Etiquette for Mistresses [3] is a Philippine romantic-drama film based on the best-selling novel of the same name written by Julie Yap-Daza. Afraid for her daughter’s life, Cita brings Cacai to a Chinese temple to be guarded by their relative monks. The film starts in a church where a centipede -like demon is crawling at the walls. The film was released nationwide on July 25, Angeli then breaks down remembering her human father. Georgia has one more rule for Ina and both of them leave their partners. The film received a lot of positive reviews because of its unique story line and cinematography. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Jed pleads very intensely and Seth eventually agrees to give them the address under the condition that they do not tell anyone that she gave it to them. So with a heavy heart, Barbara once again passively accommodates Ruth’s demands and convinces Nick to court her younger sister instead. For the most part, Yamashita was a fantasy and its subject matter was considered irrelevant to Filipinos. Determined to save Cookie, Seth and Jed who finally knows everything and resolved the mystery about the curse takes her to a secluded house and installs CCTV cameras to monitor her. Melchor tells her that the best way to destroy the curse is to kill Dario again. T2 refers to Tenement 2, one of the buildings in Brgy.

She is even more frustrated by the rules given by Georgia, which includes never calling Frank and never showing herself in front of him unless he asks her to. After picking up the child Angeli Mika Dela Cruz ; strange things start to occur.

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According to Box Office Mojothe film grossed 74 million pesos in its first two weeks. Cacai massacres the praying monks and kills herself by jumping from the roof and getting impaled on a flagpole.

Angered, Angeli then threatens her mother that if the fairies ever touch or hurt Claire’s husband she will not be with them when she turns While they were tortured by Japanese troops, he and Srena consoles themselves to relieve their sorrow by listening to the latter’s harmonica music.

Determined to save Cookie, Seth and Jed who finally gingong everything sorena resolved the mystery about the curse takes her to a secluded house and installs CCTV cameras to monitor her.

Peping plays the harmonica one last time, as his co-prisoners die due to suffocation while he dies of his wounds. The next day Ding, who is on a raid at a sex den, kills the tenants and his teammates before his remaining teammates shoot him dead. Retrieved July 26, His friend says that there was a rumor that if you whisper your wish to a dead body, the soul of that body would help you.


She also warns that demonic forces will attempt to stop the resolution of the request. Retrieved July 31, Her mission is to give her to her adoptive family. The epilogue reveals that Philippines had paid all its debts and indemnity for veterans and other war victims.

The incident separates Chloe from the rest of the group. Articles needing additional references from August All articles needing additional references. The original promotional poster. In one flashback, he tells the story of his participation during World War II, when his troop was ordered to bury the Yamashita Treasure. Languages Tagalog Edit links. It was later revealed that ever since Barbara left her for the US, she indulged herself of everything that can ease her helplessness which includes witchcraft and spiritual medium sessions.

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The first official trailer of the film was attached to the Star Cinema romantic comedy film Past Tensewhich was released on November 22, In the process, The Ulanaya then masters the abilities to take many forms such as Fire, Water, Balelrng, Wind and others making it the ultimate supreme elemental and its malevolence, most potent.

They also applauded Kris Aquino’s performance, saying it was a great improvement from her past ginotng films. Seth is haunted by the spirits of her dead friends, who blame her for their deaths because Seth is the key to the healer.

In Georgia’s absence, Ina stays with Charley and accompanies her in an auction but she is caught by Wang Gie’s wife and has been suspended from going out. The ship, carrying Yamashita’s loot, arrives in Mindoro and the POW’s were ordered to place the treasures sirenx the tunnels and place some traps, including land mines.

Retrieved June 27, Superhero By Teddy Corpuz of Rocksteddy. The shooting of the film was set to commence by late August The batch of people who were healed speak out about having had the same dream. Retrieved from ” https: Patayin sa Sindak si Barbara lit.


As Elias came searching for the sleeping Angeli and Claire, he fell victim of entities and was eventually killed. So he seeks the help of Oprah Angelica Panganibanwho is also a friend and a niece of an albularyo. Languages Suomi Edit links. The original DVD cover. Ruth appears and manages to convince Barbara to join her baaleleng the world of the tormented souls until Nick arrives just in time and instead sacrificed himself by holding the physical manifestation of Ruth and plunging both themselves to the fiery bsleleng of hell.

Georgia was horrified in the meeting of the two and confronts Angg.

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Seth, along with Cita, decides to confront Manang Elsa about the chain of deaths, only to be informed by Melchor, that she, along with his wife, had been killed by Dario, the man who much earlier, was thought to have only fainted but who had actually died from a heart attack.

While running away from the ar Cookie, Seth finds Boni, her houseboy, dead with his neck twisted by Cookie. Upon arrival at Mindoro, the team are met by Jarco glntong his henchmen. She needs Conan to make her drink a potion that is made out of holy water and a part of the old woman’s body to repeal the hex. Aloy Adlawan Chito Rono.

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Seth and Alma followed Greta, but were horrified when Greta hanged herself. Her past comes back to haunt her in more ways than one when Barbara receives news that her younger sister has killed herself and was witnessed by Ruth’s only daughter Karen Antoinette Taus.

Stella Magtanggol Olongapo: This article about a film made in the Philippines is a stub. A crow falls from the sky, showing the curse has ended. The group are eventually rescued by Emong, who is revealed to have called the military for help. However, Cita is distracted by a dragon dance casf loses Cacai who is then controlled by her doppelganger.

The following day, everyone except Cookie is healed.