A particularly highly acclaimed production, sung in English, was staged by the English National Opera in , to mark the th anniversary of the composer’s birth. Views Read Edit View history. Sadly, other than a few well-loved arias, Handel’s operas aren’t as popular as his other works. Performances of this aria are included in several movies. When he discovers that the letter is actually from his previous fiance Amastre, whom he jilted, his fury only increases Aria: Crude Furie degl’ orridi abissi. Amastre has decided to kill herself.

This blog is dedicated to my mum, because she really is the sweetest and most lovely person I know. Serse encounters his heart-broken brother Arsamene and tells him to cheer up, he can marry the woman he now loves, Atalanta, no problem. Serse blesses the union of Romilda and Arsamene and begs forgiveness for his tyrranical behaviour. With veiled threats Serse now presses Romilda to accept him, and in desperation she agrees if her father will grant his consent to their marriage. The familiarity of the aria might distract listeners today from the absurdity of the situation, as Serse praises the shade provided by a plane tree in the most earnest and ardent terms. She has decided she will have to find another boyfriend somewhere else. Rebecca, printed by Richards, stipple, sepia ink. Handel Pictures See more Handel Pictures.

Crude Furie degl’ orridi abissi. Darling, what a wonderful music and stunning voice! Romilda is making gentle fun of Serse with her song. Arsamene gives a letter to Elviro to deliver to Romilda, in which he promises to visit her secretly. In the aria was intended to be sung by a soprano castrato, nowadays this Largo is usually performed by mezzo soprano or controtenore.

As he admires it his brother Arsamene, accompanied by his servant Elviro, comes in search of his beloved Romilda. In a courtyard outside the palace Amastre, a princess promised in marriage to Serse, arrives disguised as a man. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Problems playing this file?


Ombra mai fu

Amastre, incensed at what she hears, nearly gives herself away. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Maybe because of its lame plot: Serse advises Atalanta to forget her love for Arsamenebut she admits that she cannot. Ritorna a noi la calma.

Handel – Xerxes

Serse says he does whereupon Amastre reveals her true identity as Serse’s betrothed. Views Read Edit View history.

The story is quite simple and the setting followed the typical baroque passion for the oriental dreamland which was sere infallible court entertainment, as the introduction to the libretto admonishes: It was first performed in London on 15 April Finally, though, Serse defeated by the shrewd machination will serae accept this sudden twist and go back to Amastris who will become his queen.

Elviro tells her he has a letter for her sister and Atalanta takes it, promising to give it to Romilda. Arsamene believes that the death threats are a ruse to be rid of him and he and Romilda quarrel again. Serse is humbled, and they are reconciled.

Sailors hail the completion of the bridge, constructed under Serse’s orders, and Serse orders his general Ariodate to cross the bridge with his army and invade Omhra. It’s known as Handel’s Largodespite being marked larghetto in the score.

Act I A magnificent garden with a plane tree and a summerhouse. Serse encounters his heart-broken brother Arsamene and tells him to cheer up, he can marry the woman he now loves, Atalanta, no problem.

Atalanta arrives and Elviro makes himself known to her and explains his mission; she promises to deliver the letter and takes it from him, telling Elviro that Romilda has forgotten Arsamene and is in love with Serse. Romilda rapidly and wittily organises that Arsamene will present himself before her father as the bridegroom. It inspired me to take singing seriously. Romilda’s synopsjs Atalanta, hoping to secure Arsamene for herself, tells Romilda that Arsamene is in love with another girl, but Romilda does not believe it.


Amastre says Romilda should not be forced to marry a man she does not ommbra, and Romilda praises those who are true to their hearts Aria: Ariodate joins their hands in marriage, then hurries back to Serse to thank him.

George Frideric Handel Operas. A Flurry of Triumph!

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Elviro stops her and she determines to confront Serse with his treachery before she dies. Thanks for sharing Love Grete.

Amastre bewails her plight, having been abandoned by Serse, who promised to be hers Aria: Originally composed to be sung by a soprano castrato and sung in modern performances of Serse by a countertenorcontralto or a mezzo-sopranoit has often been arranged for other voice types and instruments, including solo organ, solo piano, violin and piano, and string ensembles, often under the title “Largo from Xerxes “, although the original tempo is marked larghetto.

Arsamene warns Romilda of what Serse wants – this encourages Atalanta, Romilda’s sister, who is secretly in love with Arsamene also and hopes that Romilda will be Serse’s and then she can have Arsamene.