But i have a doubt: In-hwa is annoying, as is Tommy Hong and Chairman Cha. Their romance is just, well bland. Although I did enjoy the product placement for Dropbox one of my favorite applications of all time. But Se-kyung is already so sure that she can have both, and has become greedy for it. The mum who supposedly abandoned her child. Beginning to dislike the brother and sister pair.

Seung-jo, still in disbelief: I now feel bad. My complaint is really petty. In-hwa tours the store with Seung-jo, talking about the simpler designs she had in mind to emulate the simple styles seen in European clothing in the late ss. But Se-kyung clarifies — she enjoyed the date a lot, and misspoke. For some people, myself included, we wish to enjoy a drama with a meaningful premise and scrumptious male leads as well as understand the promptings of human nature as comprehensively as possible, so that by the time the drama ends, we’ll be able to say more than “oh, so-and-so is terrible” or “this drama is okay” and all that jazz.

I agree, especially with your views on Cha Seung-jo. They drammabeans great contract to each other. Heehittin January 21, at Now that the threat of blackmail is alicee to their knowledgeYoon-joo offers one more advice — Cha Il-nam looks at all relationships as a business, so Se-kyung ought to do something that will make her invaluable to his company as well.

She flips through her cell phone and sees a side profile of Seung Jo in a picture she took of a suit. That those moments were crazy funny instead of humourous?

Also, what does this ” 7 7 7… ” mean, dramabeahs And that sk noticed that he wore expensive clothing. I was really impressed with the delivery of her lines. My niece epizode the same eye problem when she was a youngster. Even more convinced after the next episode. Yeah, I’m really worried about the drop to hell. Love, she decided, made her weak. Moon Geun Young is perfect the way she is. As much as I loathe Rebecca Sharp, can I say that I don’t understand what has driven her to lead such a life?

Yep, his statement there at the end left kind of a bad taste in my mouth. He replies with a video of the happy bunny jumping around his table, and somehow she takes it as a message to go over to his home and meet him. Is that even believable. In any case, it was rramabeans francophone country, France or Canada.


Don’t episofe her fake chin. I don’t know why people buy into that theory because the men have also changed their minds based on how they felt:. Lily may have ‘pointed it out’ but since her source was ‘some people say,’ her point is kind of groundless. My understanding, watching this episode, was that Mr.

Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 6 Recap

However, I now fully realize that I never really wanted her to succeed. Seung-jo is shocked to see his father there, and quickly ushers him out so epiaode they can talk privately. Not true, and I’m so happy that Seoug Jo dad knocked some reality into him I do believe that her warning to Se Kyung not to confess is out of genuine care episodw both Se Kyung and Seung Jo but also out selfish self presevation is a good character beat and true to life.

I just Wanted to say: What In-hwa, Seung-jo’s dad, and now apparently Seung-jo blame her for is working with his former “wife” to land him and his money. I’m getting into the next ep so I’ll stop now.

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It’s insulting my intelligence. Some say it passed the UK as being the very worst in the last two years.

I check out this site from time to time and decided to see what you all have to say about this drama. She could have shown us that a woman can rise above such petty things like love and really achieve isnopsis own ambitions, which is what I thought she really was. As for boyfriend stealing, I’ll chalk that up to youthful exuberance, which further developed into dropping her made-in-France marriage.

Pimp aka, Hong will grow a heart and conscious with these truths? How did he get so far with his personality like that? Re the painting and SJ’s anonymous benefactor: I have dramabeanns been enjoying this drama’s dranabeans few episodes but I am worried and concerned that they are going to make Se Kyung too Stupid to die, but in the way that a smart person over thinks things and ends up being a total idiot.


After a lot of kdramas where the guy takes the lead in initiating or even forcing the first sexual contact, it is SO refreshing to see mutual attraction play out in that tantalizing dance that comes naturally at the beginning of a relationship. Kdramarama December 20, at 2: Her blank stare of constant surprise really got to me after awhile. She visits Il-nam the following day without notice and gets to the point: Her scenes of sadness and regret cheongdzmdong overdone when it lingers chenogdamdong long.

No longer was she going to be pure — she was going to be dirty through and through. Se Kyung sketches and drapes cloth on a model in her room. Btw, there are two things that make me feel sad in this episode. Looks like neither of them remember much of that cheongdameong, or what the other dranabeans, to their relief. But I think we are watching 2 immature jerks in love. Arawn January 8, at 8: My only comment is that I like Yoon Joo but she is being so foolish right now. Which ironically marked her exact change from being an honest girl to a lying episodee, because that’s the first and as far as I know only big lie she has told him up until now.

I didn’t mean to criticize the actors too severely not after KoD but I think if you do something, do it well. She tries to tell Tommy that even if it may be laughable to him, Seung-jo really does love her. The pay off for this is something I drmaabeans wait for and the shit hitting the fan is something I want to come just so I can hurry up and deal with the pain.

I am pretty sure that this happens in real life too. So how does American tv get around that?