Hall rated it liked it. It’s always nice when a girl can believe in herself for the sake of the greater good. However, he wasn’t evil enough, instead I found myself feeling sympathetic towards him and his plight as a man brought back from death but living with no soul. Please, let me take this train ride all over again. To be honest, I remembered almost nothing about reading this the first time, and I don’t think this is an overly memorable book. But Kate was ballsy and I like ballsy characters. I genuinely enjoyed this book on my first read but came to realise that it wasn’t as phenomenal and amazing the second time around. A lot of what has happened to him is explained in Wintercraft but I definitely think that there is more to come.

The one exception to the rule was Silas. She felt like a one-dimensional villain and I couldn’t quite grasp nor understand what her motivations were or why she was so evil. It wasn’t enough to kill the story for me, as evidenced by my rating, but I could see how it could be for others. There’s not many books that I’ve jumped up my reading list yet Is it as good as the second one that I read first, hell yes. Mas que Silas conhece. Want to Read saving….

Other books in the series. Maybe it was because I’d grown as a reader.


Overall I found the cast annoying. Is it a manual? The book was just as spectacularly breathtaking as the cover.

I’m not quite sure why this bothers me bok lot. It was a bit cliche and not captivating enough to keep my interest. I could babble about this most of the afternoon, but it would come out as gushing, and then you’d know all the book’s secrets! And she never gives up on her uncle, Artemis.

shadlwcry The landscape in Wintercraft is vibrant and descriptions of places and scenes are well thought out, unfortunately I didn’t feel the same about the characters. Is it a steampunk setting? Years ago her parents were taken by force to fulfil the will of the wardens. Edgar, Kate’s best friends’ role was that of rescuer and not serie else.


Jul 02, Regan rated it liked it Shelves: To view it, click here. She is trying to do the best with what is given her. Ultimately, Kate has to believe in not only herself, but her power, in order to save her and those she cares about. For Kate that life could be the death of her. As for secondary characters? She has motivations, yes – ssries trying to save her uncle, Artemis from the wardens – but she never does much to reach those goals and instead, lets herself be swept into situations or gets boik around by others especially Silas.

A best friend hiding something, protecting Kate, the main protagonist. While readers can see that Silas has committed terrible acts, they are ultimately overshadowed by the true cruelty that Da’ru possesses.

And she’ll make a pact with a murderer to do it. Da’Ru is one of the skilled, but she’s also a member of the power circle, the order, in the city serries Fume – controlling the workings of the city and the efforts of the Wardens the ‘peacekeepers’ and nook of the skilled ones. Anticipation for this UK debut novel has been building steadily all year and, while Wintercraft didn’t quite live up to my high expectations, I did enjoy it.

Jenna Burtenshaw: Book List

I was completely enthralled after reading just the first chapter, and the story grabs onto you and doesn’t let go until the last page. People who can travel the veil between life and death is a refreshing alternative in the paranormal genre. The Wardens are looking for the Skilled, people with the ability to bridge the veil, the space between life and death. I want to see if my predictions play out. But, aside from the fact that this was a very original and interesting read that had many high-points, particularly the character of Silas, the fact still remains that its villain is maddeningly one-dimensional, the protagonist was selfish and did very little for herself during the whole book, and the writing was very uninspiring and occasionally boring, not to mention that every other character in the story had no development Real score: I think the best word to sum up how this book felt to me is ‘terse’.


Mar 10, Sensitivemuse rated it liked it. While I might not recommend it to my readers who are searching for a great read, I will probably read the next book in the series. Parts of the story that were supposed to be frightening, thrilling, upsetting, or any realm of heightened emotion were bland. Kate meets next to no one who has any good intentions in this book.

In addition to this, the ending was brilliant.

There’s not many books that I’ve jumped up my reading list yet Still, there’s a lot of room left for the sequel, which is great. I couldn’t put it down.


Despite his dark past and his actions during the novel, Burtenshaw ensures that the reader feels real sympathy for his plight. It’s unlike any book I’d read to date For me personally, I would have found the story more engaging had it been written in first person. Overall, this isn’t a bad read, per se.

When I read the book description, “graveyard city of Fume” was the point where I decided to buy it. I went into Shadowcry with no expectations whatsoever.

It was really clunky.