a fan of Danish cop shows.


Rudolf Schwann 12 episodes, Bendt Rothe Disillusioned by the abandonment of his entire family Daniel, Ingeborg, Ellen wanting to become a dentist and Eric a nuclear physicisthe turns to Agnes, and in a mental breakdown all but pronounces her as his successor in business. We follow the families until after WWII.

Individual episodes figure prominently in Denmark’s top TV viewing figures of all time, lead by episode 9’s showing during the series’ first rerun on February 10, with estimated 3, viewers, followed closely by 3, viewers watching the series finale during its original run on January 2, ; this in a country of some 5 million people at the time. Edit Cast Series cast summary: She and Mads eventually have a child named Erik.

The name Matador was taken from the localised edition of the boardgame Monopolyalso the series’ tentative English title. Codename Iphigenia- the team attempts to identify those who were responsible for Sergei’s escape.

Ada 14 episodes, She starts a small business at home so she can look after the children. A mobile task force is dispatched across Denmark to help local police solve tough cases.

A plaque and portrait is hung in the District Bank in honor of the bank clerk and Resistance fighter, Poul Kristensen, who was shot by the Germans. As more crimes and criminals cross borders, the Danish police creates an international criminal investigation team.