The Simpsons – 11×01 – Beyond Blunderdome. The Simpsons appear in three tales of terror: The Cad and the Hat. The Simpsons S18E21 – 24 Minutes. Lisa fears she is genetically predisposed to lose her intelligence. Bart poses Millhouse as his father so that they can do adult activities, and Homer becomes skilled at finding lost objects thanks to Highlights magazine.

When Milhouse’s parents get a divorce, Homer grows convinced that his own marriage is in jeopardy. Marge convinces Homer he may have a drinking problem. Bart inadvertently joins the Junior Campers, and during a rafting trip, he becomes lost at sea with Homer and Ned Flanders. Simpsons 03x02Mr Lisa Goes to Washington [rl-dvd]. Sideshow Bob runs for political office after Mayor Quimby pardons him from prison. The Simpsons S6E17 – Homer vs.

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I tried to just stick with drive letter and I still am not getting filebot to fire. Season 9 25 Episodes This season is available in 4: Burns bets one million dollars that his power plant’s softball team will win the championship, then hires professional baseball players to be members of the team. The Simpsons S27E21 – Simprovised. With the Light Blue Hair. A Father’s Watch The. The Nightmare After Krustmas.

When Bart discovers that his divorced teacher, Mrs. Bart fears the worst when Sideshow Bob wins release from prison by claiming he is a reformed man and is hired by his brother to work on a construction project.

The Last Traction Hero The.

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The SimpsonsTwenty-Third Season s23e Simpsone Homer fakes his own death, his long-thought-deceased mother arrives in Springfield to pay her last respects. Cadets give Lisa the “silent treatment” when she enrolls in an all-male military academy. Apu showers his wife with Valentine’s Day surprises making men throughout Springfield s24s13 like cheapskates. Please rate if you liked it. Marge will only forgive her husband when he proves to Bart that all women are not merely sexual objects.


Homer takes on the mob when he acts as Mayor Quimby’s bodyguard.

Homer shows Flanders how to enjoy life by taking him to Las Vegas. Lisa gets lost in an unfamiliar part of town while searching for a museum.

Lisa and the 8th Commandment. Krusty shuns his old routines in favor of edgier material and suddenly becomes the hottest comic in show business. The satiric adventures of a working-class family in the misfit city of Springfield. Here is the log file. The lives of Springfield residents are highlighted in a series of interconnecting vignettes.

There are other ports that can be used. Bart discovers a comet that is on a collision course with Springfield. Lisa Goes to Washington.

Can you tell me how I would specify an IP address and port? Burns’ assistant while Smithers is away on vacation. Marge becomes addicted to eavesdropping on cellular phone conversations. Homer creates his own religion as a means of escaping church services on Sundays. Homer becomes a professional boxer when doctors discover he was born with a unique genetic condition that protects his brain from injury.

Ned Flanders suffers a breakdown after his home is destroyed by a hurricane. Marge tries simpsoons hand at deprogramming after her family is brainwashed by a religious cult.


When a tax audit lands him in hot water, Homer goes undercover for the government and attempts to retrieve a trillion dollar note from Mr. Barney swears off alcohol, creating a rift between he and Homer; seeking to win a contest, Bart and Lisa attempt to photograph a new cover for the Springfield phone book.

Homer simpsonz Ned Flanders pressure their sons to win a miniature golf championship. Does this looks skbtitles it should work? Simpsons Season23 Episode Lisa struggles to kick the habit of dialing a number.

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Season 5 22 Episodes This season is available in 4: Homer recounts how Maggie’s accidental birth changed his life forever. Homer offers to donate one of his kidneys to Grampa until he realizes the surgery will place his own life in jeopardy. Homer is forced to borrow money from Patty and Selma after he wipes out the family’s savings by investing in pumpkins.

Apu uses a frozen Jasper as a tourist attraction.

Lisa Goes to Washington The Simpsons travel to the Nation’s Capitol when Lisa becomes a semifinalist in an essay contest on patriotism.

I keep my amc logs in the utorrent s24d13 folder like this: Marge recounts to her children how she and Homer first met and fell in love.