Jin-hee is guilty of a certain amount of possessiveness too. I don’t think anyone’s saying that the divorce was all Chang-min’s fault. And it’s such a pity because I love both actors but I totally hate Changmin the character. Kwang-soo finds Chang-min and apologizes for punching him, giving Chang-min a CD of his favorite songs to thank him for staying to take care of Guk when he should have been going home. I hope Oh Jin Hee feel the seme: Does anyone know what Chief Gook’s wake up alarm song is called? She’s sad, she’s SAD. August February 25, at 9:

I have so many tought after watched eps9 and wait for some recap, all I can remember now is how excited I am about eps I really hope the mom get the punishment she deserves that is a divorce from her doctor husband. On top of that, he comes home to Jinhee — who in her defence, has every right to feel what she feels — all tired, stressed and sad. As much as Chun-soo would be cute with Jin-hee, I still root for Chang-min to get the girl. It got a little distracting while I was reading your comments on the episode. Chang-min assures Kwang-soo that Guk has a simple cold, and will be fine with something for the fever and swelling, and that he can go home when his fever goes down. Jin-hee is guilty of a certain amount of possessiveness too.

Noelle February 25, at 3: Quiet Thought February 25, at 5: Thanks for the recap Lollypip!!

I agree, if she does have a child that it would be best that it’s not Cheon-soo’s. I don’t know what your friends are like, but with Ji-hye I feel it would go against to what emergencg seen with her character so far — she’s pretty straightforward.

Remember Jin-hee is older than him, so in other words he might have gradually fall in love after he admire her. Chun-soo and Ji-hye arrive at the hospital, and he says he envies her her ability to be a medical specialist and also maintain a hobby dancing.

He suggests that she give it to Chang-min instead, because he was the one who saved her job, which stuns Jin-hee. Instead she finds the gift that Jin-hee gave him a while ago, and reads the note in which Jin-hee thanks him for his help getting her through medical school. This show actually had me looking up scalp IVs, meningitis and encephalitis couldn’t understand why the spinal procedureand it turns out babies are always checked for meningitis.


You speak like a mom”, which could be a hint at the fact that she is a mom.

See you around next week, Lollypip! In current day though, Jin-hee has moved on somewhat, while Chang-min’s starting point in the drama was zero progression from they had gotten divorced. I think the show is just trying to show that Chang Min isn’t a good physician. Plus there is a Chun-soo and Ji-hye sub-plot to watch out for and we are almost mid-way through the drama! Emervency for the recap. However, there’s another moment in the episode when another character I think Cheon-soo says to her coupple along the lines of “How do you know?

There were so many hilarious moments in this episode. Like LollyPip said, it’s more as if he’s jealous, not really falling in love again.

drama yess: Sinopsis Lengkap A Gentleman’s Dignity episode (Final)

Honestly, this is something that seriously pisses me off. D so i assume you morea download all episodes. In her position, I wouldn’t have let anything swerve me, even for a second, from making a beeline to my baby. She’s a brat but she’s still a MOTHER who wants the best for her son and well, has probably undergone a ton of bullying from her siblings for not being a doctor.

I kinda liked him after he stood up for Ah-reum’s friend on the blind date. Chang-min examines him and notes that his tonsils are swollen, and asks Kwang-Soo if he gave him any fever reducer. Chang-min was right when he pointed out her different reactions to him and the chief, but I can’t completely fault Jin-hee for her how she feels.

Mariah March 3, at 7: Chang-min epsiode at her with this heart-melting expression, and he gently caresses her hair as he studies her sleeping face. But there’s 2 sides of every story, isn’t it? So excited for the next episode tho!

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Yes mee too I love the OH couple!!!! The only thing that’s interesting about her so far is that she does work hard to be a doctor and when she called out the boys on the double standard of men vs. I’m hoping the the crying was dubbed over the happy and content baby actor playing Gook, and maybe there’s emerhency one track of an extremely colicky baby screaming that’s used by all shows.


Just like Jin-hee is wrong about her some of her assumptions regarding Chang-min, I think the reverse is true. And yet, even Samantha could let Smith go when she was older and more internally settled. Blkasian February 25, at 4: I’m hooked on this drama. Even if Ji-hye did hide Cheon-soo’s child from him, she didn’t do it because she is Korean. He doesn’t actually know her.

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And the new recappers have all been great! And you have a darling sense of humor which I enjoy very much! Because right now, he’s still an entitled momma’s boy to me. I felt this moment had more to do with their personal pain than Baby Gook.

I think when we got older, the way we love also maturing as time goes koorea. It is not something she can do. She throws an arm and a leg over him, and they settle in.

The patient is Baby Guk, who is running a fever of Loved the interaction with Jin-hee’s family. TS February 25, at When Changmin calls her ‘ignorant’, we automatically sympathize her I sure as hell didhowever, what we fail to realize with that is what he’s saying is quite in fact TRUE. She’s a good match for Yonggyu and him for her. Kwang-soo finds Chang-min and apologizes for punching him, giving Chang-min a CD of his favorite songs to thank him for staying to take care of Guk when he should have been going home.

If sihopsis child turns out to be his, I would be very disappointed and picture Ji-hye in a very a bad light for not telling Chun-su the truth. I want to say episode 7?

Dood, there 11 more episodes yet to go.