Her struggle to forge her own identity as a woman in contemporary Iran is charged with passion, anger, and finally a need to escape. Amanagol Altinay Ghelich Taghani , the daughter of a poor rural family in Iran, becomes “Aman”, when her father shaves her head, disguises her as a boy, and dispatches her to another village to work weaving carpets. Asserting that the most serious violations of human rights by state rulers are motivated by political and economic factors rather than the purported concern for cultural authenticity, Afshari examines one particular state that has claimed cultural exception to the universality of human rights, the Islamic Republic of Iran. But this is very difficult. In fact, her father was the producer, as well as the co-screenwriter and editor, for this film. I was so happy to see this translation. Government crackdowns may soon still these voices — in February , one blogger was sentenced to 14 years in jail — and We Are Iran may serve as the only serious record of their existence. His family take him to the cemetery as they think that he is dead but he gains consciousness before they bury him and his family run away of fright.

Your presence will bring light to my eyes! Football Under Cover , Directors: Boys and girls who are not related can be picked up by the police for doing nothing more than simply enjoying a walk together in the park. Persepolis , Directors: Filled with mouthwatering recipes and enchanting details of life in Ireland, Rosewater and Soda Bread is infused with a lyrical warmth that radiates from the Aminpour family and their big-hearted Italian landlady, Estelle, to the whole of Ballinacroagh—and the world beyond. Between their home and the fish store, Razieh loses the money.

Although a quiet and reserved woman, she quickly develops a close bond with the women and children of the village, who instinctively notice she is suffering from a personal loss. All of Tehran is preparing to celebrate the traditional New Year with the festival of fire Fireworks Wednesdaywhich fatsi on the last Tuesday night before the official New Year begins.

While Savushun is a unique piece of literature that transcends the boundaries of the historical community in which it was written, it is also the best single work for understanding modern Iran. What emerges, according to Abrahamian, is a militant, sometimes contradictory, political ideology that focuses not on issues of scripture and theology but on the immediate political, social, and economic grievances of workers and the middle class.


In search of a divorce attorney, high-powered project engineer Sayeh Mahnaz Afhsar winds up in a psychiatrist’s office, where she recounts the stormy fights she’s had with her spoiled contractor husband Mohammad Reza Golzar. Nacer Khemir, Running time: They use every trick in the book to see the match. The Music ManDirector: Award winning film from directed by Majid Majidi. With pale skin and webbed hands, the girl is otherworldly, but her wounds tell a more earthly and graver story—one that sends the strict Catholic town into an uproar.

We used black grapes, as you can see. Top Videos Caught on cam: Who is a “hardliner”? More than a year has passed since Marjan, Bahar, and Layla, the beautiful Iranian Aminpour sisters, sought refuge in the quaint Irish town of Ballinacroagh. Fabria, prosecuted in Iran because of her love affair with another woman, flees to Germany.

It is the task of the narrator, a young Basiji volunteer paramilitary spotter, to locate the radar so it can be destroyed. It was an epic journey, lasting nearly 3 months, and one that saw her exploring the bazaars, palaces, art galleries, bookstores, beauty salons, museums, mosques, Zoroastrian sacred sites, cemeteries, cafes, restaurants, shops, parks and private homes in Tehran, Isfahan, Yazd, Shiraz, and Kermanshah.

Haunted by the childhood memory of her father’s death in the basement of her house while her mother ignored his entreaties for help, the narrator believes she relinquished her responsibility and failed to challenge her mother.

Their middleclass problems and the absurd phallic rock venture gives rise to great humor. Outwardly Sara is the perfect submissive Moslem wife, but to her friend Simi she confides that she took out a loan 10 years ago from Goshtasb to help pay for her husband’s medical expenses.

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As if in answer to his prayers, a clinic restores his sight – a miracle that is double-edged. Barely having set foot on the soil of the magical city of Shiraz, and here I was, being whisked off to a proper Persian party straight off the airport. FatherDirector: Kayvan Mashayekh, Running time: One person found this helpful. When a poor and very beautiful young girl enters his store Johan feels compelled to steal a pair of blue jeans for her.


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It contemplates its simple pretexts for happiness: March Featuring four writers from the Iranian diaspora and a survey of post-apartheid South African crime fiction. Released in ’96 director Mohsen Makhmalbaf has created a cinematic masterpiece in this introspective semi-documentary film which provides the audience with a highly personal glimpse into real life events from his past. Unstoppable Warrior Daniela Torchia One of the major filmmakers of Iran’s New Wave, Massoud Kimiai directs this haunting drama about four soldiers who come to Tehran on leave.

And in the penthouse apartment, young loner Daniel cannot escape his memories of Brazil, and only makes contact with the outside world through room service delivery.

Mohsen Makhmalbaf, Running time: Maybe life is the act of lighting a cigarette in the listless pause between lovemaking, or the vacant glance of a passerby who tips his hat and says, Good morning! Beautiful black-haired Sara and fiercely proud Dara fall in love in hsoleh dusty stacks of the library, where they pass secret messages to each other encoded in the pages of their favorite books.

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It is as though she had chosen this moment to recall her personal history–a tale filled with “wonder and anguish”–in order to record a movke and political leap, symbolic of her time, from the indulgent, sheltered, and often petty world of her father’s harem to the puzzling and exposed, yet emotionally and intellectually challenging world of a new Iran.

Share your thoughts with other customers. His writing reflects his political engagement, his concern for the poor and the working mocie, and his love for his native region of Khuzestan. PersepolisDirectors: In Iran, offering guests a tall glass of some type of sharbat farsj ice cubes to ward off the heat of the summer is a standard of good housekeeping and an expected trademark of up-to-par hospitality.