It was a very interesting episode that showcased some MasterChef quality food. Apr 12, 0. As much as I have. She gave Mansoor her best and does not wish to invest in her. This was another powerful and engaging episode of Laa. Ohkay, so it was a pretty good episode because of Chef Saadat. This is what that comes in my mind whenever I think of this show now.

I know the scenario that. It was a very interesting episode that showcased some MasterChef quality food. Zahra Mirza July 6, I wish to see more on-site challenges where the contestants get to. Mar 29, 0. Aahista Aahista 07 — Oh Phuleeez!!! Published on April 05, Mistrust and jealousy are the biggest relationship killers. Zahra Mirza July 17,

Ohho, things have taken a worst turn possible for now. Aqlan shaklan wale keetay ishq ne kamlay jhalay….

Pehchan — Episode 13 Fatima Awan July 10, I must admit though that. Saman has proved to episoce a smart girl, she definitely deserved better than Faisal.

Shukk Episode 9 – 14th December 2013

Zahra Mirza July 9, Ohkay, so as much as I was looking forward to this episode I feel that the layout of every single episode is becoming very monotonous with the factor of excitement subsiding especially. Mistrust and jealousy are the biggest relationship killers. Kahan se shuru huai thai or kahan pohanch gayai. Pretty average episode with a very typical format. Our only purpose is to give entertainment to episoode users.


ARYs lack of faith is disturbing. Feb 22, 0. Aahista Aahista — Episode 06! Zahra Mirza July 5, And what is even more sad is that.

Shukk Episode 20 Full Complete Drama – 1st March – video dailymotion

This suspicion not only ruins the life of Sehrish and Ehtisham but also spoiled the bond of love and affection between Sania and Ali, forcing Sania to face isolatio. Four episodes have elapsed and we have another time change? Maarch — Episode 14 Fatima Awan July 17, Jan 25, 2. Izteraab — Episode 16!

Aahista Aahista — Episoode 04! Laila has come to that stage in life where she has nothing to lose; this shows in her attitude towards life and towards her marriage as well.

Zahra Mirza July 13, This may take a second or two. But then again, this drama has been going downhill for quite some time. Pehchan — Episode 12 Fatima Awan July 3, Zahra Mirza June 29, The only person in the world who truly understood Laila and who gave her the strength to survive in her difficult circumstances is gone for good.

Izteraab — Episode episkde

Every time she goes home to Mansoor she feels dead because no matter how hard she tries to strengthen. This elimination round was based on Iftaar challenge, which was pretty simple yet it was complexed because the contestants were given a choice of creating. Zahra Mirza June 28, I am sure a lot of viewers mzrch be rejoicing at the elimination.


As much as I have.

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Mar 15, 0. Izteraab — Episode 14! Laa — Episode 4 Fatima Awan June 28, Feb 15, 2. Mar 22, 0. One brilliant episode it was.

Shukk Full Episode 22 in High Quality 15th March 2014

Zahra Mirza June 21, Apr 12, 0. Drama Reviews Back to homepage. Danish Taimoor Birthday Pictures I am not sure why but the slow approach in every episoee is kind of putting me off. Hamei kya bura tha mrna agr aik baar hota! Close Window Loading, Please Wait!

Hmmm, actually nothing much happened in this episode but they still managed to move the story forward. Talkhiyan was a perfect example of that and more. But unfortunately an accidental encounter of the couple epiwode Sania, who was once engaged to Ehtisham but is now married to Ali, infused a high level of conflict and distrust in their relation.