The same personnel went into his office for a meeting with the managers, frightening him. Meanwhile, Dhewo’s glasses are broken by Mutia and uses this opportunity to turn her on, while Bebi, the new intern, indirectly expresses her interest for Andika. The crew’s report at Nirina Zubir’s new steak restaurant turns out for the worse for Andika, who eventually upsets his stomach. It’s loosely based on the American workplace sitcom The Office. Jo resigns after a struggle on the way to the next day’s field report while Bebi’s contribution for editing a footage for broadcast impresses the crew. To make matters worse, his replacement, Marcel, works better than him and manages to impress everyone. Meanwhile, Fajar tricks Andika and Iren by promising to fill their balance, in which the money given by them goes to his pocket instead. Andika, Iren, and Fajar are on assignment to Sophia’s residence but is haunted by their past mistakes.

Scott Leonard as Marcel. Iren mistakenly calls another artist with a similar name but is praised by Gista. Meanwhile, Dhewo uses his opportunity of being ‘under the weather’ to attract Mutia, saying that he “wants attention”. Youtubers Aug 09, Gista gets a promotion as the senior producer, which humiliates Mutia for overlapping her job descriptions. Fajar, who is also on the job, tries to sing to impress Melly but does that while disturbing everyone else and sings miserably in front of her. Unfortunately, his talk with Fajar results in everyone asking him for gifts, making him leave with a heavy heart.

Fajar and Andika got an opportunity to hear Sophia Latjuba’s confession on the set of her real TV show, Tetangga Masa Gitubut not without their own mishaps that ends up at the footage being horribly messed up and miserably failed to do another attempt of interviewing her. So Andika uses Iren to pay back Fajar’s money by making up a story about the death of Fajar’s pet cat.

Sihetron Theux as Bebi, Special guest: They ultimately meet right after the show, elisode with his mic still on while talking with her, everyone knows their past affairs. Meanwhile, Iren is inadvertently set up for a date with Joseph the cameraman by Putri, which goes successfully. Mutia asks to invite Cowboy Junior as the guest star; Gista, the real person in charge, is against it but she is just told about the change minutes before on air.


Iren is too eager for her first ever live report, which turns out to be a disaster as she slips and plunges into the river. The whole crew are undergoing a workshop on basic broadcasting due to Andika’s subpar knowledge.

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Subscribe to this RSS feed. One of the talents, a Japanese comes to sinftron station struggling with a language barrier. Gista gets a promotion as the senior producer, which humiliates Mutia for overlapping her job descriptions. This article does not cite any sources. Episkde Ngo2 months ago. A viral topic about gemstones is stirring up within the E-News crew as Caesar, Dhewo and Ikin are wearing one on their finger while Mutia warns everyone not to discard it.

sinetron yasmin episode 49

This was the theme sonetron to the whole episode. Views Read Edit View history. Both are also the presenter of the real Entertainment News program alongside Gista Putri.

Unfortunately, his talk with Fajar results in everyone asking him for gifts, making him leave with a heavy heart. Jakarta, March 11, Zodiac: On the premiere day, it is up to the crew to make sure every single thing goes right on the air.

WishnutamaArmand MaulanaKunto Aji. Samuel Rizal as Joseph. Yasmine Wildblood is an Indonesian actress who was born with the name Yasmine Leeds Wildblood on March 11, from the couple different nationalities.

Iren, who usually briefs the presenters for the show’s contents, gets anxious and pissed while briefing for the day’s presenter, but is then resolved with the help of Putri.

Fortunately, the director himself meets the crew to convince that there is no need to be stressed out for that very reason.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Wulan comes to Dhewo to sell real estate, while Andika is looking forward to buy one but does not have enough money even after getting his bonus, which pissed her so bad.

Andika and Fajar are accused of stealing a bicycle from the company bike club in the parking lot, and the action is all caught on camera. Yasmine Wildblood – Love 5X love love love love love.


Retrieved from ” https: Back then, the roses were mistakenly put in Mutia’s desk by the office boy which also briefly upsets Dhewo. Andika, who is the producer in charge, wants to episoee an interview for Nunung but his phone number does not have enough balance to make a call.

Rhea Bailey Yasmin Deardon 4 episodes Two of NET’s music show Breakout’ s presenters are severely fighting before their show, in which Mutia intervenes to calm their temper down by letting them sing sinegron song. Andika and Fajar decides to get there with Fajar’s motorbike, but delaying themselves en route. The crew’s live report with Melly Goeslaw goes wrong behind the scenes while Andika is the person in charge, but he himself yasmni blamed for being bossy.

Fajar got a bonus as well but evades from paying debt owed by Iren, while Dhewo mistakenly eats fish food instead of peanuts while meeting Lukman. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Kezia Karamoy is interviewed by the crew about her relationship which goes successful for clarifying about what is really happening through one sinetorn the movies she watched and it inspires Iren to get along with Joseph.

The Entertainment News crew puts the blame on Andika for loss of their inventory, yet he asks Fajar to buy it.

sinetron yasmin episode 49

Novi, Angel, and Christi of Cherrybelle. Andika, Iren and Fajar are sent to interview Alinka Hardianti’s off road driving activity, but as Fajar fails to bring the GoPro camera mount, they are conflicting about the alternatives, from sinnetron Fajar to shoot from inside the vehicle himself to episodd a webbing that can mount the camera; the latter of which is Fajar’s idea that was initially distrusted by his fellow crew.

Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Gista is given a basket of roses from Director Lukman without giving him credit, which upsets Andika so much.