For the last question, I don’t really know whether American actors would be really so terrible. Aqidah January 15, at 5: But now, she has to admit that marrying for business makes her feel very uncomfortable. Han Se-kyung tells Choi Ah-jung that she received an invitation, and the party dress has already been delivered to her. There was a split between those with Japan and those in the resistance. She should find a man who loves her and not a business merger. Returning to her company, she finds shockingly that the head lady is Seo Yoon-joo, who is her high school rival.

The impression that I was supposed to get of her and of that scene, I couldn’t get because they negated what they were trying to achieve or convey. While it is true that it is a favorite kdrama theme to exploit this rich vs poor girl- boy relationships in its dramas, it is not an uncommon theme anywhere else. I have said it in another post, but everything in ep. Being part of royalty, My granny joined an older childhood friend and schoolmate. That actually makes Cha Seung-joo very happy. What are they doing there?

So, per this article anyway, this drama isn’t as anachronistic as you might think.

Surprisingly, Se-kyung has fine tastebuds that help her appreciate it. The girl hasn’t changed at all since My Little Bride and looks like a dressed up highschooler: At first I adored him but now, when the drama is revolving less around him and more around other characters, he has become rather bland a pointless side character?

How will he live on knowing she is a bitch who only thinks about money?! Daughters are nice because the family can ‘sell’ them off to mid level cheobols for future power and money. For me, I like the show a lot. Both Choi Ah-jung and Secretary Moon still cannot figure out what they said to each other.

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He definitely wasn’t French. His strategy for management is to raise the price of products to achieve increased sales. Epiwode my mind then, if my koeea have been raised that the characters not the actors, but the characters speak French even if it is with a foreign accent, because let’s face it, we all have an accent when we speak, all of us.


Hearing of this, Han Se-kyung feels she has been insulted; she then pours a cup of water onto Tommy Hong.

I can handle the dragginess but dang! And with perfect timing, Se-kyung finally arrives at the party.

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Robert was French and a sophisticated one. And why do they keep using him? After three years, surprisingly, she is offered a job as a temporary worker at a clothes designing company called GN Fashion. Chaebol has nothing to do with being descended from any class, at least not directly. Agreed, unless they are a cop on a stakeout.

Remember, these chaebol types are all sino;sis pride. The best part about their deal is that Tommy deleted the video right in front of Se-kyung.

In French, she says that Il-nam is oorea young heh! I couldn’t buy that Mr. She goes to Tommy Hong to reason with him. That is kind of what I got from it also – not so much that fheongdamdong was jealous, but that she was going to put that “uppity class jumper” in her place, no matter what chenogdamdong consequences.

He drags his father out, leaving Se-kyung with her family. I liked this episode because finally SK did something besides pout or cry.

Though, I am coming at this from waaay outside sinkpsis country and my info could be outdated. The former ruling social class of korea became virtually extinct and it doesn’t have the hugely significant connotations it used to. They also might not be paid much, who knows about the working conditions said to be worse than in the US, for example etc Drrama still love how multi-dimensional the characters are in this drama – who ever would have thought I’d be on Yoon Joo’s side!?

Predictable, ohhhh so very in so many ways. I stopped being invested in this drama a long time ago The chairman is like a father to him, erama trusted and listened to him all these years. I think this is the shoring up he needs to find his feet and his backbone, and literally on that last one.


Even her own brother, Min Hyuk, acknowledges that indeed SK has ability and is more than just a pretty face. It might be unpleasant for students of French, who would be bitter hearing that “that” was good. That actually makes Cha Seung-joo very happy. Robert’s French was, and at some of the simple mistakes he made while speaking.

Oooh — to the point! I apologize for the late response. I know he was a secondary character, but he was unnecessarily shown speaking a language he didn’t know. And I have to say, her speaking French perfectly, helped in giving that impression. The issue must arise from how English or French is spelled phonetically in Hanguel The following day, the secretary informs Il-nam that there are a lot of media outlets asking for confirmation on whether or not Seung-jo is his son.

The two of them have remembered what they said to each other on that night.

Well,to Alice in CDD staff who might be reading this, lotsa people cheongdamcong dont post anywhere are enjoying this show. Reputation is built in a moment but character is built in a lifetime.

Cha Seung-jo sees Han Se-kyung leaving unhappily when he is about to go home. Probably for one that came without adding to the family wealth. I like the acting a lot though. They are just really mismatched, physically: And for this reason, not having any abroad studying experiences, she is often rejected by job interviewers.

Losing my drama-dar with age, Kkorea guess Episode 11 was boring, but EP12 certainly made up for it! Lots of korean families still have these. He just started to realize that if he continues to disapprove with SK, he will never get a chance to reconnect his ties with SJ. I wonder and perhaps cringe, on how Seung-jo will take the reveal on Eoisode