TK takes Caleb’s success at face value. Murray loses out to the new dad in town. Jimmy finds an unlikely ally. Pania sets her sights on sabotage. Vinnie becomes a guinea pig. TK lays down the law. TK’s sin returns to haunt him. Vinnie faces a family foe.

Bella faces extreme temptation. Vinnie is torn between love and duty. Clementine discovers a traitor in her midst. Drew plays a dangerous game. Wendy discovers Murray’s secret. Dayna is given fresh hope.

Pania sets TK up with the wrong woman. Boyd fights for his rights. Pania lobs a grenade at Rachel, only for Mo and Pixie to suffer the damage.

Shortland Street season 24 episode 1

Vinnie makes a difficult choice. Pania stirs up trouble. Margaret makes a fatal mistake.

Ali’s burdened by a terrible secret. Mo confronts his family’s secrets and lies.

Shortland Street Season 24 –

Boyd saves a life but breaks hearts. Harper is frustrated by attraction. Murray’s hopes are dashed. TK and Kylie find Happiness. Victoria puts an innocent in danger. Nicole suspects a friend. Curtis gives Jack a wake-up call. Nicole’s caught in a web of lies. Chris surprises Rachel with a homely gift. TK pays a heavy price. Lucy has a moment of forbidden temptation.


Kane makes a huge sacrifice for a friend. Bella faces extreme temptation. Bella spills her guts.

Kylie falls prey to Pania. TK looks at the man in the mirror.

Murray wins Wendy over. Kane has a scandalous secret. TK forces Pania to take dangerous action. Jimmy fights for approval. Dayna gets more than she bargained for. TK lets the devil in. Kane struggles to trust a criminal.

Harper’s loyalty is misplaced. Nicole and Vinnie have a heart-wrenching secret. Vinnie burns his friendship. Dayna and Kane plan their escape. Victoria chokes on humble pie. Drew’s dirty secret backfires on TK. Mo accidentally terrorises Damo. Boyd takes drastic action. Murray drives Kane crazy. Victoria’s past returns to haunt her. Lucy works up a lather at work. Vinnie becomes a guinea pig.